Welcome to 2012 –The Year of You

We have begun the year that probably has more words written about it on the internet than any other subject, literally billions of words.  The year the Mayans predict the end of the world as we know, or at least that’s the popular belief of the Mayan calendar.

We are certainly in an interesting time.  Last year at this time we were talking about the EU crisis and said 2011 may be the end of the EU as we know it.  At the beginning of 2012, the collapse of the EU is now almost certain.

In February of 2011, we said it was going to be an Arab spring, a European summer, and an American fall, and all of that seemed also to play out as we had envisioned.  We also envisioned 2011 to be the year of OMG TV.

So what were the OMG TV events?  Well certainly the death of Osama Bin Laden was such a moment.  The fall of Libya and the death of Quaddafi qualifies for that award, and then there was the head of the IMF literally caught chasing chambermaids through the halls of a New York hotel.  The release of Amanda Knox in Italy was hoped for, but we were still surprised when it happened.

However, nothing compared to the stream of clowns running for the Republican nomination for the office of the president of the United States.  Who can forget Sarah Palin recalling the ride of Paul Revere to warn THE BRITISH! Michele Bachman, candidate and serving member on the Senate Intelligence Committee pledging to work diligently to prevent China from getting nuclear weapons! Tough task considering China has had nuclear weapons since the 50’s.

Yes, we certainly had our OMG moments as well.  Witnessing the “police” responding to the various protestors globally has its own set of memorable images.

Global disasters exceeded anyone’s expectations or predictions, and the “sinking” of Indonesia, Malaysia, and some portions of Thailand is going relatively unreported.  Earthquakes, especially those of magnitude 6.0 or greater were statistically more significant during the year as well.

2011 lived up to the hype and more.  So the real question, are we in the end times?  The answer is yes and no.  Yes, I do believe 2012 will be a year of such dramatic change that it will change civilization as we know.  No, it is not the end of the world.  Pole shifts or crustal displacement, or huge solar flares are always possible as they have been any previous year.

Will there be more natural disasters, yes, but again I don’t think at this point that these will be the defining issues of 2012.  The defining issues will focus on the economy and the stacked deck we now call our governments and how we are governed.

This will be the year of secrets revealed, and desperate elite and politicians seeking to escape the backlash of public reaction.  This is be the year of YOU.

I have a sense we have reached a critical point of global awareness and awakening.  We will begin to dismantle the CORPGOV system that have regulated us and begin to reform our governments to reflect the need of the people, the economy, and the global issues that affect us all.

There seems to be a huge release of tension in March of this year that signifies the beginning of the effort globally and ironically there is no further building of tensions through 2014.  Our future generally is trumpeting to us now to take responsibility. It is up to us now.  There is nothing we need, nothing we can learn any further from the past. We must act and act we will.

So you are sitting there at your computer, still not feeling empowered or for that matter, motivated.  What is this nut rambling about now.  Get off your butts and take back control of all aspects of your life. The universe has conspired to make this the time to really achieve our long wished vision for peace and prosperity for all. All we have to do is act now.

Here are some suggestions of what we each can do as individuals.

1. Buy Local Food: One of the most powerful cartels that has their tentacles into government is the food cartel. Their agenda has been to control the basic resources of food (corn, wheat, soy, rice).  The best way to conquer this cartel is by eating local; produce your own food, join and contribute to local cooperatives, and engage your neighbors and community for more local food solutions.  Local co-ops are also a great place to trade locally crafted goods and even services. Obviously, do your best to avoid GMO food and eat organically when you can.  Finally, be vocal and active in your opposition to GMO foods and the cartel control of the FDA.

2. Become More Self-Sufficient:  Our modern society has made us dependent on something or someone other than ourselves for most necessities such as electricity, food, water, medicine, security, and education. This dependence puts us at the direction or disposal of the cartel state. Therefore, the only entity that has the power to grant us liberty is ourselves; and we can take back our independence through self-sufficiency. Being self-sufficient means learning skills that will help you and your family survive economic downturns or other emergencies.  These skills may also help you to be less dependent on your job as they’ll make you a useful independent producer. Lead your neighborhood and community toward production and away from dependence.

3. Get Healthier: The increasing pace of life seems to offer a wealth of distractions from the importance of living a truly healthy and free life.  Our modern world offers easy choices like fast-food in place of fresh produce; TV in place of reading, exercise, or meditation; Internet social networks in place of meaningful personal relationships, etc.  Identify the areas lacking in your own life and resolve to make the necessary changes that will increase your physical fitness, mental acuity, and your spiritual evolution.  These three areas are what truly sustain us in both good times and bad — not smart phones, computer games, and the virtual world.

4. Buy Silver and Gold: America desperately needs a monetary revolution before the dollar experiment completely collapses. Like all revolutions this must start from a groundswell of rebellious action.  A good place to start is to convert your devaluing dollars to physical gold and silver.  This will punish the banks, especially JP Morgan and the Federal Reserve, as well as protect your assets. Furthermore, if the dollar continues to collapse, silver and gold may well become a viable currency in society once again, as it already is in some parts of Michigan. Buying junk silver is something anyone can afford to do and is highly recommended.

5. Expose the Agenda: The “agenda” is one of consolidation of wealth, power, and control in every facet imaginable. The international elite are approaching near one-world control, which they call full spectrum dominance of economies and societies.  In other words; national, local, and individual sovereignty is all but gone.  It is extremely important to engage your local community, especially community leaders and police, to reiterate their obligation to serve the local community under the Constitution, and not to follow illegal Federal demands. Above all, do not give in to the temptation of apathy as you begin to learn more about the systems of control.  These systems first count on your ignorance, then they count on laziness.  Finally, say what you stand for such as peace, liberty, and genuine justice with even more force than shouting about what you oppose.

6. Boycott: In the U.S. it has become obvious that a system has taken hold which is economically designed for one thing: consumption.  This is the value that each person has been given from birth.  So, one key way to assert your power and value in such a system is to vote with your wallet.  Every purchase you make either contributes to, or boycotts this corporatist structure.  Become aware of who the real owners are and what inhumane practices are behind the products you purchase, so that you can make intelligent choices that support your health and promote justice.  Additionally, it is important to learn the true contents of the products you buy, so that you don’t fall prey to slick advertising and corporate misdirection. Join or create campaigns to educate shoppers and force better labeling of products so it is easier for others to consciously boycott them.  Lastly, beyond the brick-and-mortar world, 2012 could very well see the end of the Internet as we know it.  It is time to boycott companies that are actively taking part in the eradication of our Internet freedom.

7. Local Politics: Federal politics has long ago sold out to the higher authorities that fund their multi-million dollar campaigns. However, it is your involvement in small town politics and community initiatives that can make the most tangible difference for you and your neighbors. The future will be built from the ground up, starting right in your own neighborhood. Everything from removing chemicals from public water, to throwing the TSA out of your local airport, or refusing military recruitment or fusion centers in protest of the war on terror, can be accomplished at the local level.  Each minor victory will send shockwaves to other small communities and the country as a whole, so be sure to document the steps you have taken to achieve victory, then share your story for others to emulate.

8. Military refusal: Do not contribute to fraudulent wars, and do not succumb to the pressure of feeling “unpatriotic.”  There are countless groups of veterans who have seen through the government lies that have led to unnecessary deaths, as well as the financial destruction of the country.  There is, in fact, no more patriotic action that can be taken than to demand that our military be used properly to strengthen the country, rather than to weaken it. For some, there is absolutely no excuse for war, ever, and merely the act of showing up contributes to this affliction.  It is a profound resolution of courage to live by your convictions.  So, if opposing the fraudulent wars is your main issue, file as a conscientious objector and contribute to peace instead of war.

9. Don’t Use Banks: The banks have proven to be some of the most immoral, dare we say “evil,” institutions on the planet. Besides their Ponzi-style Wall Street casino and mortgage/foreclosure fraud, they also profit heavily from wars, Mexican drug gangs, and fleecing the public in myriad ways. Some are finding their actions so horrific that they’d prefer to default on their debts rather than give them another dime. That may be extreme given the consequences; however, we can at least vow not to take on any new bank financing of any kind — mortgages, credit cards, or car loans, etc. Where possible, bank with local credit unions instead of the big banks that make up the cartel.  Another powerful action is to start or support a regional competing currency.

10. Read or Watch the Foreign Press

The US media view of the world is corporate-centric.  In other words, US Mainstream Media (the MSM) does not present all sides of all news.  That’s because they know which side their bread is buttered on.  It is buttered by those same folks who write the checks to DC law firms to help “explain” an industry position also who enjoy interlocking directorships; that’s the “good old boy” network that maintains and defends the status quo.

For “Acts of God” news, such as floods, fires, and so forth, they generally do a good job.  But on issues like “Why did we go into Iraq in the first place?” and “Other than opium money and pipeline rights, what justifies the war in Afghanistan?” they don’t fare very well.

Where there’s a war, there is a line of Fortunate 500 companies.  And not all, but many of them, will directly profit from solving international problems with a stick instead of a carrot.

Foreign web sites, Free to Air TV including the book on Amazon “Build your own Free-To-Air Satellite TV System”put free TV within everyone’s reach.

11.  Promise to be in Better Shape Next Year

Not everyone needs to lose weight.  But, almost everyone can eat better, exercise more and get a check-up.  Even if you can’t afford it, most fire stations will put on a blood pressure cuff and tell you how you’re doing on that score, even if you’re homeless.

We hold to the idea that in order to help others, we need to first help ourselves.  So with these first three resolutions for the New Year we figure there will be some physical, intellectual and political health beyond where things are this year.

This one – being in better shape – isn’t a matter of money in most cases, just a matter of commitment.

12.  Grow Something – Anything

Oxygen levels worldwide are declining.  Almost six years ago Peter Douglas Ward came out with his book “Out of Thin Air: Dinosaurs, Birds, and Earth’s Ancient Atmosphere”.  In Chapter 2, he notes, in part, that “…not so far back in Earth’s history, perhaps only 5 million years ago, oxygen levels were significantly higher than now, while less than 100 million years ago, oxygen levels were significantly lower than today…”

We’re looking down the barrel of a centuries-long gun on environmental issues, whether we like it, or not.  Peak Oil will occur at some point and it’s likely to set off global war over remaining resources.  And what’s continuing around the world today is the wholesale conversion of a sustainable future into today’s marketable products.

Whether it’s growing food or planting trees, or perhaps even going to meetings on open spaces or public agriculture such as “pea patch” plots, please grow something this year.  It’s cheap, too.

Remember:  Forests and almost all the varieties of food we eat managed to perpetuate themselves without corporate assistance for millions of years.

13.  Turn Your Time Into Money

You may not think about this one very often, but the fact is, most people have three states of being:  Making money, spending money, or sleep.  We resolve to sleep more fitfully and to turn down the spending money time to increase the making money time.  Check out Kill Your TV for some ideas.

14.  Take Action Against Patenting Life

That all existing forms of Life are in the public domain should be obvious.  So are any and all possible combinations.  Consider if you will the Minotaur imagery of ancient Greece.  From those fanciful moments forward, any combination of once “live” elements is in the public domain.

The rest, sadly, is greed-driven exploitation of the financial system for corporate gain.  We would not mix poisons and jellyfish into our plants unless there was an economic incentive to do so.  Nature spent millions of years optimizing the planet and to think the lab coat clowns can improve things may be true in the very short term.

Your action doesn’t have to be expensive:  Support of organic farmers, saying “No!” to Gestapo-like raids on fresh food dealers, or if you’re on a jury in the coming year, listening with your heart instead of being guided solely by laws which were bought and paid for by Franken-food lobbyists.  Tell your Home Owners Association it’s OK to keep a couple of chickens in the back yard, too.

15.  Resist the Police State

The War on Terror is a massive employment scheme.  We get that.  We know that a few radicals somewhere else in the world could be a problem here in America.  But does it make sense to strip-search people in their 80’s and 90’s who are no more terrorists than the Man in the Moon?

Americans were sold a bill of goods with a side order of political correctness.  All 19 hijackers on 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia.  None from Afghanistan and not one from Iraq.

This coming year, as ever more intrusive and unreasonable searches are propagated by a power-thirsty TSA which is now reaching into bus and railroad stations, cooperate only to the degree required by law – no more – and then vote in November according to your experiences.

16.  Demand Just Courts

The most recent appointees to the US Supreme Court have been characterized as believing in a “Living Constitution” – code words for runaway Justices who can’t seem to comprehend the simple language of the Founders.  They don’t belong there.

17.  Believe in Something Greater than Yourself

If we could just get this one right, the rest of our issues would take care of themselves.  Decide to distance from groups that define members by how “others” are different and migrate to those which are organized around “how we’re all the same…” Near as we can tell, all souls weigh the same regardless of race, creed, gender, persuasion, or national origin.

While history will be the final judge of how effective civil resistance was during 2011, what Tahrir Square, Tunesia, Libya, Bahrain, and the Occupy Movements in the US taught us as a fact. Peaceful resistance can effect change.

This change is not about violence, revolution or war as some would have you believe.  It is about effecting change peacefully. It is not about tearing down governments, but restructuring government from the community level and then upwardly creating the environment for change. It is all about us.  It is all up to you.

As Gandhi said, “There is no path to peace; peace is the path.”