How Predictive Linguistics Works – A Brief Explanation

A couple of readers have asked How I get my material and why I focus on certain subjects.  How can I make predictions and they seem to be at least somewhat accurate.  One of the tools I use is something I have alluded to and others do much better than I is utilize and analyze predictive linguistics.  What is that exactly? It’s a fascinating idea really. The hypothesis is that human beings are inherently sensitive to future trends, and drop hints about what is coming our way through their everyday internet activity. What if you were smart enough to send out internet software spiders programmed to harvest emergent memes, and then attempt to interpret the results from a global perspective? Would it be a techo crystal ball and allow you to look into the future?

Cliff High, George Ure and others do a very good job of this at a much higher technical level than I do.  I follow their work, but draw from other sources as well.  The Google Trends tool is a very friendly and user friendly tool that anyone can use to develop some general ideas of how this phenomena works.  The key is to develop accurate queries about what it is you want to see.  Google Trends does not forward look as does the some of the more techy programs, but it certainly can foreshadow events by the trend lines it displays.

Let’s look at an example of how I am following things.  For several years, I have been following the discussion of “are there aliens out there and among us?”  The UFO issue has been discussed vociferously.  My specific focus then is what do our governments  really know and is there any likelihood they will reveal what they know.  Recently, certain governments are releasing their historical files on various UFO incidents.  Russia, China, and Japan are leading the way in this area.  I think the evidence is almost beyond question.  Nearly 30,000,000 million people world-wide have had significant enough experiences to go public.  There have been over 50,000 sitings world-wide witnessed by more than ten people at once.  There are 5,000 DAILY sitings reported world-wide.  Given these kinds of statistics, anyone trying to debunk such a phenomena is simply no longer credible, whether they are officials, hired publicists, or scientist with their heads planted in their…. well you know where.

So now, I see that there is a dramatic increase in sitings and other phenomena such as crop circles increasing, and therefore that means increased pressure for governments to reveal what they know.  So how likely is that to happen and when.  I happen to believe the pressure to reveal will grow very intense and in fact it already has.  Some would argue that the governments would never release this information, but what if they don’t have a choice in the matter.  Certain information is coming that will put them in just such a situation.  So let’s take a look at Google Trends and search for the phrase “alien disclosure”  here is the most recent chart:

You can see there was nothing prior to 2009 and then a powerful peak in the web linguistics.  So my theory that disclosure may be imminent is supported by “the buzz” on the internet, not about aliens, but about disclosure concerning aliens.  This is a very simplistic explanation and is very general in nature, but I wanted to clarify that I don’t kill chickens and read their entrails, nor use a divining bowl, or talk to spirits, well not a lot of spirits.  Hang on to your hats 2010 is really going to be a WOW year really.

Welcome to the United States Of Corporations!

It now seems for the banksters, a fait de compli.  Total economic enslavement of us all.  The final acts are being played out as we speak, and they are being done right up in your face.  Take the bonuses being doled out this month by the banksters.  It is estimated that the bonuses world-wide for the big banking houses this year alone could nearly pay off the national debt.  Where do you think that money is coming from?  Well first, there are the bailouts at $7.6 trillion, then there is the “erosion” of your 401 K’s and IRA’s and corporate retirement funds at about $13.9 trillion, and finally an estimated loss of $10 trillion dollars in household wealth in the last year alone,  just for starters.  And in the latest move to grab your money;  now a proposed tax on your retirement fund earnings!  How’s that for in your face!

Now you couple that with ever-expanding unemployment and under employment, you know like PhDs asking if you would like fries with that order, and voila total economic enslavement.  Think I’m kidding.  There are more than a few mainstream financial guys with a conscious that are saying out loud that the Fed is complicit in this out right theft.  What is our government’s response, why lift the limits on campaign spending by corporations of course!  How does anyone out there not see that these guys are taking every bit of financial independence from us.  When are we going to get really steamed and respond to these guys?  I am honestly dumbfounded at the silence of the silent majority.

Here is something for you to ponder, worldwide only 0.1% of the population is debt free, 0.1%!  For those of you reading this smuggly and thinking, I have a net worth of $1M, you are exempt from that stat, are you?  What happens when the interest on your current debt load trebles in the next 18 months and the net worth of your real estate shrinks another 10%.  Want a paddle? My good friend, George Ure over at likens the Republicans in office as members of the mafia and the Democrats as petty pickpockets and thieves.  You know it pains me to say this,because I view myself as a patriot, but he is really right on the money, no pun intended.

Some people have recently been advocating that we all take what little money we have left out of major banks and invest them in community banks and small regional banks as a way to control these run-away banksters, but I think it is already too late for such moves.  The big boys are using the Fed now to close any decent banks that fall in that category.  Five more banks closed this week bringing the total for 2010 to 9 and we haven’t even completed January yet!  To recap and put things in clear perspective, we had a total of 3 bank closures in 2007, 25 in 2008, and 140 in 2009.  At this rate there won’t be any local or regional banks left to put your money in as you run away from the big guys.

We are all beginning to feel we are being had, but don’t seem to know where to focus our rage.  Well I think we start with congress.  We can do two things easily.  First, throw the bums out, every last one of them without exception.  No incumbents can be elected, period!  Let them know that as well. I think in some states they have gotten that message.  If you are an incumbent, don’t even file the papers!  I think the people of Mass. may have fired the first volley over the bow by electing a Republican in that state, but it was a token shot.  Secondly, demand that every new candidate for office make a solemn pledge to enact a public campaign finance law.  If you don’t support that proposition, you don’t get elected, no exceptions.  This is the kind of action we really can take as individuals.

We have nobody to blame for this situation other than ourselves and our apathetic shirking of our civil responsibilities.  Now however, we must also accept the responsibility to fix it.  After all, it is us who got us in this mess.  Be active political, get informed, make demands and vote.  Here’s Uncle Willie’s thought for the day:

Ok – Let’s Talk Turkey

All of the noise and hoopla about the economy, the state of the world, politics, blah, blah, blah, how are we doing in terms of quality of life.  After all, this is where the reality of all the events around us comes to sit on couch and becomes a part of us and our families.  On one hand, the PTB, the banksters, and the governments of the world count on us being asleep to what is really going on.  Keep the sheeple asleep.  What they fear most is a mass awakening.  So, first agenda item is to keep us burdened with day-to-day survival with our noses to the grind stone. Check the box.  Secondly, give us the minimal in “things” so we will at least be satisfied that our lives are “as good as it gets” or at least we accept we are OK.  All of this is really how we perceive the quality of our lives.

So lets look at what we should be measuring as the quality of our lives.  These are things I am suggesting we look at and evaluate.  Think about these things, score your own life experiences against these suggested parameters, and finally ask yourself the questions of whether you see the quality of your life improving, staying the same or declining.

Achieving Educational Excellence, Growing a Vibrant Economy, Preserving the Natural Environment, Promoting Social Wellbeing and Harmony, Enjoying Arts, Culture, and Recreation, Sustaining a Healthy Community, Maintaining Responsive Government, Moving Around Efficiently and Safely, Keeping the Community Safe are how I think we ought to be evaluating our lives.  When we start evaluating our lives from these perspectives is when we can develop a clear idea of how we are ALL doing collectively.  When I perform these self assessments, it is also clear to me that we are definitely going the wrong direction.  I think we all “sense” things aren’t right, but until we can actually pinpoint why they aren’t good, there is nothing we can do as individuals to change our lives.

Achieving Educational Excellence – reading levels at both the 3rd and 12th grade levels are declining.  High school graduations rates are declining.  Absentism exceeding 21 days per school term is increasing and college graduation rates are about the same over the last three years.  School safety issues have improved somewhat when looking at injuries reported from school incidents.  So for the most part, I give this a rating of declining quality.  The “dumbing” down of America continues and will have a profound effect on our quality of life in the future as related to income, job opportunities, and ability to move about in an ever increasing global community.

Growing a Vibrant Economy – DUH!  I don’t think I need to discuss much here except to say that there are some really scary numbers relating to the number of households paying more than 30% for housing, the total family indebtness (including what our governments have “obligated on our behalf”), the number of permanently unemployed or under employed, and the growing number of homeless families.  This quality element is RED flagged from my perspective.

Preserving the Natural Environment – I really have only one comment here.  water,water, and not a drop to drink.  The degradation of the environment continues, but we are reaching a critical point of sustainability.  Wars over water are already underway and one only needs to look at the recent events in Haiti to see how perilously close we are to not having the environment sustain us. This is another RED flag plus for me as it relates to the threats to my quality of life.  We seem to have governments world-wide dominated by corporate interests that are only interested in exploiting the environment, but the ironic part is they are exploiting the environment in the name of business and if there are no customers there is no business.  Excuse me, I need another drink to go on.

Promoting Social Wellbeing and Harmony – Again, I don’t think I need to elaborate on this obvious situation.  However, what I think most people do not understand who are sitting on their couches watching these tragedies unfold is people are going to start migrating en masse toward your little corner of Mayberry real soon.  Are you ready for that?  If we can not collectively deal with these issues, they will deal us all some nasty repercussions.  It is OUR responsibility to act toward all humanity as our family in absentia.

Enjoying Arts, Culture, and Recreation – This element of how we measure the quality of our lives has always been viewed by all civilizations as the benchmarks of their achievements.  One only has to look at the “boob tube” with its thousand channel wasteland or the current state of our libraries to know we aren’t doing well at all in this category.  But to hit closer to home, how many parks, ball fields, tennis courts, etc. in your town have been closed over the last two years?

Sustaining a Healthy Community – Cancer rates, HIV rates, STD rates, and suicide rates are climbing at alarming rates across the board in America.  MSM media is silent.  Our recent debates over health care reforms clearly demonstrates that our government is NOT going to be responsive to this issue.  Again, though, it is ironic that this lack of response is clearly grounded in the influence of companies wishing to preserve their incomes, but if everybody dies, where is the profit?

Maintaining Responsive Government – Ha Ha Ha, I am not even going to waste my breath on this one. However, I would suggest that while the federal and state governments go bankrupt both financially and morally, there emerges an opportunity to strengthen local governments, and we, as individuals have a great ability to influence that process.  When was the last time you sat in on a city council meeting?

Moving Around Efficiently and Safely – Between the economic decline and the deteriorating infrastructure, airline miles traveled and vehicle miles traveled are rapidly declining.  The good news here is the number of traffic related deaths and injuries are declining as well.

Keeping the Community Safe – This is probably the bright spot of all the indicators.  Crime is down in most communities.  Police response time is up and people generally are less victimized by crime.  These indicators are somewhat contradictory to what we might expect in an economy of higher unemployment.  Partly this is related to the reason we have equipped most police forces to become almost paramilitary in nature and we have brought our law enforcement back on the street where it belongs.  This has been aided by people in local communities getting involved and most importantly insuring that funding for police and fire are protected from the draconian cuts of other services faced by cities and counties as they deal with the financial realities of running a city or local government.

So, in summary, from my perspective the score card reflects a D- or F.  How will you score your card.  I suspect not much better.  It is time to wake up, speak up, and take control of our collective destinies.  Not revolution, as is ever increasingly be slung about, but by involvement of us all in our local, state, and federal governments by way of the ballot box and our physical presences at the “open” meetings of our government officials.  Let them know we are coming, we mad, and we aren’t going to go back asleep.  That is the ONLY thing that really scares the hell out of them.

Here’s Uncle Willie’s thoughts for the day.

The Awakening has begun in earnest

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that I rail against the fact that MSM and PTB who own 85% of mainstream media have decided what we will be informed of and what they will choose not to report.  This is of course is done to keep the Sheeple asleep.  Why you ask.  It is simple, there are about 6,000 people living who know “the whole truth” of our orgins and our destiny.  There maybe 100X more people who know some of the truth because of their “compartmentalized” requirement to serve the PTB in continuing to cover the “real story” in fog or prepare  for the coming events (newscasters, weather forecastors, scientists, geologists, engineers, etc.).

I would imagine there may several millions, but not tens of millions world wide who are at least aware of “something” going on, but they are operating more on instinct and belief than they are on having the real facts.  As we transition through this most active period of the profound changes that basically are going to reshape the planet and us, a debate has broken out within the ” international group” who know all of the truth.  For our purpose, we will call them the White Group and the Black Group.  The Black Group’s argument is basically that even if we all knew the “truth” it will not fundamentally change the outcome and the release of the information to the general public would only create social and economic chaos, disrupt religious institutions, and create anarchy.  I call this the Pacino Argument.  If you saw the movie, A Few Good Men, Pacino has a quote that was, “The truth, you can’t handle the truth”.

The White Group argues that each and every person has a right to know and a right to decide how they are going to cope with the realities we are facing and further that the Black Group’s argument underestimates the true nature of all of us to deal with any realities we would face and secondly, the Black Group’s argument concerning the withholding of the information is only to allow them to have the “upper hand” in the aftermath of the events.  There are some real merits to that aspect of the argument to be sure.  But as these elements battle, both on planet and off world, a phenomena is occurring.  The sheeples are waking up all by themselves, like Rip Van Winkle after a forty year sleep.

I see it everyday, in responding to emails and meeting with people.  People, of all ages, are taking this “gut feeling” that is gnawing at them and beginning to demand answers from world leaders, politicians, scientists, and religious leaders.  I have lunch on a bi-weekly basis with a very bright young man from Lebanon and over the last year, Maher has slowly begun to wake up to these realities.  This is a well grounded, bright young man who has seen many things, is successful both as a businessman and a human being.  He is not prone to ascribing to conspiracies or fantasy, but has begun to instinctively understand that the events he is witnessing are manufactured for reasons of control and greed.  Slowly, slowly he has begun in his own mind to ask questions that are quite frankly rocking the very foundations of what he thinks he knows, but he is persisting none-the-less.   This is repeating itself with more and more people everyday.  This is a factor that wasn’t considered by either the White Group or the Black Group.  I call it the NEO factor.  Again, if you saw the movie  ‘The Matrix”, you will remember Neo’s reaction when he first was rescued from his chamber.  It was hard for him to believe that what he was experiencing was true, but there he was in an alternative reality that he couldn’t initially explain or understand.  Which reality was the “true reality”?

If we lift our heads from the grindstone for a moment, I wonder how many questions might come to your mind.  Some things to ponder:

1).  Is global warming man made or a natural phenomena?  If it is a natural cyclic phenomena, why are the developed nations promoting the opposite?

2). What is the true nature of the space program and why is there such an increase of probes and observing systems being launched now in this time of economic impairment?

3). Why would a US President declare a national emergency of an H1N1 epidemic that has so far failed to materialize?

4).  How can large institutional banks collapse, requiring governmental bailouts, and then 3 months later, declare record profits and bonuses?

5). Why such a push to get us to give up our civil liberties in the name of security, when in fact we truly, and I say this with all due respect to those who have been personally affected by terrorist acts and our military efforts to combat terrorism (our family is one who has had tragic losses), haven’t been damaged in such a manner to warrant the foregoing of our basic civil liberties by those acts of terror.

6).  Why is the North Pole now moving at a rate of 37 miles per year toward Russia?  

It is time to wake up.  It is time to question our leaders, politicians, religious leaders, and scientists.  If it doesn’t pass the smell test, it is probably BS.  So who is slinging the poop and why?  The more we all begin to question the things we feel aren’t quite right, the more we will know.  The more we know will better prepare us as individuals to deal with the REAL situation we are collectively facing.  It is time to wake up and speak up.  Make your own list of things that just don’t seem quite right, then act on that list and begin to ACTIVELY question “authority”.

OMG TV begins!

In an earlier post, I had written that I suspected that 2010 would be the year of OMG TV.  That is, almost every time you will switch on the TV to watch the news you would respond by saying OMG!  Well the tragic events unfolding in Haiti certainly fit into that category.  We have talked about the possibility that events both natural and social will unfold during this next year that have the potential to overwhelm us all.  Our senses and sensibility will be rattled.

I have always been somewhat reluctant to share all that I have envisioned and sensed because there was always been a part of me that did not want to be correct about what I have had the privilege to see in advance.  Now, however, it is more important to share my thoughts on why such premonitions have been a blessing really.  The real theme of my blog is to be aware, be prepared, and be calm.

Now more than ever, that is the reality.  In a world caught up in greed, runaway egos, and self-centered survivalists, we need to re-examine ourselves very closely.  We need to return to the true nature of our being, which is community and unity, not dog eat dog.  What we are witnessing and participating in is a major universal correction.  Without the understanding that this a normal process throughout the universe, these events can overwhelm us.  Indeed, those who do not understand or remain in denial when it is obvious, will be overwhelmed.  Some refer to the transistion time as a time of insanity.  I think we can all nod silently in agreement that we are in that time.

With understanding and foresight, we can prepare, endure, and emerge to begin a life, once again filled with purpose, meaning, and hope.  It can not be any other way.  If you are of a like mind, then now is the time to talk to your family and friends, share your experiences and thoughts about this subject.  Help those closest to you get through these times.  I think you will be surprised if you do such an exercise.  You will discover wisdom in children and rigidity in those you thought were open minded and wise.  The important thing is to discuss and prepare.  Talk about how and where you gather if it becomes necessary.  How will you provide for one other if survival becomes tantamount.  It is not a time to OVER react.

I suspect as we get closer to the events that will define the end of the age and the beginning of the new, things that will be happening will not make much sense and panic and chaos can be the operative words.  What I am trying to say is that does not have to be the case.  Being prudent and prepared does not constitute over reaction.  There is a certain peace of mind that comes with understanding and a certain confidence that emerges when you are prepared to survive anything.  The new leaders will be leaders of their families, not governmental heads.  We have all observed how dismally our “elected” leaders have responded both home and internationally.  In essence, they are ineffective, grossly.  Health care here at home and the recent Copenhagen Conference, internationally, are two of the most recent examples of this fact.

When I started this blog in April of last year, I really didn’t do it for any other reasons that to start a diary.  I did not suspect anyone would really read or care what was in it.  Honestly, I have been overwhelmed by the hundreds of readers who have not only read it, but felt compelled to respond.  I thank you all and I will continue to write about whatever nature compels me to write about.  I wish for all of you a safe and peaceful New Year.