Conspiracy Theorists- Nuts or Not

The internet is riff with websites where people are making all kind of wild claims concerning the TPTB, Banking Cabals, NASA cover-ups of all kinds of things like aliens, Planet X, etc.  This is not a new phenomena by any means, but the question I have is why do they exist and why do they perpetuate?

There have been many people promoting these crazy ideas that seem to have good credentials, are well educated, and of scientific minds among the group that MSM labels as “kooks”.  These include people like astronauts, PhD scientists, prominent statesmen, etc.  One has to ask what the motives of those people are, given the shunning from the main political and scientific community that surely accompanies any public statements related to these various conspiracies by these prominent people who “go public” with what they know about their given subject.

Why risk one’s reputation?  Is it money, power, fame that drives them.  The evidence of examining those folks, like a Dr. Steven Greer from Project Disclosure, or Neil Armstrong, for example, doesn’t seem to produce any empirical evidence that is the case.  There are “internet celebrities”, like Bill Ryan, David Wilcox, and a host of others, that seem to derive their main income from the promotion of many of the mainstream “Conspiracy Theories Du Jour”, but they RELY on the credibility of others with real credentials to promote themselves.

Rational people that have open minds, listen to these folks and try to determine what is real and what isn’t.  They do their own research, as best they came.  They have faith in the integrity of official and scientific institutions.  They compare the wild stories to real scientific data, but therein lay the real problems.

I will present a few examples to illustrate the point. Let’s look at NASA  and JPL in just one issue.  The current situation about how they are monitoring this Solar Cycle 24.  The questions arise immediately that puts question to their demonstrated activities.  If anyone monitors the situation in a scientific factual way and tries to evaluate the data these agencies are providing “the public”, you are immediately confronted with hard evidence provided by these very agencies that the images and data are being manipulated or distorted.

Why would these respected scientific agencies violate the very basic scientific principles of providing accurate and complete data sets for the scientific community to evaluate by distorting or altering data.  Why are satellite images “photo-shopped”, or data is hidden by pixilation? This is a DAILY fact to those who monitor these sites and try to interpret the data!  If all is well, and nothing “out there” is out of the ordinary, why are there these very obvious distortions of the data?  Why are such actions necessary?

The most glaring example we are currently monitoring relates to earthquake activity in the world.  There is no doubt we are seeing an increase in major earthquakes around the world.  There is no doubt some of these quakes possess severe potential effects to create massive disasters.  Banda Aceh and Japan are fresh vivid examples in our minds.  The USGS is obviously “down playing” data, both on a daily and historical basis.

Specifically and currently, let’s examine El Heirro in the Canary Islands, which we are monitoring with great concern because a large quake on El Heirro could release a massive eruption with a large land mass slide into the Atlantic Ocean.  The displacement of this much earth would surly cause a potentially disastrous tsunami on the entire East Coast of both North and South America.  Literally, millions of people could die or be displaced by such a disaster.  NOT ONE of these earthquake swarms has been reported by USGS.  Not one!  One has to go to the European Seismic site to evaluate the data.  Comparing the sites makes the lack of ANY data from USGS border on gross negligence at best.

Let me also present some recent and significant examples.  We examined both the USGS and European seismic sites for October 8th through the 10th to evaluate a very simple query.  How many earthquakes, greater than 6.0 magnitude, occurred during that period in the world.  Simple enough, right? Here are the results of that simple exercise:

USGS                                                                                     EMSC

8 Oct.        0                                                                                             5

9 Oct.        0                                                                                             1

10 Oct.      0                                                                                             3

These are NOT minor earthquakes.  A 6.0 quake has the potential for devastating damage, both by ground movement and the potential to generate tsunamis.  What is going on?

Both of these areas of our concern have the potential to affect all of us.  We have funded these agencies by our tax revenue.  In this obvious time of increased natural global activities relating to global warming, solar activity, and apparent meteor and comet activity, it would seem we would be interested in having these agencies at the forefront of monitoring these events.  Instead, we seem to have a lack of competence and scientific integrity.  In addition, the US Congress is stripping funding from both agencies every time they get a chance.

We, who are rational and disciplined, have conducted the research in the acceptable scientific methodology.  We are now making an observation that there seems to be a lack of that very discipline in these  agencies we are funding and relying on to provide ACCURATE and COMPLETE data.  We are asking others to conduct the same evaluations.  Tell us what you think.  We are confident that the results we have uncovered can be both validated and replicable by any other independent evaluation.

If we can gain a consensus, we then need to have a serious dialogue on how to correct what seems to be willful neglect on the part of the people and agencies whom WE are funding and relying on for our personal safety and well being.


Author: redhawk500

International business consultant, author, blogger, and student of life. After 35 years in business, trying to wake the world to a new reality. One of prosperity, abundance, and most importantly equal opportunity. it's time to redistribute wealth and power.

One thought on “Conspiracy Theorists- Nuts or Not”

  1. How can we stop the “Conspiracy Theorists” from destroying our country as the swarming mobs of people who give free mental diagnoses for disagreeing with them say when and if such “Theorists” do acquire power and become responsible for the mess America falls into? Will they then dry up and blow away?

    Remember that the Communists and Nazis had government snooping, secret trials, detention camps and torture? Remember they had propaganda teams too?

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