Solar Flares and Earthquake Acitivity – Heads Up -Updated 2:28 AM UTC

Since our earlier post, things are heating up.  We have had our 3rd X-Class Flare today! It is strong enough to make the top 10 list all time!  The sunspot responsible is still moving onto the earth facing side so we have to elevate our concern.


In addition, since our earlier post, we have also had a 7.0 earthquake in Tonga.  The significance of this quake is it was 608 km in depth.  This is one of the deepest large quakes we have seen in our experience.  it simply means it occurred closer to the base of the plate, as opposed to the surface.  The dynamics of this quake are not apparent at this time, but it could be significant, especially to the areas of our concern, the west coast side of the pacific plate.  We haven’t elevated status yet, but really, please, pay close attention to these events over the next 24 hours.


Author: redhawk500

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