August 19th Solar Watch Advisory

As we monitor natural activities that could affect us all globally, solar activity is at the top of the list. Recent solar activity and a news release by NASA last week are prompting us now to issue a watch advisory.

The Sun is about to flip! This news comes by way of a NASA press release about the impending solar polar shift, wherein the Sun will flip its magnetic poles in the culmination of its roughly 11-year solar cycle. The event of the polar flip will serve as the much-hyped solar maximum.

Speaking on the upcoming magnetic flip, Todd Hoeksema, the director of Stanford University’s Wilcox Solar Observatory, said that “it looks like we’re no more than three to four months away from a complete field reversal . . . this change will have ripple effects throughout the solar system.”

Based on our observations, this may be happening sooner rather than later in that time estimate. The “internal pole” has already deviated by 30 degrees, and surface changes are becoming more frequent and intense. Today there was a massive CME on the far side of the sun from old sunspot 1809. If this eruption would have occurred when earth facing, we would be subject to a massive geo-magnetic storm that would certain caused major problems with the global power grid and would have definitely fried a lot of satellites. Here are some photos from this August 19th eruption to give you an idea of the scale of the events we could face.



Right now, the Sun is headed for solar maximum, the peak in activity in its 11-year cycle. Because blasts of energy from the Sun are sure to become more powerful and frequent in the future, the chances for Earthly impacts of solar storms increases dramatically. When the highly-charged particles of the solar wind hit our upper atmosphere, they interact with Earth’s magnetic field, causing disruptions in electronic communications and power grids. One job for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is to keep an eye on solar weather which, NOAA chief Jane Lubchenco warns, could have dire effects for us on Earth.

When the Sun was at its last peak period in the early 2000s, we were nowhere near as reliant on satellites as we are today. Think back to 2001, far fewer people had a cell phone in their pocket, a GPS unit in their car, and satellite TV in their house. Now, while losing anyone of these conveniences (imagine having to actually read a map!) would be a minor irritation, the fact that solar storms can damage power grids can have massive implications. In March 1989 (during the Sun’s maximum 2 cycles ago) a massive solar storm knocked out power over a large section of Canada. The frightening fact, in the larger scheme of things, that storm wasn’t that big, certainly not the perfect solar super storm. Worst case scenario: if transformers and capacitors were really fried, power could be out for months, essentially transporting us back to the pre-industrial age.

There are those who are suggesting that this solar flip may occur much more rapidly and therefore much more violently than previous events. Given this recent activity and the increasing behavior of activity we think it is prudent to issue to watch advisory. It could happen tomorrow and we would have about 48 hours to react. Simply do the following checklist and make sure you are as ready for such event as you can be.

Consider your needs for the number of residents in your home

Do you have a source emergency power and heat? For how long?

Do you have food, medicine, water, an ability to deal with sanitation?  For how long?

Will you need alternative shelter for the residents?

What are your anticipated transportation and child care needs?

Do you have the ability to communicate with family and emergency services without power?

Now would be a good time to review these things. Pay attention to this activity daily. You can follow here:  Solarham

Solar Activity – Quick Update

Solar activity is continuing at active levels. Sunspot 1748 continues to flex it’s muscles.  Spawning an M-class flare and 4 X-class flares within the last 72 hours.  1748 is now more earth facing so we have to be even more diligent.  Forecasts are the highest since this solar cycle began.

flare risk 5_16_13

Continue to be alert.


Solar Flares and Earthquake Acitivity – Heads Up -Updated 2:28 AM UTC

Since our earlier post, things are heating up.  We have had our 3rd X-Class Flare today! It is strong enough to make the top 10 list all time!  The sunspot responsible is still moving onto the earth facing side so we have to elevate our concern.


In addition, since our earlier post, we have also had a 7.0 earthquake in Tonga.  The significance of this quake is it was 608 km in depth.  This is one of the deepest large quakes we have seen in our experience.  it simply means it occurred closer to the base of the plate, as opposed to the surface.  The dynamics of this quake are not apparent at this time, but it could be significant, especially to the areas of our concern, the west coast side of the pacific plate.  We haven’t elevated status yet, but really, please, pay close attention to these events over the next 24 hours.

Solar Flares and Earthquake Acitivity – Heads Up

As our regular readers know, we are constantly monitoring natural events that may pose hazards for us all.  We don’t make predictions, only report on events that raise the possibilities of future natural disasters or impacts.  We are raising our alert levels to yellow for the following 7-14 days.

The reasons are elevating solar activities that have resulted in several M-Class Flares and two X-class flares within the last 48 hours.  While the resulting CMEs so far have not been earth directed, the areas of the extreme activity are rotating into earth view and are showing no sign of weakening. There is a better than 50% chance of earth directed M-Class flares for the next 72 hours. In our estimation there is at least a 25% chance of an X-Class flare for the 72 hours. These of course could be accompanied by large to severe CMEs.




This combines with an increase of 4.7+ earthquake activity that we have been monitoring for the past few weeks.  Our concern is not so much where the earthquakes have been occurring as much as where they are NOT occurring.  A brief explanation  here: Plates are dynamic, so when one side is moving, the opposite and opposing side has to “adjust’ to that movement.  On occasion, the plates can “lock” and thereby resist this adjustment.  The bad news here is that the locked side of the plate usually builds a large amount of stress which can then be released with a sudden and violent “snap” if you will.  Such a situation now exists along the West Coast of the US, Canada, and Mexico.

plate locked 5_12_31

Combining these events, along with some anecdotal information such as the predictions of a global coastal event from places like and Half Past Human for an event around the 19-23 May is enough for us to issues this warning alert.  Make sure you pay attention, have your “Bug Out” bags ready to go, especially if yu are within 50 miles of a coast line and less than 500′ in elevation.

Heads Up!

Conspiracy Theorists- Nuts or Not

The internet is riff with websites where people are making all kind of wild claims concerning the TPTB, Banking Cabals, NASA cover-ups of all kinds of things like aliens, Planet X, etc.  This is not a new phenomena by any means, but the question I have is why do they exist and why do they perpetuate?

There have been many people promoting these crazy ideas that seem to have good credentials, are well educated, and of scientific minds among the group that MSM labels as “kooks”.  These include people like astronauts, PhD scientists, prominent statesmen, etc.  One has to ask what the motives of those people are, given the shunning from the main political and scientific community that surely accompanies any public statements related to these various conspiracies by these prominent people who “go public” with what they know about their given subject.

Why risk one’s reputation?  Is it money, power, fame that drives them.  The evidence of examining those folks, like a Dr. Steven Greer from Project Disclosure, or Neil Armstrong, for example, doesn’t seem to produce any empirical evidence that is the case.  There are “internet celebrities”, like Bill Ryan, David Wilcox, and a host of others, that seem to derive their main income from the promotion of many of the mainstream “Conspiracy Theories Du Jour”, but they RELY on the credibility of others with real credentials to promote themselves.

Rational people that have open minds, listen to these folks and try to determine what is real and what isn’t.  They do their own research, as best they came.  They have faith in the integrity of official and scientific institutions.  They compare the wild stories to real scientific data, but therein lay the real problems.

I will present a few examples to illustrate the point. Let’s look at NASA  and JPL in just one issue.  The current situation about how they are monitoring this Solar Cycle 24.  The questions arise immediately that puts question to their demonstrated activities.  If anyone monitors the situation in a scientific factual way and tries to evaluate the data these agencies are providing “the public”, you are immediately confronted with hard evidence provided by these very agencies that the images and data are being manipulated or distorted.

Why would these respected scientific agencies violate the very basic scientific principles of providing accurate and complete data sets for the scientific community to evaluate by distorting or altering data.  Why are satellite images “photo-shopped”, or data is hidden by pixilation? This is a DAILY fact to those who monitor these sites and try to interpret the data!  If all is well, and nothing “out there” is out of the ordinary, why are there these very obvious distortions of the data?  Why are such actions necessary?

The most glaring example we are currently monitoring relates to earthquake activity in the world.  There is no doubt we are seeing an increase in major earthquakes around the world.  There is no doubt some of these quakes possess severe potential effects to create massive disasters.  Banda Aceh and Japan are fresh vivid examples in our minds.  The USGS is obviously “down playing” data, both on a daily and historical basis.

Specifically and currently, let’s examine El Heirro in the Canary Islands, which we are monitoring with great concern because a large quake on El Heirro could release a massive eruption with a large land mass slide into the Atlantic Ocean.  The displacement of this much earth would surly cause a potentially disastrous tsunami on the entire East Coast of both North and South America.  Literally, millions of people could die or be displaced by such a disaster.  NOT ONE of these earthquake swarms has been reported by USGS.  Not one!  One has to go to the European Seismic site to evaluate the data.  Comparing the sites makes the lack of ANY data from USGS border on gross negligence at best.

Let me also present some recent and significant examples.  We examined both the USGS and European seismic sites for October 8th through the 10th to evaluate a very simple query.  How many earthquakes, greater than 6.0 magnitude, occurred during that period in the world.  Simple enough, right? Here are the results of that simple exercise:

USGS                                                                                     EMSC

8 Oct.        0                                                                                             5

9 Oct.        0                                                                                             1

10 Oct.      0                                                                                             3

These are NOT minor earthquakes.  A 6.0 quake has the potential for devastating damage, both by ground movement and the potential to generate tsunamis.  What is going on?

Both of these areas of our concern have the potential to affect all of us.  We have funded these agencies by our tax revenue.  In this obvious time of increased natural global activities relating to global warming, solar activity, and apparent meteor and comet activity, it would seem we would be interested in having these agencies at the forefront of monitoring these events.  Instead, we seem to have a lack of competence and scientific integrity.  In addition, the US Congress is stripping funding from both agencies every time they get a chance.

We, who are rational and disciplined, have conducted the research in the acceptable scientific methodology.  We are now making an observation that there seems to be a lack of that very discipline in these  agencies we are funding and relying on to provide ACCURATE and COMPLETE data.  We are asking others to conduct the same evaluations.  Tell us what you think.  We are confident that the results we have uncovered can be both validated and replicable by any other independent evaluation.

If we can gain a consensus, we then need to have a serious dialogue on how to correct what seems to be willful neglect on the part of the people and agencies whom WE are funding and relying on for our personal safety and well being.

Just the FACTS

For some time now we all have be bombarded with stories, theories, and conspiracies about 2012.  I, myself, have spent countless hours researching and evaluating the body of material out there.  After the exhaustive research, I came to just two conclusions.

The first conclusion was that there was something to the cosmic event side of theories and two, there is evidence that governments and PTB folks know more than they are saying.  Ok, so what I did next was to see if there was ANYTHING credible out there that was officially released that might give some indications as to what is going on.

The most definitive work along this line was completed by Chad Adams.  In his treatise, The Coming, he has provided a very clear picture of the most probable event we will experience.  You can find the entire document here:

The event that is coming is a natural occurrence and it concerns something affecting the sun, NOT slamming into the Earth. It is already affecting the sun as evidenced by the solar filaments. The sun is already reacting to ‘forces’ we can’t see.

Something is coming. Does NASA know about this ‘something’? Well, yes they do, but only to a certain extent. Everyone thinks that NASA has all the answers and that they know everything but for some reason or another has decided to keep quiet. I do not think that is the case. I believe there is a lot out there that NASA and the other space agencies like the ESA and JAXA are clueless about. After all, the universe is immense beyond belief, and possibly infinite. These space agencies keep quiet because they do not know everything, and therefore they refuse to disclose certain subjects, discoveries and events until they have a firmer grasp of the situations or discoveries.

There is a celestial system that has moved into our solar system. The full extent of this system cannot be determined because the majority of this string of events lies outside scientific knowledge and data gathering. It is affecting the planets and moons of the solar system, and has been for at least the last decade or more. It is a body of increased, dense energy kept together by magnetics…and much, much more. The most pressing concern is the affect it will have on our sun, and it has arrived at the worst possible moment, that is when our sun is heading towards a solar maximum cycle that is, in and of itself, already predicted to be the most active cycle that modern man has and will experience: Solar Cycle 24. To put it mildly, it has the capability of causing a sustained electro-magnetic pulse across the entire Earth, for months, years, decades, centuries… for millennia.

The first discovery of this anomaly was released by NASA in an article entitled Giant Ribbon Discovered at the Edge of the Solar System around October 15, 2009. The anomaly consisted of a ribbon of magnetics. Scientists said about this ribbon, “We had no idea this ribbon existed–or what has created it. Our previous ideas about the outer heliosphere are going to have to be revised.” Giant Ribbon Discovered at the Edge of the Solar System 10.15.2009

Then, a couple months on December 23, 2009, in the December 24th article of Nature magazine, NASA releases an article entitled Voyager Makes an Interstellar Discovery which claims in the very first sentence, “The solar system is passing through an interstellar cloud that physics says should not exist.” This new discovery, the information of which was just released in this December 2009 article, was not actually a new discovery.  Papers, going back 31 years, discussed this phenomenon.

So 31 years later, this is what is released.  Fluffy Mystery at Edge of Solar System Solved By Staff posted: 23 December 2009 03:54 pm ET

So what’s holding the Fluff in place?  “Using data from Voyager, we have discovered a strong magnetic field just outside the solar system,” explained Merav Opher, a NASA  Heliophysics Guest Investigator from George Mason University. “This magnetic field holds the interstellar cloud together [“The Fluff”] and solves the long-standing puzzle of how it can exist at all.”  The Fluff is much more strongly magnetized than anyone had previously suspected,” Opher said. “This magnetic field can provide the extra pressure required to resist destruction.” “Their strong magnetic fields could compress the heliosphere even more than it is compressed now,” according to NASA. “Additional compression could allow more cosmic rays to reach the inner solar system, possibly affecting terrestrial climate and the ability of astronauts to travel safely through space.”

So this cloud is held together by immense magnetics that can compress the heliosphere, something like a pressure cooker. This makes the interior of the heliosphere have more intense, denser energies, as well as increasing the amount of cosmic rays reaching the inner solar system.  Do you want proof of this process happening? There are two articles on this phenomenon. One article is the toned down press release article, delivered for public consumption entitled Cosmic Rays Hit Space Age High 09.28.09.

Ok, so there IS something.  Something we apparently do not know a lot about.  However, what is known is not very comforting.  To state a basic understanding, we are bombarded from space by all kinds of energy.  Comic rays, xrays, gamma rays, UV, and geo-magnetic forces.  The magnetosphere that surrounds our earth protects us for direct contact from a majority of these types of energies.  Otherwise, we would glow in the dark.  This magnetosphere is our force shield, if you will.

Apparently this magnetic anomaly is having a drastic effect on our magnetosphere and indeed, we are already being exposed to very high numbers of comic rays.  Furthermore, it appears that these pulses of energy are intensifying to the point that on at least two occasion in the past year, these pulse of energies have caused massive breaches in “Our Shield”.

Mysterious Source of High-Energy Cosmic Radiation Discovered

WASHINGTON — Scientists announced Wednesday the discovery of a previously unidentified nearby source of high-energy cosmic rays. The finding was made with a NASA-funded balloon-borne instrument high over Antarctica. …The new results show an unexpected surplus of cosmic ray electrons at very high energy — 300-800 billion electron volts – that must come from a previously unidentified source or from the annihilation of very exotic theoretical particles used to explain dark matter. “This electron excess cannot be explained by the standard model of cosmic ray origin,” said John P. Wefel, ATIC project principal investigator and a professor at Louisiana State. “There must be another source relatively near us that is producing these additional particles.” According to the research, this source would need to be within about 3,000 light years of the sun. It could be an exotic object such as a pulsar, mini-quasar, supernova remnant or an intermediate mass black hole. “These results may be the first indication of a very interesting object near our solar system waiting to be studied by other instruments,” Wefel said.

Documentation of the breaches in our own magnetosphere began surfacing as early as 2008.  A Giant Breach in Earth’s Magnetic Field nasa/2008/16dec_giantbreach/

Dec. 16, 2008: NASA’s five THEMIS spacecraft have discovered a breach in Earth’s magnetic field ten times larger than anything previously thought to exist. Solar wind can flow in through the opening to “load up” the magnetosphere for powerful geomagnetic storms. But the breach itself is not the biggest surprise. Researchers are even more amazed at the strange and unexpected way it forms, overturning long-held ideas of space physics.

“At first I didn’t believe it,” says THEMIS project scientist David Sibeck of the Goddard Space Flight Center. “This finding fundamentally alters our understanding of the solar wind-magnetosphere interaction.”  “The opening was huge—four times wider than Earth itself, “says Wenhui Li, a space physicist at the University of New Hampshire who has been analyzing the data. Li’s colleague Jimmy Raeder, also of New Hampshire, says “127 particles per second were flowing into the magnetosphere—that’s a 1 followed by 27 zeros. This kind of influx is an order of magnitude greater than what we thought was possible.”  Like an octopus wrapping its tentacles around a big clam, solar magnetic fields draped themselves around the magnetosphere and cracked it open. The cracking was accomplished by means of a process called “magnetic reconnection.”

I won’t bore you with a whole lot of scientific stuff, but what we are seeing in the FACTUAL documentation that is available is that indeed something is happening that is causing a huge influx of energy and our shield is being breached in ways we have never seen or thought possible.  The questions remain as to the effects of these anomalies.  Well, here is what some experts are pondering.  I will leave you with 2 important articles that sum up the event we are converging with.

–“instead of a slow, continuous movement, evolution tends to be characterized by long periods of virtual standstill (“equilibrium”), “punctuated” by episodes of very fast development of new forms.

The “punctuated equilibrium” theory of Niles Eldredge and Stephen Jay Gould  was proposed as a criticism of the traditional Darwinian theory of evolution.  Eldredge and Gould observed that evolution tends to happen in fits and starts, sometimes moving very fast, sometimes moving very slowly or not at all. On the other hand, typical variations tend to be small. Therefore, Darwin saw evolution as a slow, continuous process, without sudden jumps.  However, if you study the fossils of organisms found in subsequent geological layers, you will see long intervals in which nothing changed (“equilibrium”), “punctuated” by short, revolutionary transitions, in which species became extinct and replaced by wholly new forms. Instead of a slow, continuous progression, the evolution of life on Earth seems more like the life of a soldier: long periods of boredom interrupted by rare moments of terror.  The systems approach can help us to understand more profoundly how a small variation can produce a major change. Indeed, organisms, like all systems, are organized in levels, corresponding to their subsystems. Each subsystem is described by its own set of genes. A mutation in one of the components at the lower levels will in general have little effect on the whole. On the other hand, a mutation at the highest level, where the overall arrangement of the organism is determined, may have a spectacular impact.  For example, a single mutation may turn a four-legged animal into a six-legged one. Such high-level mutations are unlikely to be selected, but potentially they can lead to revolutionary changes.  A fundamental example of such a major change is the meta system transition, where a system evolves in a relatively short time to a higher level of complexity.



Published in Russian, IICA Transactions, Volume 4, 1997

*Professor of Geology and Mineralogy, and Chief Scientific Member,
United Institute of Geology, Geophysics, and Mineralogy,
Siberian Department of Russian Academy of Sciences.
Expert on Global Ecology, and Fast -Processing Earth Events.

Russian to English Translation and Editing:

by A. N. Dmitriev, Andrew Tetenov, and Earl L. Crockett


The situation that has been created here in our Heliosphere is of external, Interstellar, cosmic space origin, and is herein assumed to be caused by the underlying fundamental auto-oscillation, space-physical, processes of continuous creation that has shaped, and continues to evolve our Universe. The present excited state of our Heliosphere exists within the whole, or entire, organism that makes up the Solar System; the Sun, Planets, Moons, Comets, and Asteroids, as well as the plasmas, and/or electromagnetic mediums, and structures, of Interplanetary Space. The response to these Interstellar energy and matter injections into our Heliosphere has been, and continues to be, a series of newly observed energetic processes and formations on all of the Planets; between the Planets and their Moons, and the Planets and the Sun.

Earth’s ability to adapt to these external actions and transference’s is aggravated, made more difficult, by the technogeneous alterations we have made to the natural quality, or state, of our geological-geophysical environment. Our Planet Earth is now in the process of a dramatic transformation; by altering the electromagnetic skeleton through a shift of the geomagnetic field poles, and through compositional changes in the ozone, and hydrogen, saturation levels of its gas-plasma envelopes. These changes in the Earth’s physical state are being accompanied by resultant climatic/atmospheric, and biospheric, adaptation processes. These processes are becoming more and more intense, and frequent, as evidenced by the real time increase in “non-periodic transient events”; ie., catastrophes. There are reasons favoring, or pointing to, the fact that a growth in the ethical or spiritual quality, of humanity would decrease the number and intensity of complex catastrophes. It has become vitally important that a world chart be prepared setting forth the favorable, and the catastrophic, regions on Earth taking into account the quality of the geologic-geophysical environment, the variety and intensity of cosmic influences, and the real level of spiritual-ethical development of the people occupying those areas. It is reasonable to point out that our Planet will soon be experiencing these new conditions of growing energy signifying the transition into a new state and quality of Space-Earth relationship. The living organisms of those regions of Earth having the major “inlets”, or attractions, for cosmic influences will be taking the lead in evolving life’s appropriate reactions, or processes, to these new conditions. These zones of vertical commutations and energy transfers are already becoming the heart, or hotbeds, in the search for new systems of adaptation and mutual transformation.

The most significant of these areas are the helio-sensitive zones which have intense responses to geo-effective solar activities; responses that include the very dramatic and unusual manifestation of non-homogeneous vacuum, or classical non-mechanical ether, domain structures. These structures, or objects, then interact with the heliosensitive zones producing deep and powerful effects upon the environment such as the alteration of seismic activities, and chemical compositions. Because these non-homogeneous vacuum domain objects display not-of-this-physical-world characteristics such as “liquid light” and “non-Newtonian movement” it is difficult not to describe their manifestations as being “interworld processes”. It is important to note that those heliosensitive zones that exhibit middle and large scale processes are also those that are closely associated with these “interworld processes” produced by physical vacuum homogeneity disturbances.

Such disturbances cause, and create, energy and matter transfer processes between the ether media and our three-dimensional world. The multitude of such phenomena, which is rich in it’s quality and variety, is already growing quickly. Hundreds of thousands of these natural self-luminous formations are exerting a increasing influence upon Earth’s geophysic fields and biosphere. We suggest that the presence of these formations is the mainstream precedent to the transformation of Earth; an Earth which becomes more and more subject to the transitional physical processes which exist within the borderland between the physical vacuum and our material world. All of this places humanity, and each one of us, squarely in front of a very difficult and topical problem; the creation of a revolutionary advancement in knowledge which will require a transformation of our thinking and being equal to this never-before-seen phenomena now presenting itself in our world. There is no other path to the future than a profound internal experiential perception and knowledge of the events now underway in the natural environment that surrounds us. It is only through this understanding that humanity will achieve balance with the renewing flow of the Plane to Physical States and Processes.

So there we have it.  The facts. There is something major going on.  It will likely dramatically transform our entire solar system and nearby space.  It is happening now.  No one really knows what happens next, but it is intensifying.  No wonder no one wants to talk about it.  But somehow deep in my soul I am OK with this and really curious to see what happens next, unless of course I develop a tail or a beek.  Then I might feel differently.