The Signs are Consistent. Pay Close Attention Now.

Several blogs back I wrote a piece concerning the parallels between the Crash of 29 and now as it related to bank closures.  In that piece I had calculated that the FDIC would go broke by January 2010.  Look surprised now, today, the FDIC said at the current rate of closures it would be broke by JANUARY!

But what is more troubling is the fact they, the FDIC, also increased their list of troubled banks from 315 banks to 400 banks.  This last week we had several more failures including the third largest bank going down in this crisis, which brings the total number of branches closed very close to 3700. Remember the Crash of 29 was 4,000 total. Oh, BTW, the assets of that bank that went down last week, were sold to a Spanish bank.  So the US banking crisis is creating shopping opportunities for foreign investors.  Is that good?  Yeah, it must be or the FDIC wouldn’t do it, right?

Now comes the really insane part. AIG’s stock rose more than 214% in August ALONE!  Let me get this straight, AIG, in an economy that is in a nose dive, hits the government (read us here) for $150B, and then magically they DOUBLE their money in ONE month.  H.S. they are good!  For me it is more like “I don’t know about you sheriff, but something mighty fishy is going on here”.  How about you?

With the market being artificially pushed by all the happy talk, and the Fed printing money faster than hummingbirds can beat their wings, I think the Bank Holiday ought to come crashing in on us about say… two weeks before Christmas.  Merry Christmas!

The real signs of economic turn around just aren’t in the cards folks.  Imports and exports continue to contract, oil prices are reflecting a flat and still contracting economy, and the stimulus money simply isn’t reaching the street.  This coupled with the fact Real GDP decreased 1% for the second quarter of 2009 just doesn’t support any real turn around yet.  You have to understand that the GDP number is from one month to the next.  Real GDP had decreased more than 4.5% in the first quarter of 2009.  The “Cash for Clunkers” program may have reduced car inventories and removed some gas guzzlers from the highway, but it will be considered in a few months as a complete disaster because the government, in its slow pay method, has already cash strapped a lot of car dealers and sales will be absolutely flat for the next quarter.  Watch how Ford does in this aftermath.  Ford is now the canary in the mine.

I hope you are also watching how states are coping with this depression.  California has cut $1.2B from its K-12 educational program and Washington State has hacked $800M from the same budgets..the results are monster size classrooms and teacher strikes everywhere.  In Washington State, 5 districts are already or prepared to go on strike.  In California, unemployment in some counties, like Imperial County, for example, is more than 30%.  One of the hardest hit employers was the prison system, a primary employer in the county.  Some estimates say California will release more than 27,000 prisoners.

It has been a few months now since the predictive linguistics and other data points have converged on this and these recent events only re-enforce the correctness of these indicators.  Pay close attention now as events unfold as we are very close to some dramatic events occuring.  Be sure to have your runnin’ money, a few vittles stashed away, and some good water source.  If’n you do you can sit back and watch the OMG show for the next few months.  If you don’t know the OMG show, it is where every time you turn on the news you go OMG!

Here’s Uncle Willie’s thoughts for the day.


UFOs, Real or Hoax. A New Approach Paradigm

I will preface today’s remarks by confessing that I worked in the space launch industry for nearly 12 years.  I personally have 16 shuttle mission patches.  So I have a base of experience that is somewhat better than the average bear.

I personally have never had an encounter with an alien. I have not personally seen a UFO.  However, with that said, I have met many professional people “in the business” who have had very specific experiences.  I believe all of our astronauts are briefed on phenomena of “space travel”.

There are very credible groups like Steve Greer’s Project Disclosure or Project Camelot that have been very meticulous in their investigations, have tens of first hand witnesses to encounters, who have knowledge of cooperative government/alien programs, and actual involvement in conducting the work.

Then you have the other end of the spectrum which is a convoluted murky picture of a shadow government that operates on an international level to prevent us from knowing the true nature of these exo-patriots as I call them.  We have crop circles, abductions, mass sightings, and animal mutilation.  We have greys big and small, reptilians, and Nordics.  We got good guys and bad guys.

In addition, we when watch media, we are being inundated with alien related movies and specials recently, along with “the end of days” type genre.  Because of this visibility in the collective consciousness, we must pay attention and also consider a response, both as individuals and collectively to this phenomenon.

I am not going get into a big discussion of UFOs, Roswell, or anything related to the various well known UFO legends.  There is as much info on this stuff as you want on the internet.  I have suggested to people to just follow their curiosity and see where it takes them.  I believe it is vital that we each form our own opinion.  After my fairly extensive research here is what I believe is my personal course of action.

Fact 1.  Given the size of the universe the possibility that we are the only intelligent life forms is not a logical believe.

Fact 2.  Given Fact 1, it is possible, given the vast age differences of stars that intelligent life forms have evolved to a point of mastering intergalactic space travel.

Fact 3.  The sheer number of sightings, especially mass sightings leaves the explanation of hysterical response as BS.

Fact 4.  Not all of these sighting may be extra terrestrial in nature, and may be in fact advance technologies be utilized by our governments.  A good example of the UFOs described as flying triangles, may be in fact the rumored TR3B.


Probability 1.  Given all that I have researched, it appears that there may be multiple extra terrestrial civilizations involved and they have been present since the beginning.

Probability 2.  Given the possibility of Probability 1, we have never been attacked or enslaved, if you exclude the Anunnaki, so I believe we can assume that most of these exo-patriots are benign.  If there are others that would be threatening they seem to be controlled.

Probability 3. There are probably guidelines for exposing new civilizations to the probability of multiple civilizations capable of intergalactic travel and commerce, and I believe full disclosure is directly related to the new civilization’s collective mental capability to accept such a concept.

Probability 4.  Our governments are withholding information, either because of the related technologies, and/or they are aware of near future events that would destabilize the structure of society if revealed prematurely.

So, given the facts and probabilities as I see them, how do we get to the bottom of all of this?  On a personal level I believe there are only two simple actions.  First, I am convinced of the probability of exo-patriots that are present and I personally welcome contact. Secondly, I think we all should press MSM and our politicians and government officials to release all information in their possession and that we have the right to decide our individual fates.

Here’s Uncle Willie’s thought for today


The On-going Jefferson Dialogues

“An association of men who will not quarrel with one another is a thing which has never yet existed, from the greatest confederacy of nations down to a town meeting or a vestry.” —Thomas Jefferson

His point seems very contemporary.  However, these thoughts also helped me think more clearly as well.  Dialogue, even rowdy dialogue, is EXACTLY what we need right now.  The debate over the National Health Care Plan has done more to wake us up than 9/11, two wars, and a collapsing economy!

I say we keep it up!  In a previous blog, I had stated that if 20% of every congressional district in this great country would email or call their representative, it would scare the bejesus out of them.

However, why limit the dialogue to health care?  Let’s put it all on the table.  WTF. I would like to know a few other things while we are at it.  Like:

1). Just what is the goal in Afghanistan anyway?  And what is the exit strategy?  Ah….. when the heroin trade dries up?

2). Did we secure the oil in Iraq or not?

3). When are we going to get a public campaign finance law?

4). Are the banksters clean or not? If not when are they going to be indicted?

5). Does the health care industry PAC money donated to you affect your decision on developing a real national health care plan?

If everyone emailed those questions to their congress person or senator, I am sure we would have an immaculate spontaneous behavioral modification in the beltway.  I will say it again.  We are powerful because we have a vote.  We would be more powerful if we encourage everyone we know to get involved.  It doesn’t matter HOW you feel about the issues, only that you do feel and act on those feelings. Finally, we would be most powerful if we were all well informed about the issues.

That last point is the most significant point for today. Get informed.  Make it fun, involve your children.  As a teaching lesson, have them collect the daily headlines and then discuss the issues with them.  Everyone learns, and more importantly everyone becomes more informed.

What was saddest to watch concerning the town hall meetings was the true level of ignorance being demonstrated by those who shouted the loudest.  I mean that in the most respectful way, because I understand the feelings were genuine.  To allow someone to upset you to the degree I saw some people, and to know they really haven’t read or understood anything on their own seems odd to me.  Disturbingly so.  We can do better than this, can’t we?

Anyway here’s some more food for thought from Uncle Willy….


More of the same or is it?

As we watch these pitiful town hall meetings unfold, we are witnessing the best and worst of what we call the American landscape.  On one hand we are watching people, especially the elder and well let’s be kind and say the most susceptible among us being methodically victimized by special interest groups on one hand, and we are watching Democrats on the other hand capitulating when they pose a clear majority.

As we watch this not so pretty melodrama play out, I am wondering if we as the collective America are really catching on here.  In one instance our elected officials on both sides of the aisle are demonstrating to us all that in America we have the best government money can buy as we watch senior senators actually say the government is planning to pull the plug on Grandma.  How sad is it that we watch people who should above all assure the public of the truth of the process and the debate, not whore themselves on stage in front of us all.

In the second instance, we have 40% of declared Republicans stating they believe these shock jocks and paid prostitutes!!  Oh yeah, sorry North Carolina, but 12% of you didn’t know that Hawaii is a state!!  C’mon people.  We get the government we deserve, but can’t we be a little better informed?

Let’s tone the rhetoric down a few notches and get serious about universal health care.  You know, jump two centuries and get back in the 21st century with the rest of the world!  By the way, we don’t need 1100 pages of legislation either.  Here is the plan in 4 bullets.

1). Health Care is a universal basic human right, and no profit shall be derived from the delivery of health care.

2). Both public and private payers shall have the right to compete for subscribers in an open market.

3). The estimated cost of universal care has been estimated at $1.2 trillion over 10 years or $120 billion per year.  The elimination of administrative burden covers $40 billion per year, the reduction of profits covers another $20 billion per year, and finally focusing the health care delivery system on wellness versus crisis care could account for about $30 billion per year in additional cost savings.  So without any additional sources, we have reduced the annual unfunded cost to about $30 billion per year.  Let’s see. Hmmmmmm what did we spend in Iraq and Afghanistan last year??? It is about priorities!

4). We shall focus on recruiting our brightest young people into the field of Health Care delivery.  We will subsidize their education and assure them rewarding futures. In addition, as a part of this effort, we will establish federal accreditations and audits of all health care systems and operations and reward those that demonstrate that their patient body is as healthy as it can be, given the demographics.  This will be measured by the incidence of chronic diseases such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease within the group being measured.

That’s it.  It is as simple as that.  Of course, these are thoughts stripped of all political bu**sh*t and focused on the issue of quality health care delivery. Yes, we could have just that. I also believe that if we gave such a system a five year run, we would find we would really have a quality health care system ( not ranked 37th globally), and I believe  the total cost would be less than today’s 14% of GDP.

Please really, get yourself informed and get involved in the dialogue. Those who are constructing the barriers to a truly quality health care system are counting on us remaining uninformed and non-involved.  They really have no defense for a total citizen involvement.

P.S. a note to all you fatcats of the “health care industry” that have raked in all the dough on Grandma’s cancer and Uncle Roy’s diabetes over the years, you had a good run, but it is over! Remember the next time you are flying from New York to LA in your private jet and eating that gourmet meal that was so meticulously prepared for you, you too could be fired, run out of unemployment, lose all your stash to the IRS, and be homeless.  Do the right thing Man/Woman Up!

A new feature is added to my blog starting today.  “The Whole Universal Truth by Uncle Willy”  Daily tidbits of thought food.  I hope you enjoy it.  Let me know what you think.


The Great Anxiety

As we watch these town hall meetings, where seemingly “normal” people are so frightened and outraged that they can’t control themselves, we see the apparent racial overtones surfacing, violence against opposing views, and irrational fears exhibited.  What I believe is happening is far deeper than these outrageous behaviors of people that concerned about health care.

We are collectively experiencing an ever increasing amount of stress related to wars, disease, economic doom, government and major corporation meltdowns.  This is further complicated by some very natural events, as well.

As we approach the galactic plane, there are very significant changes occurring in relationship to our beloved earth’s magnetic field.  The Earth has a substantial magnetic field, a fact of some historical importance because of the role of the magnetic compass in exploration of the planet.


* *Structure of the Field* *

The field lines defining the structure of the magnetic field are similar to those of a simple bar magnet, as illustrated above.  It is well known that the axis of the magnetic field is tipped with respect to the rotation axis of the Earth. Thus, true north (defined by the direction to the north rotational pole) does not coincide with magnetic north (defined by the direction to the north magnetic pole) and compass directions must be corrected by fixed amounts at given points on the surface of the Earth to yield true directions.  A fundamental property of magnetic fields is that they exert forces on moving electrical charges. Thus, a magnetic field can trap charged particles such as electrons and protons as they are forced to execute a spiraling motion back and forth along the field lines.

One of the first fruits of early space exploration was the discovery in the late 1950s that the Earth is surrounded by two regions of particularly high concentration of charged particles called the Van Allen radiation belts. (The inner and outer Van Allen belts are illustrated in the top figure.) The primary source of these charged particles is the stream of particles emanating from the Sun that we call the solar wind .

The origin of the Earth’s magnetic field is not completely understood, but is thought to be associated with electrical currents produced by the coupling of convective effects and rotation in the spinning liquid metallic outer core of iron and nickel. This mechanism is termed the dynamo effect.  Rocks that are formed from the molten state contain indicators of the magnetic field at the time of their solidification. The study of such “magnetic fossils” indicates that the Earth’s magnetic field reverses itself every million years or so (the north and south magnetic poles switch). This is but one detail of the magnetic field that is not well understood.

The solar wind mentioned above is a stream of ionized gases that blows outward from the Sun at about 400 km/second and that varies in intensity with the amount of surface activity on the Sun. The Earth’s magnetic field shields it from much of the solar wind. When the solar wind encounters Earth’s magnetic field it is deflected like water around the bow of a ship, as illustrated in the adjacent image

solar bow shock

The imaginary surface at which the solar wind is first deflected is called the bow shock. The corresponding region of space sitting behind the bow shock and surrounding the Earth is termed the magnetosphere ; it represents a region of space dominated by the Earth’s magnetic field in the sense that it largely prevents the solar wind from entering. However, some high energy charged particles from the solar wind leak into the magnetosphere and are the source of the charged particles trapped in the Van Allen belts.

Okay, now the primer is over.  As we move toward the galactic plane, there will be increasing magnetic fluxs entering our solar system from the center of the galaxy, which in turn could, and I say could, cause significant solar winds.  In other words, the sun will be dealing with its bow shocks emanating from the center of the galaxy, and we on earth will see an increasing number of magnetospheric changes and fluxes.

There are more than a number of papers that address magnetic field changes and the effects on our nervous systems.  NASA has completed a number of studies in understanding the effects of these fields on astronauts traveling through space.  Therefore, given these facts, I am saying we will experience more and more changes in behavior as we approach this event of passing through the galactic plane.  You may have even noticed changes in family member’s behavior.  Understanding that there may be explainable reasons can provide you with a better ability to cope with these behaviors, and more importantly “keep your own cool”.

If we assume for a moment that this hypothesis has merit, then it behooves us to learn how to handle anxieties.  A simple way is to take fifteen minutes a day to learn to be quiet and simply meditate.  Learn how to breath.

Since this is apparently a routine event every 26,000 years or so, all we need to do is understand it, learn how to survive it, but most importantly, to accept it. I suspect that kind of attitude can pay benefits in our daily lives, I would think.

The Ongoing Jefferson Dialogues

“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.” -Thomas Jefferson

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” -Arthur Schopenhauer.

These two quotes seem alarming on the money (no pun intended) to today’s situation. As you know I did a piece earlier about my dream visit from Mr. Jefferson and I will confess up front that I am doing this article to show Mr. Jefferson that indeed I will act.

The point is made better by Mr. Jefferson than by me or quite frankly, all the current pundits combined.  Banks are more dangerous to us than any army!  That is revolutionary speech even by today’s standards.  “Ever allow private banks to control their currency” translates to the current day Fed, a privately owned corporation that issues the currency of the US.  Whoops, we kinda screwed that one up.


They would control our currency by inflation and deflation.  Huh? Yep!  Banks will deprive people of their private property until their children wake-up homeless!  We are experiencing the highest rate for foreclosures in US history and at the same time the values of our private properties has been deflated on average 34 % in the last eighteen months!

I ask you two questions, Mr. Jefferson.  First, how the hell could you know all this 234 years ago?  Secondly, if you knew this, you should also know the solution to correct this problem.  Come back and visit me with an answer.  After all, it is about action, not words, right?

Health Care, Riots, and Martial Law; There is a Commonality

As we all watch the events unfolding around the “discussion” concerning how we modify the way we provide health care in America, any person with an ounce of common sense and is semi conscious can see the obvious attempt by corpgov to end the discussion of such foolishness about single payer health care.  Why there is no profit in such a scheme.

First I like to look at facts.  Of the G8 nations, we are the only ones without universal health care coverage.  The health care delivery system in the US is ranked 37th in the world.  37th!  Yet we spent more of our GDP (14%last year) on health care than any nation in the world; and the current proposed system as modified by corpgov could take us to 20% of GDP in ten years.  $400 Billion a year is the administrative cost of our current private insurance scheme.  Saving that cost alone would insure the 50 million people without health care coverage to the tune of $8,000/year. The health care industry makes about $800 Billion/year profit, collectively. Now if you cut all the paper work and profit from providing such a basic service as health care and also wellness we would already have $1.2 trillion of health care paid for in advance.  Yeah folks, it could be that simple.  We do not need 1100 pages of legislation, what we need is some politicians that can grow a set.

A single payer or limited payers system is a no brainer and 61% of us say so.  So why all the games now?  Because this issue goes to the control of the corpgov agenda.  So the Brownshirt tactics begin.  Brownshirts were members of an early Nazi paramilitary organization, the /Sturmabteilung/ or SA (“assault division”). The Brownshirts, recruited from various rough elements of society, were founded by Adolf  Hitler in Munich in 1921. Fitted out in brown uniforms reminiscent of Mussolini’s BLACKSHIRTS , they figured prominently in organized marches and rallies. Their violent intimidation of political opponents and of Jews played a key role in Hitler’s rise to power. From 1931 the SA was led by a radical anti-capitalist, Ernst Rahm. By 1933 it numbered some two million, double the size of the army, which was hostile to them. Rahm’s ambition was that the SA should achieve parity with the army and the Nazi Party, and serve as the vehicle for a Nazi revolution in state and society. For Hitler the main consideration was to ensure the loyalty to his regime of the German establishment, and in particular of the German officer corps. Consequently, he had more than 70 members of the SA, including Rahm, summarily executed by the SS in the ˜Night of the Long Knives™, after which the revolutionary period of Nazism may be said to have ended.  “Brownshirt .” A Dictionary of World History. 2000. / 8 Aug. 2009 . It is spooky to watch the events of today unfold, know this history, and see so clearly what the real agenda is as it unfolds.

What is really important to watch is how these tactics we are witnessing now begin to escalate to riots, and then how the riots are used for an excuse to invoke martial law.  What is really important to do now is find out how much your congress person or senator has taken in campaign contributions from the health care industry and let him or her know you know and what YOU want them to do.   The third thing you can do is to become really informed about this current legislation.  If you did you would know that what these hoodlums of corporate profits are inciting in people such as “Obama’s Death Squads” is really a vague reference and gross distortion of the section of the proposed bill that refers to encouraging people to make a living will.

I will leave you with a thought that could very well center the whole debate.  When you look at the number 1 French health care system, it is not a single payer system, but a hybrid of both public and private provider systems, but with some very good regulation.  And oh yeah, France only spends about 9% of GDP for the number one system in the world.

More Green Shoots? Only 180 Days Left Before The Banking Holidays!

The FDIC announced the closure of another 5 banks this week, bringing the total to 69 this year so far.  See the chart below to put this in perspective.  Given that the FDIC said there are still another 305 banks in “troubled waters”, we can kind of present a scenario and a theory of things to come.  Being insane as I am, I can then estimate when the banking holiday begins!!  Looks right now like late January 2010.  Well you judge my logic.

bank failures

The chart above represents 3 failures in 2007, 25 in 2008, 69 so far in 2009, 120 projected total for 2009, and finally 215 failures are projected for 2010. So in this period, 358 banks will fail.  When comparing to 1929-1933, 4,000 banks had failed.  But unlike today, banks then didn’t have branches.  So when you look at this in today’s number and you use an average of 10 branches per bank of today, we can expect 3580 1929 adjusted numbers. We assume that of the existing FDIC indentified 305 troubled banks, 70% will fail, if consistent with current trends.

OK, now let’s again look at historical facts and compare them with the facts of today. On March 3, 1933, FDR declared a banking holiday.  You gotta love those holidays where everybody gets screwed.  The reason he closed the banks were that the existing banks (-4000) were getting clogged with commercial real estate foreclosures creating unsalable assets.  Ok let’s fast forward. MSM is leading stories that warn of the new crisis is what??? Commercial and Construction loans.  De J’Vue?

Today the FDIC announced it only has $13 Billion left in the FDIC Insurance Account.  Given the rate of bank failures and that the average bank closure is costing the FDIC about $250 Million that gives us a cross over the line date of the last week in January 2010.  Secondly, in the same release, the FDIC says it expects about $10 Billion in future costs.  However, when I do the calculations, the number is more like $89.5 Billion.  So the FDIC is not only light by January 2010, it is missing the correct planning number by at least 8 times!

So given all these FACTS, and being insane as I am, I will now say look for the banking holidays from January 15th to February 15th 2010.  Gee, I wonder if Hallmark will come up with a card?

It’s Official! MSNBC has Declared Me Insane!

I am now officially declared insane and may need treatment.  If you don’t think MSM has an agenda, you need only to watch the clip From MSNBC’s  Chris Matthews show two days ago to have your mind changed.  Not only did Chris and his guests imply that anyone who doubted 9/11, or are suspicious, given the facts about the Bilderberger group are insane.  No, they went further to say that anybody who even doubted what the government was saying on any matter was suffering from psychological problems.  Well, you judge for yourself.  This from Alex Jones’ Prison Planet article of Tuesday 28 July 2009.

“During a discussion of the Obama birth certificate controversy, MSNBC host Chris Matthews and his guests implied that anyone who questions the official 9/11 story, thinks the Bilderberg group are exercising power to create a world government, people who are worried about gun control and immigration, or even people who are merely skeptical of government, are psychologically insane.

Essentially, Matthews and his guests are implying that anyone who doubts the government’s official 9/11 story, anyone who believes the Bilderberg group have influence or power, anyone concerned about gun control and open borders, and anyone who is just generally skeptical or doesn’t trust government, is on the fringes of society, is potentially psychologically insane and may need treatment.”

The full article can be read here, .

So it is official, I am insane and I no doubt need treatment.  I wonder who might provide such treatment?  HMMMMMM.  Could it be my governmint??? Misspelling is intentional.  As we move forward toward the fall and winter, the truth will be harder and harder to come by.  You know it is not this story or that story that is significant.  What is significant is when you start putting them all together on the table and you begin to realize how this whole control freak effort is rolling out piece by piece that you begin to question your sanity, that I will admit.  No wait.  Chris said that was being insane to think such a thing.  MA! Get me another Prozac willya.

There are, however, a few bothersome issues with Chris et al’s opinions.  Minor things like FACTS.  Then there is the issue that when today becomes yesterday, it is history.  History has a way of disclosing facts which were unattainable in the present.

I will therefore stand on my position that 9/11 was indeed a red flag operation.  I do so because of the facts as I personally know them from having response teams on the ground and the opinions of people I respect like Kurt Sonnenfeld who was the official videographer at Ground Zero for FEMA.

I will stand on the fact that Little Shrub planned the invasion of Iraq before taking office and when he had the opportunity he executed that plan without restraint.  I will go on record now saying that Iran will be attacked by October or November.  We will see if that becomes fact.

You see, because I feel that I am more informed than the average bear, I can boldly go where most do not.  I can think for myself.  I don’t need some shock jock or talking head telling me what I should think.  Granted it is not easy to ferret out the facts, truth, and “The Agenda”, but it is available to anyone who wishes to make the effort.  And as any other insane idiot, I feel we are really screwed!  No one is rooting more for me to be wrong than I am!

We will see where we are in relation to wars, banking holidays, mandatory vaccinations, martial law, dollar collapsing 30% or so by let’s say…… give me my first sanity test say in February.  If I am wrong about those events, then I will voluntarily submit to the white jacket with the sleeves that go all the way around to the back!

If this continues as I think it does, then we are going to have a miraculously advance in Health Care in this country…Mental Health that is, and brought to you by your federal government and the Department of Homeland Security.  It’s for our own good and the safety of the community right?