It is Time to Declare Who You Are!

Do we really understand what it means to be a “soul”? Do we really understand in the grandest cosmic context what it means to possess “free will”? For most of us the answer is really no. Could we understand? Most assuredly yes. Remember “knock and the door shall be opened unto to you”?


The changes that are occurring right now are to free us from our slavery and bondage to ignorance. Everyone at this point can now look into themselves and begin to glimpse the real truth of who you are. If you make the effort, you will quickly understand that the very FIRST step to your true state of free will and emancipation is to declare your sovereign divine rights. This is important because you may have unwittingly consented to your current state of 3D reality CONTRACTUALLY. Therefore the first step is to declare that you are revoking and rejecting all past agreements to use your energy and demand restoration of your energy.

Andrew Bartzis is a transcendent teacher, Shaman and Reiki master with the rare ability of being able to access the Akashic Records of our planet and all that this universe encompasses at will. Also known as the Galactic Historian, he’s able to read and interpret individual, cultural, global, and galactic histories (past, present, and future) with everyone who’s eager to learn. Just as if you would look through a clear glass of pure water, Andrew can read the Akashic Records while in a fully conscious state.

While some may agree or disagree with those assumptions, it is important for you to at least consider the possibility that you willingly or unwittingly may have bonded your soul and energy to something you may not remember because your memory of that commitment has been hidden from your current consciousness. Look deep, meditate, and try to understand your current state of being.

You may want to consider making the following declarations out loud and with your spoken voice for all of your actions are recorded in the Akashic record.


Within my past, present and future beings, selves and existences in this dimension and time stream, all time streams above and below the Earthcentric sine wave of co- existence…

At this exact moment in the ever-present co-creating moment:

I summon all DNA lineage ancestors to create a unified-proper spiritual court of equity so I may find remedy and resolve with all contracts that have inserted fine print during the pre-birth and birth process.

I call to the 4 elements -Air, Earth, Water and Fire.

I call forth the spiritual court of equity with all ancestors in union with the migration patterns of all soul family’s incarnating on Earth Mother.

I call the primary ancestor spirits of Earth Mother to come into this spiritual Court of Equity to hold space for the reading and removal of all contracts dealing with the energetic exchange of value systems.

I call forth the Earth global dreamtime.

I call to the unified dreamtime societies of all Earth to come to this spiritual court of equity to provide their complete wisdom to this sacred moment in which

I reclaim my sovereign spirit authority for all exchange of energy for value systems.

I hereby revoke all spiritual contracts with the primary banking families. I revoke all spiritual contracts with all banking family crests.

I revoke, remove and dissolve all banking family trusts that use my name as a number for energy harvesting.

I revoke all assumed rights used by the DNA based king-ship, lordship, or manor roll contracts that function within all banking families.

I hereby state I do not consent to rule by the few. I do not consent to rule by the banking families.

I do not consent with the assumed authority of the banking families funding the free court systems.

I revoke all rights, privileges and rules created by the family crest based or DNA linage based banking families to dominate and control the free court system.

I hereby revoke all spiritual contracts that define the bank system as being intertwined with my free will.

I revoke all fine print within all of my soul contracts past, present and future that deal with any banking system as a 3d-matrix debt collection or energy harvesting system.

I demand the instant repayment of all energy and 3d matrix representations of value. I do not consent to the use of corrupt courts as a means of judgment.

I revoke all rights of 3d based courts assumptions of power with any 3d exchange for value systems created for the follies of the banking families.

I hereby revoke all consent of ink based, web based or energy based signature harvesting systems.

I revoke all rights to use my 3d matrix signature to represent me in any court system, spiritual or 3d matrix.

I do not consent to the use of my soul contracts as a means of energy harvesting from any of the primary banking systems created by the primary soul contract holding banking families.

I revoke all rights to use my name in any form of banking family coat of arms contracts.

I demand the instant and permanent erasure of all signatures used to represent me in the banking exchange for value system.

I do not consent to the use of my life-force for any exchange for value banking system that is not completely transparent with all transactions, spiritual or 3d-matrix.

I hereby state that all bank based buildings using sacred geometry have NO POWER over my sovereign free will.

I hereby revoke all spiritual contracts with all banking systems that use sacred geometry as a means of energy harvesting or a tool for domination and control.

I revoke all rights, privileges and assumptions with all buildings that use sacred geometry as fine print soul contract enforcement systems.

I do not consent to any sacred geometry building to house, hold or transfer any of my life force to any banking system on all of Earths time lines and or co-existing dimensions.

I hereby revoke all spiritual contracts with all sacred geometry systems that use my life force without direct consent from me and all of my soul family ancestors in complete agreement.

I revoke all rights, assumptions and rules that create a new sacred geometry banking system.

I hereby declare that all banking families and systems are now banished from operating in secret, covert or overt ways to harvest my energy in any way shape or form.

I hereby declare that Earth Mother is now in dominion with me for all energy exchange for value systems.

I call forth all the ancestors to honor this reading of my free will and enter it into the Earth Akashic record for all sentient kind to understand our freedom comes with the use of free will at all times.

Silhouette of a child jumping cliff with sunset background

To be sure this may be nothing more than just a frivolous mental diversion or it may just be the most important action of your eternal existence. At worst, it can be no more harmful than Grandma’s chicken soup for a cold. It may not help, but it sure won’t hurt.

Understanding Evil Cloaked as Righteousness

Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.

– Sun Tzu, The Art of War

As we watch events unfold we are confronted in our own minds with either disbelief or denial. Add to this apathy and a feeling of helplessness. We all SEE the same events, but we choose different ways to interpret those events. The events ARE the events. The FACTS are the FACTS, but somehow we are split on what is real and what is fiction. Interestingly, all of a sudden the new siren is “fake news”, like that is something new. It isn’t new. Disinformation and Propaganda are as old as written language. But what the last several months have taught us is to beware of what we see and hear.

Somehow we have allowed disinformation to become truth and truth to become conspiracies. Indeed, we are aware of how disinformation and propaganda have actually influenced our world in profound ways. Our fascination with economics and sociopolitical events has always been rooted in the human element. That is to say, while economics is often treated as a mathematical and statistical field, it is also driven by psychology. To know the behavior of man is to know the future of all his endeavors, good or evil. Let’s not grapple with this issue from a particularly religious perspective. Evil applies to everyone regardless of their belief system, or even their lack of belief. Evil is secular in its influence.

The first and most important thing to understand is this — evil is NOT simply a social or religious construct, it is an inherent element of the human psyche. Carl Gustav Jung was one of the few psychologists in history to dare write extensively on the issue of evil from a scientific perspective as well as a metaphysical perspective.  We highly recommend a book of his collected works on this subject titled ‘Jung On Evil’, edited by Murray Stein, for those who are interested in a deeper view.

To summarize, Jung found that much of the foundations of human behavior are rooted in inborn psychological contents or “archetypes.”  Contrary to the position of Sigmund Freud, Jung argued that while our environment may affect our behavior to a certain extent, it does not make us who we are. Rather, we are born with our own individual personality and grow into our inherent characteristics over time. Jung also found that there are universally present elements of human psychology. That is to say, almost every human being on the planet shares certain truths and certain natural predilections.

The concepts of good and evil, moral and immoral, are present in us from birth and are mostly the same regardless of where we are born, what time in history we are born and to what culture we are born. Good and evil are shared subjective experiences.  It is this observable psychological fact (among others) that leads us to believe in the idea of a creative design.

For if there is observable evidence of creative design; then it would follow that there may very well be a reason for all the trials and horrors that we experience as a species.  Our lives, our failures and our accomplishments are not random and meaningless.  We are striving toward something, whether we recognize it or not.  It may be beyond our comprehension at this time, but it is there.

Evil does not exist in a vacuum; with evil there is always good, if one looks for it in the right places.

Most people are readily equipped to recognize evil when they see it directly.  What they are not equipped for and must learn from environment is how to recognize evil disguised as righteousness.  The most heinous acts in history are almost always presented as a moral obligation — a path towards some “greater good.”  Inherent conscience, though, IS the greater good, and any ideology that steps away from the boundaries of conscience will inevitably lead to disaster.

The concept of globalism is one of these ideologies that crosses the line of conscience and pontificates to us about a “superior method” of living.  It relies on taboo, rather than moral compass, and there is a big difference between the two.

When we pursue a “greater good” as individuals or as a society, the means are just as vital as the ends.  The ends NEVER justify the means.  Never.  For if we abandon our core principles and commit atrocities in the name of “peace,” safety or survival, then we have forsaken the very things which make us worthy of peace and safety and survival.  A monster that devours in the name of peace is still a monster.

Globalism tells us that the collective is more important than the individual; that the individual owes society a debt and that fealty to society in every respect is the payment for that debt.  But inherent archetypes and conscience tell us differently.  They tell us that society is only ever as healthy as the individuals within it, that society is only as free and vibrant as the participants.  As the individual is demeaned and enslaved, the collective crumbles into mediocrity.

Globalism also tells us that humanity’s greatest potential cannot be reached without collectivism and centralization.  The assertion is that the more single-minded a society is in its pursuits the more likely it is to effectively achieve its goals.  To this end, globalism seeks to erase all sovereignty. For now its proponents claim they only wish to remove nations and borders from the social equation, but such collectivism never stops there.  Eventually, they will tell us that individualism represents another nefarious “border” that prevents the group from becoming fully realized.

At the heart of collectivism is the idea that human beings are “blank slates;” that we are born empty and are completely dependent on our environment in order to learn what is right and wrong and how to be good people or good citizens.  The environment becomes the arbiter of decency, rather than conscience, and whoever controls the environment, by extension, becomes god.

If the masses are convinced of this narrative then moral relativity is only a short step away. It is the abandonment of inborn conscience that ultimately results in evil.  This is exactly why the so called “elites” are pressing for globalism in the first place. Their end game is not just centralization of all power into a one world edifice, but the suppression and eradication of conscience, and thus, all that is good.

Evil often stems from people who are empty. When one abandons conscience, one also in many respects abandons empathy and love.  Without these elements of our psyche there is no happiness. Without them, there is nothing left but desire and gluttony.

Beyond this is the even more disturbing prospect of cultism. It is not that the globalists are simply evil as individuals; if that were the case then they would present far less of a threat. The greater terror is that they are also organized. When one confronts the problem of evil head on, one quickly realizes that evil is within us all. There will always be an internal battle in every individual. Organized evil, though, is in fact the ultimate danger, and it is organized evil that must be eradicated.

For organized evil to be defeated, there must be organized good.  The liberty movement in particular is that good; existing in early stages, not yet complete, but good none the less.  Our championing of the non-aggression principle and individual liberty is conducive to respect for privacy, property and life.  Conscience is a core tenet of the liberty ideal, and the exact counter to organized elitism based on moral relativity.

A special thanks to Zero Hedge for both the inspiration and significant contributions to this article.

Time to Find the Truth

It is a fine line between trying to share the truth with others and being run around in circles. The energy wasted on a close-minded debate seems to be part of the goal of the Cabal and MSM these days, and we are programmed to defend our beliefs aggressively as part of societal conditioning.  We need only to look at our politicians or bankers today to see the absolute absurdity that is spewing forth, playing to whatever base these idiots believe support their positions and will insure their position in the power grid as they envision it.

The time we have, where we focus our attention, is essential for our growth and development, and while trying to share our knowledge with others is of benefit, knowing when to pull back is also advantageous. The following pyramid show ways to have objective discussions with others and is great tool for wading through drama and circular debates, by staying at the top three rungs of the pyramid:

debate pyramid

 Close-mindedness can be a vacuum for energy, and the best way to put out a fire of useless back and forth is to stop feeding it. “Opinions are like Rear Ends, Everyone has one and they ALL STINK!” Facts are facts and they are not based on opinions, lies, propaganda, spin, or statistics. There are facts, you know 1+1=2. That’s it! Nothing else.

truth illustrated

We obviously can’t be 100% sure about anything; to believe in something absolutely is a delusion. Absolute certainty requires absolute knowledge, and since we are all finite of mind, developing knowledge via experience, the best we can hope for is relative certainty. With that being said, the old age adage “by their deeds ye shall know them” is very helpful.

Sometimes it is necessary to simplify large situations and ignore all the patter and just focus on what we know to be true in our hearts. Consciousness is the key to our freedom… Love, Forgiveness (Breaking the wheel of karma)… Focusing on becoming service to others will change the world and create an environment that takes advantage of the background energy that forces the greedy selfish beings to self destruct. Thus the meek shall inherit the Earth and create a new civilization where everyone is equal.

It is up to each of us to use our individual discernment filters and not our wishful thinking to decide what our truth will be. We cannot be so encapsulated in our individual reality bubbles that we avoid any information that may pop them.

the truth matrix

Last desperate acts of cabals and banksters should not be permitted to escalate into WWIII. It’s about the West trying to start WWIII as a last ditch effort to prevent a financial collapse and new financial system owned by the East/BRICS from arising. It will take a huge financial crash for the asleep brain washed people to be agitated and wake up enough to be ready to believe and accept all of the data dumps in full disclosure that is beginning to happen.

Over the next several months, as true of the past several weeks, information is coming forward that clearly shows how are markets have been manipulated by criminal behavior, the unbelievable levels of corruption and dare say the decadence of world leaders, and the level by which these sociopaths are controlling governments and the media, and finally how they are collecting massive amounts of data on all of our comings and goings. We know this is not acceptable and yet we have not effectively stood up and said enough to stop it. Are you beginning to understand we have to actively think for ourselves and more importantly trust ourselves that we know what is best for us? Then, based on that knowledge, we can act in our own best interest.

We all have a sense big changes are coming, but somehow we believe we are only victims of that change. We would suggest that WE MUST BE THOSE BIG CHANGES. Our lives, our future, our children, our legacy all depend on us. Each one of us is sovereign, free, and capable of deciding our own destinies. We all know this deep truth in our souls and now is the time is act according to that truth with courage and fortitude.

Time to Rise and Shine!

A human being is a part of the whole, called by us “Universe”, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest — a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness.

This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us.

Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.

Nobody is able to achieve this completely, but the striving for such achievement is in itself a part of the liberation and a foundation for inner security. 

-ALBERT EINSTEIN (as quoted in The New York Times 29 March 1972)

It’s quite obvious to anyone with nerve endings un-deadened by Prozac that the energies of this planet are very highly charged at this moment.  The banking system keeps trying to phoenix the existing debt systems by issuing new debt and hoping to cover that trail by worldwide conflagration and/or pandemic.

A critical mass of awakened humanity has been reached, and quite like the 10 billion neurons in a brain, the collective human consciousness on this planet is firing up and remembering who it is.  And each human awakening like a tuning fork stirs the next one.
The elite bankers and their crony politicians are continuing to play out their drama because they are only one trick pony acts.  Creativity was never their strong point.  They have a Felix the Magic Cat template bag of magic tricks.  They were always middle management imported from some distant star that spent too many eons in building their gold plated thrones on the dead remains of those they see as the “less evolved” on one planet or another.  This is their last bastion.  Bred on the belief in their own separation from Source, even while they grudgingly acknowledge the oneness of all in their own writings, they still attempt to hide that oneness with every allusion and illusion of separation wrapped up in hierarchies of light and dark when they themselves recognize no such boundary.  But there is an energetic accounting.

When it comes to the game of separation consciousness, these parasites are very skilled at it and getting you to play that game. Separation consciousness is a game that feeds on itself. It’s an endless recursive loop, the endless program that keeps on running because it keeps following the same track. There was always another option, but that exit door said “LOVE ALL, JUDGE NONE” … for judgment is only an excuse for withholding love. The pain of separation consciousness makes that seem like the foolish choice.

These techniques that have us judging ourselves coupled with life- long teaching of being God’s chosen ones, the one true religion, correct politics, or race or the one thousand and one other ways humanity has been divided and conquered, you get what we have now, gasoline looking for a match. No one on this planet has been immune from that kind of mental programming.  And those that want to cast one race or another as evil demons or aliens are just doing more of the same. The separation game always plays both sides
Biology wants to survive; it’s the evolutionary imperative that drives life to arise from the materium.  You are not biology with a consciousness; you are consciousness that has a biological body.  The Soul knows it survives – no matter what – and from that knowing and love all courage is born.   The threat and use of violence to instill fear to the ego causes people to turn from their inner guidance and believe in the illusion of separation.

There is one belief, however, that destroys artificial barriers to perception, an expanding belief that automatically pierces false and inhibiting ideas.

“The Self Is Not Limited.  And… There Are No Boundaries or Separations of the Self. “

Roberts, Jane (2011-09-30). The Nature of Personal Reality: Specific, Practical Techniques for Solving Everyday Problems and Enriching the Life You Know 


Here is what you should try to understand about the true nature of who you are;

  1.  I am part of the world. The world is not outside of me, and I am not outside of the world. The world is in me, and I am in the world.
  2.  I am more than a skin-and-bone material organism: my body, and its cells and organs are manifestations of what is truly me: a self-sustaining, self-evolving dynamic system arising, persisting and developing in interaction with other such systems and with the world around me.
  3.  I am one of the highest, most evolved manifestations of the drive toward coherence and wholeness in the world. My essence is this cosmic drive. It is the same essence that is inherent in all the systems that arise and evolve in the universe.
  4.  There are no absolute boundaries and divisions among the systems that arise and evolve in the universe, only transition points where one set of relations yields prevalence to another. In me, in this self-maintaining and self-evolving coherence- and wholeness-oriented system, the relations that integrate the cells and organs of my body are prevalent.  Beyond my body other relations gain prevalence: those that drive toward coherence and wholeness in humanity, nature, and throughout the universe.
  5.  The separate identity I attach to my fellow humans is a convenient convention to facilitate my interaction with them. My family and my community are just as much “me” as the cells and organs of my body. There are only gradients of intensity in the relations that distinguishing individuals from each other and from the world, no absolute divisions and boundaries. There are no “others” in the world: we are all dynamic, coherence and wholeness oriented systems in the world and we are part of the world and so part of each other.
  6.  Collaboration, not competition, is the royal road to the wholeness and coherence that hallmarks healthy systems in the world. Collaboration calls for trust, empathy and solidarity. Comprehension, conciliation, and forgiveness are not signs of weakness but signs of courage. Harming others, even under the banner of patriotism and national or corporate interest is a mistaken intention. I am part of whoever I harm, and so I harm myself.
  7.  “The good” for me, and for everyone in my world, is not the possession and accumulation of wealth. Wealth, whether in money or in a material resource, is just a means for maintaining myself in my environment. As exclusively mine, it commandeers a part of the resources that all living beings on the planet need to share if they are to live and thrive. Exclusive wealth is a threat to everyone in the community of life on the planet, and because I, as well as the holders of wealth, are part of this community it is a threat to the wealthy, and to me.
  8.  A healthy person has pleasure in giving: it is a higher pleasure than having. I am healthy and whole when I value giving over having. The true measure of accomplishment and excellence is my readiness to give, whatever I can give without harming myself, my family and those in my care. A community that values giving over having is a community of healthy persons, thriving through solidarity and love. Sharing enhances the community, while possessing and accumulating creates demarcation, invites competition and fuels envy. The share-society is the norm for all communities of life on the planet; the have-society is an aberration.
  9.  Only life and its development have intrinsic value as ends in themselves.  All other things have value only insofar as they add to or enhance life and its development. Material things, and the energies and substances they need or generate, have value only insofar as they contribute to the development of life in the community of all beings on the planet.
  10.  I recognize my responsibility for evolving my consciousness and through my example for helping the evolution of consciousness in others. We have been part of the aberration of human consciousness in the modern world, and we need to be part of the evolution that overcomes that aberration. Living and working toward this goal is my duty, as a conscious member of a conscious species in a conscious cosmos.


As you begin to absorb these affirmations you will begin to feel the fears and anxieties of life begin to melt away. In their place you begin to feel hopeful, surety, gratefulness, and freedom. Mostly you will begin to feel free and in-charge. They are just words and thoughts, but when they begin to resonate within your soul, the chains, delusion and illusions begin to fade. You can breathe finally, really breathe.

Just What Are We to Awaken To?

Much is being written and circulated on the internet concerning the New Age, the Awakening, Ascension, the Kali Yuga, the Hopi’s stories of transition to the Fifth World. Millions of people globally are aware of these stories and theories. These are accompanied by many stories of Off-World assistance by any number of “higher dimensional entities and races, and ascended masters such as Sananda, Ashtar, St. Germain. It includes support from other races within our galaxy such as the Pleiadians, Lyrians, Zetas, “Tall Whites” , Nordics, Acturians, and on and on it goes.

We have been waiting for the “disclosure”, “the event”, and “the prosperity funds” since at least 2008. Nothing of any real substance has manifested. The reasons given for the failure for these things manifesting vary from disagreement among the “off-worlders to dark forces retaining power and control, to not enough people have “raised their frequency and consciousness”.

However, with all of above stated, globally, these are also exciting and momentous times to be alive and take a stand for freedom at home and around the planet. The times, they are a changing still. The current tide is shifting away from tyranny and towards enhanced and expanded freedoms. The chains of human bondage will be broken and a new generation will unleash a mighty power rarely seen on earth.

As we have seen in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, sporadically in the EU, as in Iceland and Ireland, it can be effective to stand up for our individual sovereignty; to challenge authority and the established worldview. The true people who are changing their reality are those not to found in the brain-dead, stupefied public without the willpower to defend their most basic self-interest, rights and freedom. For these are lost sheep. For these are all too willing to accept their conditioning and indoctrination without questioning authority or the source of the beliefs.

The true pioneers and architects of global change are not to be found in our current leadership or on television. New leadership is nonetheless emerging and there will you find the hope and the prayers for future generations. These leaders are invisible, sometimes hard to find, but existent. They are not born, but made. They are the ones with the courage to blow whistles, or refuse orders to engage in conflicts and wars. Some are known to us, but the vast majority are not in the public view.

They are not inspired by the New Age jabber, or are being guided by off world influence. Instead they are individuals who simply desire freedom and truth. They are individuals who stand up for our individual sovereignty, and they challenge authority and the established world view. They have examined their beliefs and freed their minds. They have learned to have compassion and love for our so-called enemies, enemies defined by politicians and a manipulative media. They share a common belief that a life unquestioned and unexamined is not a life worth living.

However, most of all, they are demanding there must be honesty in all we do, and how we are governed. They have said enough of the lies, deceit and dishonesty that have crafted a grand illusion upon the state of the nations. They have said enough of the false promises of security and comfort leading ever more dangerously towards tyranny.

Shouldn’t we all tell the whole truth and nothing but?  It is the most ancient and sacred vow of honor to dare to speak the truth. If we are blind to the tyranny arising around us, then take a good look around. If we fail to notice the signs, the writing on the wall, then we may also fail to notice our liberties and property are under attack, not by enemies from foreign countries, but from within by our own so-called “governments.”

If we truly want a future for our children with any hope of security and prosperity, we must uncover and reveal the hidden truths about our history, law, economics and politics so we all can reclaim our Creator-given rights and liberties as a sovereign people.  We must all daily look into the mirror and ask:

What am I doing with my life?

Why is it such a struggle?

I work so hard; yet can barely stay ahead of the bills.

What’s wrong with this picture?

There must be something more.

What is my purpose for being here?

We the People are caught in the crossfire of a global assault on the sovereignty of both Citizens and the Law of Nations. An “invisible” and secret war is being waged against the majority of people globally for the benefit of an elite aristocracy and consortium of international bankers bent on attaining global empire at the expense of all the Citizens of the world.  The ironic part of this reality is collectively we absolutely know this true! By any measure of economics or law, we know this true.

Give these truths then, what is going to take to correct this social injustice? First and foremost, we are the ones we have been waiting for, as no one but ourselves is going to change the world. We have to realize We the People have been programmed, conditioned and educated to see, feel, think, and act socially and “politically correct.” Political correctness is social programming promulgated by the traditional Left—don’t ask, don’t speak, don’t dissent. It corresponds perfectly with the religious fundamentalist programming of the traditional Right. Both are mind numbing, mind-controlling propaganda machines.

This is in alignment with a global design and strategy that’s so subtle, so invisible, yet so pervasive that very few of our best intellects have broken the veil. Our flag-waving, hollow patriotism often doesn’t reflect the actual realities of nations today as much as it worships the hollow, superficial and mythological symbols of our past.

So Step One is simple. Stop lying to ourselves. Step Two is to reclaim our individual freedoms and sovereignty.  Step Three is to accomplish Steps One and Two in a non-violent honorable manner.

Just some thoughts.

The Only Game Unfolds Before Your Eyes.

“The only game on this planet that is worth playing is the acquisition of ever-increasing wealth and power through an orchestrated manipulation of the key variables that drive the economic engines of our world.” This is the concept of the NWO.

The only tools or equipment to play this game is the control the information. The information is collected on a massive basis. Both from a political and an economical aspect, this information must be complete, global and all encompassing. Once acquired, it is held in secret, from the public, and more importantly those in possession of this information, act on the information before and without the knowledge of the general public.

Once this is understood by all of us, the sooner we can overcome this huge disadvantage to the majority of mankind. It is time to connect the dots and stop the rigged game. Connect the dots between what is going on in agency like the NSA to the dots of how supercomputers held by the big five on Wall Street make it impossible for anyone to have a chance to trade on equal footing, since they execute actions within literally nano-seconds of data analysis. It is beyond insider trading and it is impossible for anyone to ascertain when and how it is done. However, it is totally apparent and known that it is being done, like close up sleight of hand right before your eyes.

Connect the dots on how .5% of the population control 90% of the wealth and how our governments globally are transferring huge amounts of our labor generated wealth to fewer and fewer individuals. The game is rigged and we aren’t even in the equation, except to generate the wealth in the first place as a result of our labor.

We all KNOW this, but ironically we don’t SEE it at all. Doesn’t that bother most of you? We all know it is going on and we all know it is rigged and yet we do nothing to change it! Why is that do you think? This isn’t a conspiracy theory here. The facts are right in front of our faces and we are living the results of this in our everyday lives, yet we feel powerless to act and quite frankly don’t know what to react to in relation to what we know. Strange, huh? So why do we participate in this rigged game?

However, there is an Achilles Heel to this whole scheme and it is simple math and simple acts, or should I say withholding certain actions. The math is simple. Those who are raping us are outnumbered literally a million to one, maybe even more. According to the study done in Sweden, there is a gang of about 300 at the top, comprising only five or so families. We are 6.5 billion. If we all wake up, game over.

This isn’t about revolution or anarchy, it is about a simple refusal by us to play the game. An act carried out by all of us to refuse to play the political game by “choosing” parties or “electing” their pre-selected cronies. It is about us developing trade and barter economies that are focused in our own communities, meeting our community needs. It is about our refusal to be cannon fodder in their wars of distraction. If you want to be a patriot, be a patriot to your family and your hometown.  Honor anyone in the world who is defending their families and their homes from whom ever is oppressing them.

slave vote

If we all understood these “secrets” we would enjoy freedom like has never been experienced on this planet. If we acted in concert with one another to insure each family, each village, each town, each country, each religion, each ethnicity was free to pursue their “way” of living freely, wars would end overnight. There would be no need to “defend” ourselves from ourselves.

We could travel freely, experience each other’s cultures with respect and dignity and instead of honoring the integrity of these so called governments, we would honor the integrity of us as individuals. Instead of giving up our freedoms in the name of “national security” we would honor and expand the freedom of everyone. It really is that simple.

However, first we have to wake up and see and understand the “mechanisms” of control and domination being foisted upon us. How can we have honor and dignity as nations without having honor and dignity for our neighbor? How can we feel or enjoy freedom if everyone on the planet is not free? How can we respect the sovereignty of any nation or region without having the respect for the sovereignty of each individual?

These are the issues we should be discussing, not the debt ceiling, or whether Iran has nukes. We should be discussing why banksters can launder drug money and rig markets and never suffer any criminal sanctions and whistleblowers are charged with espionage. We should be discussing why in this abundant and technologically equipped world one third of us go to bed hungry and yet we throw away 1/3 of our food on a daily basis. But most importantly we should discussing this on a LOCAL level. In our towns, what is right before us, and what we can do on a local level to deal with it. Part of the game here is to make us believe that this is a global problem that is well beyond our reach and our resources. We must trust our “leaders” to deal with it. That is the invisible shackles. ALL problems are local and we can deal with them locally. In fact, we MUST deal with them in such a manner.


A movement is under way in South Africa and is spreading. It is called UBUNTU. Here is their declaration of inalienable human rights:

WE are the CUSTODIANS of the planet – but to protect it, we have to take it back from the reckless governments that have claimed ownership – under the control of corporations who are raping and destroying OUR EARTH.
Our Inalienable Rights – The Rights of all Citizens
1. The country belongs to its people
2. The land belongs to its people
3. The water belongs to the people
4. The forests belong to the people
5. The rivers and lakes belong to the people
6. The gold, the platinum, diamonds, chrome, copper, iron, uranium, tin, aluminum, and all other minerals in the ground belong to the people
7. The coal belongs to the people
8. The air and the airwaves belong to the people
9. Everything that grows on the land belongs to the people
10. The beaches, the mountains and the skies above belong to the people
11. The wild animals do not belong to us or anyone else, they belong to the planet and we are their custodians and protectors

These things DO NOT belong to the politicians, the government, or any corporation who has unlawfully claimed exclusive rights over it. Think about this, if it resonates with you then discuss it with you friends and families. We are not powerless, on the contrary, we have ALL the power and it is called simply our consent. Makes sense doesn’t it?

You can learn more about UBUNTU at

How Do We Overcome This Corporate Enslavement and the Collapse of the Middle Class?

We know that the readers of this blog know that we endeavor to present clear facts. We know that they appreciate how we present the information for their consideration in a clear and concise manner. We rarely have anyone dispute our points because we do endeavor to be sure that everything we say is absolutely backed by undeniable facts. All of these things we know based on the volumes of comments.  However, we also know that most of our readers, while completely agreeing with our blog’s opinion feel that they are powerless to overcome the forces that have brought us all to this point. There are also a number who actually fear speaking out because they are honestly afraid to be arrested or lose their jobs, or any other number of adverse effects they perceive would majorly disrupt their lives.

So how do we overcome what seems to be our collective economic and political enslavement? How do we overcome this positively oligarchic society we now find ourselves in? How do we find the courage to take actions that we feel comfortable in doing that may be effective in countermanding this powerful train that is running us over?

We have given much thought to these questions, because as our readers sense, short of anarchy what chance do we have? WE DO NOT support any violent option or WE DO NOT support destroying our society to right this obvious and gross imbalance of economic opportunity and political corruption. What we have come to understand is that we need to really think about where we can have the most effect.

The AH HA moment came in a quiet moment of clarity. Our enslavement was built on lulling us into a belief we were comfortable through a well mastered program of consumerism, both from a “things” point of view and a political point of view. We swallowed the poison because this was the latest and greatest thing to have or this was the latest and greatest way to think!

So logically it seems this is what we need to attack! The root of it is where we need to focus and we can do just that by learning to once again truly be independent! We have to begin to build organizations to protect ourselves from corporate forces that are determined to exploit the ecosystem until it collapses. We have to recognize that the implantation of global capitalism is one that will reconfigure the world into a kind of neo-feudal society where workers here will be told that they have to be competitive with the sweatshop workers in Bangladesh who make $0.22 an hour or the prison labor in China. That’s already happening. We have to recognize that–the vast corporate systems that we have set up.

For instance, our food system is very fragile and is not sustainable. Food must once again be local. We can’t continue to feed ourselves on a system where we’re shipping all of our fruits and vegetables from California or Florida across the country, or relying on fruits and vegetables from South America n the winter. That means beginning to develop more community gardens, but it also means essentially buying local, creating sustainable systems that are local, because when things go down, the elites will withdraw into their gated compounds, where they will have access to security, water, medical facilities, all sorts of things that they will deny to the rest of us. They’re not going to take care of us when the economic collapse comes, when things go bad. We have to begin to prepare for those events now.

It’s not a very pleasant scenario. It’s not pleasant to think about. But it’s survivable if we begin to respond to what’s coming. As long as we remain unplugged, as long as we are checked out, which is how they want us, we’re going to be left defenseless.

There’s organizations speaking about housing and unemployment and this and that, and so people still left wondering, what can I do to make a difference? There have been breakthroughs in certain places, for example, the efforts of Chicago teachers, and there was the rebellion in Wisconsin which had its positive effects.  However, it’s not getting enough coverage in mainstream media, therefore people think nothing’s happening. And, in fact, more is than a lot of us think there is, but not at the scale that would create the kind of changes we need. So people are still left with what’s the key link for the tipping point in the battle?

Therefore the key is the more we create self-sustainable systems that are local, the more we sever ourselves from these corporate forces, the less we need them. And the less we need them, the more we impoverish them. The goal has to be to break these corporate power structures and their political influence, this “entity” that has seized control of our government, our systems of communication, our judiciary, our health care systems, our educational system and our basic way of live.

Now we’re watching them eviscerate our systems of education. Anytime hedge fund managers walk into a city like Baltimore and propose charter schools, it’s not because they want to teach people to read and write. It’s because they know the federal government spends about $600 billion a year on education, and they want it, and they’re getting it.

So building local centers that are self-sustaining and that can create forms of community that are not dependent on these corporate forces is a political act, because these corporate forces need us to continue to consume their products and rely on their services. And the less we consume and the less we are hostage, the less we need these forces, the more independent we become.

Now, that has to come with a kind of political consciousness, but we think we can recognize that has to come hand-in-hand with our efforts. We can, as people, take control once again of our own lives. These kind of actions will bring a kind of consciousness, because these corporate forces, especially if they begin to feel threatened, are going to see these acts as political acts and are going to move–as we have seen corporate farming move against organic farming, they are going to move to try and destroy these forces. The more they react is the direct gauge of our effectiveness. We need to build a political force that is going to counter systems of power that seek to destroy us.

The way we describe our economic and political system no longer matches the reality. Laissez-faire capitalism–we don’t live in a system of laissez-faire capitalism when the federal government bails out these institutions to the tunes of trillions of dollars and then keeps pumping out free money from the Fed and handing it to corporate interests and corrupt banksters–that’s not laissez-faire capitalism.

If we begin to think locally and responsibly, we can affect the change we need and tilt the scales back toward the good of all, instead of the profits and wealth expansion of the 1%. We need to insure that these efforts are covered extensively by local media and we need our demonstrations and protests be directed to those local media outlets, not governments, if they fail to cover the events in a fair and truthful manner. They are much more dependent on LOCAL support and would be more sensitive to outrage by their local communities. If we do these things effectively there will be a spark point when we collectively realize, OH YES WE CAN!

A New Day is Beginning

It is the times that change or so people say. However, repeatedly over several hundred years, times have changed, but life remained the same. People didn’t change. Greed didn’t change. Power seekers continued their quest for power and found it. As they found it, they multiplied it and drew similar folks to support an ever expanding power structure that eventually blossomed into what we have today. Today, we all understand the corporate-quasi-government, known by many names, but the Shadow Government best describes it.  It is made up of large international corporate heads, banksters, politicians, media moguls, and even religious leaders. But now, times are changing.

dawn in a new world

Recently, because of a few brave, and some would say foolish, folks revealing to us the extensive nature of how we are all being monitored and even manipulated, it has become real to us. It isn’t that we didn’t know this intuitively, because we did.  However, until recently it was not brought out into the light for all to see. It is no accident that we call CIA operatives, spooks. However, something different is afoot. People are beginning to say no, this is not who we are.

Today, in Moscow, Edward Joseph Snowden delivered a statement to human rights organizations and individuals at Sheremetyevo airport at 5pm Moscow time. In it he explained why he did what he did.

“Hello. My name is Ed Snowden. A little over one month ago, I had family, a home in paradise, and I lived in great comfort. I also had the capability without any warrant to search for, seize, and read your communications, anyone’s communications at any time. That is the power to change people’s fates.

It is also a serious violation of the law. The 4th and 5th Amendments to the Constitution of my country, Article 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and numerous statutes and treaties forbid such systems of massive, pervasive surveillance. While the US Constitution marks these programs as illegal, my government argues that secret court rulings, which the world is not permitted to see, somehow legitimize an illegal affair. These rulings simply corrupt the most basic notion of justice – that it must be seen to be done. The immoral cannot be made moral through the use of secret law.”

He went on to say; “I believe in the principle declared at Nuremberg in 1945: “Individuals have international duties which transcend the national obligations of obedience. Therefore individual citizens have the duty to violate domestic laws to prevent crimes against peace and humanity from occurring.”

Accordingly, I did what I believed right and began a campaign to correct this wrongdoing. I did not seek to enrich myself. I did not seek to sell US secrets. I did not partner with any foreign government to guarantee my safety. Instead, I took what I knew to the public, so what affects all of us can be discussed by all of us in the light of day, and I asked the world for justice. That moral decision to tell the public about spying that affects all of us has been costly, but it was the right thing to do and I have no regrets.”

Snowden has followed Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, and General Cartwright, and a few others who have begun to take the risks to tell us all we should not tolerate any further expansion of this shadow government activity. I know some will attack me and this article, certainly. However, I would ask only one question. Are you comfortable with throwing away the Constitution? Are you comfortable with dismissing your rights and most importantly do you have that much faith in our governmental leaders to trust them without constitutional protections and transparency?

I think there is a 20% group who are, but the majority of us are not ready or willing to do so.  However, in the past, when we have witnessed a government reaching beyond the boundaries, like Germany under Hitler, or Russia, under Stalin, fear prevented the majority from standing up and when they did, it was always way beyond the time to do so without bloodshed.

This time around though, I honestly believe it is different.  We have watched Egypt, not once, but twice within a year take back the power from corrupt players in government. We watched Iceland as they took back their financial system and jailed the corrupt bankers and politicians.

There are military leaders and politicians, on a global basis, who have been seeing for quite some time that there is nothing in what they have been instructed to do for the people of the country that they think they are serving that benefits them in the long run. It is a matter of the truth coming forward without the fear that has caused so many to keep the secrets and not broadcast the truth to the masses. Now is the time to put it all into a perspective that is going to bring it all to a close. With that closure will come the stepping forward of the ones who have been awaiting their opportunity to step up and take on the responsibility of forming governments that will work with the people in the establishment of the governing energy that is with the people, not against them. It is a matter of the people finally having their voice in how their lives will benefit from the harmonious act of working together. No more false divisions based on race, religion, or gender. No more fear mongering to “rally the citizens”, such as the war on terror, the war on drugs, or the border wars. We just aren’t buying it anymore.

People are beginning to realize that the doors to freedom and self-empowerment are now swinging in a way that tells us it is time to take back our rights to live as we desire and intend for our lives and all of humanity. It is a matter of supporting the movement that is upon us and being able to stand in our power without the feeling that we are at risk. The image of the single man staring down a tank in Tiananmen Square comes to mind. He was simply saying out loud to the entire world, “I am no longer frightened or intimidated.” We all should feel this way. When we see someone else being intimated or harassed in this manner, no matter where they are in the world, we should all stand and say “no, this is not acceptable.”

tiannemen square tank guy

We should see in this moment that there is a new dawn breaking that represents the glowing light of freedom, and that casts its light on a new way of life for all of us. We now can reach all of us and talk with everyone in the world through the advances of social media and communications. It is no wonder, that these avenues are being so closely monitored.  It is a matter of walking in our strength and expressing our love for all of existence. The Love that we emanate is the lasting essence of all that takes place from this point on through our total awakening. As we all go forward in the next days, weeks and months let us realize that certain energies are in place in order to be able to step forth as we will be finding so many are doing. This is the time for the outward movement based on the inward knowing of how things have to change in all avenues of existence. Life is not about power or money, but freedom and tolerance. Life was not meant to be lived in paranoia, but pronoia. This truly is a new day beginning.

Why Do We Remain Asleep and Oblivious to Our Surroundings?

The world is going through massive changes.  Information overload, exponential increases in natural phenomena such as earthquakes and volcanoes, weather changes that are extreme, collapses of economies and age-old institutions like the Catholic church and we do nothing. In our local communities our schools are deteriorating, our homes are being emptied by banksters and our police, fire departments, and hospitals are collapsing, and we do nothing.  Our political system is in shambles and our banking system is corrupt beyond description, and we do nothing.  We are fighting wars in places we have no idea about the local cultures and customs against enemies that have no faces.  All along subjecting our brightest and best youth to prolonged combat, with no clear directive or outcome, and we say nothing.

I have written much in this blog about the need to wake up and question the things around us.  I have encouraged us all to get involved again in meaningful ways as it relates to our political process. I have tried to educate and inform my fellow friends in life to get off their butts and do anything.  To demand the facts and to know the truth.  There is no such thing as a little act or insignificant effort.  But still I get the sense that not many are listening and those that are listening are not doing much more.  Why?

Machiavelli observed that religion and its teachings of uncritical faith, hope, charity, love, humility and patience under suffering were factors that render men weak and cause them to care less about worldly and political things, and thus they will turn political power over to wicked men who are not influenced by such ideals (though they may easily pretend to be). Of course, the real trick is to convince people that the “afterlife” is the only thing worth thinking about, and it is to this end that the monotheistic religions have been formulated. It is also to this end that many of the New Age beliefs and “formulations” of the “subjective truths” seem to have been engineered. All you have to do is have faith or meditate so as to feel “love” for everything and everybody. Nothing is said about the day by day struggle, and the necessity for action that could contribute to different, positive outcome in the present objective reality in which we live and move and have our being. The future is forged in the present by what we DO. The Butterfly Effect.

The “hard sciences” are generally based on concepts which can be expressed concisely and elegantly in mathematics. They have exerted all their efforts to construct a physical universe of magnificent calculations and hypotheses. This mathematical universe is often unspeakably abstract, composed of symbols that express a physical reality beyond the realm of common thought, and yet, if you ask any of them “why?” you probably won’t get an answer. Science is supposed to tell us what and how and where and, sometimes, even when – but they don’t have much to say about who and how.

Maybe that is why we are experiencing what we are experiencing at this juncture. We are far off course. Aboriginal religions among American Indians, African tribes and Aborigines seem to have maintained an understanding of the who, how, and why.  But they have been pushed so far into the backwaters of modern society that their understanding is all but lost.

I have spent the last 30 years searching and pondering just those questions.  I have plowed literally through hundreds of thousands of pages of ancient texts, studied every religion, experienced rituals, and yes even participated in some what I would call supernatural experiences. Through it all, I must say I have learned how easy it is to want to grab onto a single concept or believe and say Eureka! This is it.

However, over time you learn that everything you learn is in the context only of what you have experienced till that moment, and at the very next moment you will perceive a wider horizon.  With that said, however, some things are certain.  Well at least as certain as is allowable in a universe that operates on the chaos theory.   What is certain is that YOU matter. Your thoughts and your actions are creating the future.  Not just your future, but the future of everything everywhere. I also know, not believe, that there are only two personality types to all the sentient beings in the universe, those who are in service to themselves and those who are in service to others.

I would hope at the minimum we would all ask ourselves daily why are we here? What am I doing and do I feel I am doing what I am supposed to be doing? I don’t believe we have a pre-destiny, but I do believe we have goals and personal missions to accomplish that go above surviving.  These days by asking these two simple questions everyday, I must admit I am in awe of the world and its events, and I welcome both the joys and tribulations the universe sends my way.  It is after all the cosmic dance that matters.  It is simply being and being in a state of calm and joy in that state of conciousness.  Try it.  You will like it.