This Week is Off the Charts Relating to Weather

The weather extremes continue to accumulate. Whether it is a record typhoon season in the Pacific, with the largest storm ever recorded or the unusual extremes in temperatures being experienced in the US and Canada, there is no doubt we have not seen anything like this before on the planet.

Francisco 1

Just take a look at this week in the US:

Almost 1000 record low max temps vs 17 record high temps

Records in the last 7 days:

205 snowfall records.
969 Low Max. 203 Low temps.
17 High Temp.


Italy –“We have snow at 100 meters (330 ft)  in the southern part of the peninsula, and one dead due to the cold,” says geologist Mirco Poletto in Italy.

Alaska – 14.7 inches (37 cm) of snowfall Sunday broke the Nov 24 record. As of Monday, the weather service reported 75 inches (190 cm) of snowfall in Valdez for the month of November, more than 41 inches (104 cm) above average for this time of year. (That makes it almost twice normal.)

Antartctica – The Aurora Australis was due to return to Hobart more than a week ago after a resupply mission, but it is still navigating through heavy ice about 180 nautical miles off the Davis research station. Second year in a row of above normal heavy ice setting in early.

Arctic – Heaviest Ice in a decade.

Global Sea Ice – It has been 25 years since Hansen predicted the demise of polar sea ice. Gaia has celebrated the date by producing the most polar sea ice in the last 25 years.


Whether this is a result of global warming or the onset of a new mini-ice age I will leave to the academics and scientists who can never admit “they don’t know”. What we do know is that extreme changes are happening as we speak. As always be prepared!

Convergance, Disclosure, and Where It All Is Heading

Many of us are sensing the rapid rate of changes that are occurring in our personal lives, our financial realities, our political landscape, and most importantly in science and technologies.  The evolution of the cell phone in the past two or three years is a vivid example of what I speaking about.  I have written often about the Awakening ?hat is occurring.  There is more and more talk of 2012.  Is it the end or a new beginning?  Well from my knowledge base I can assure you it is a beginning, but a beginning that is being pushed by a number of events, both socially and naturally, that will on their surface seem very traumatic.

But that is how events unfold in tearing down one age and building a new age.  Our popularly known history is replete with these events.  Moving from hunter gatherers to farmers and villagers, the advent of warring for territory.  The Phoenician, Greek, and Roman empires rising and falling, the dark ages, the renaissance, the industrial revolution, and finally the transition to modern-day life.  However, all of these events actually marked ONLY one age for us.  Now we are going to have all of that torn upside down so that we may begin a new age.  We will not let go of our old ways easily.  Like a child playing with something that is dangerous, we will not give up our toys easily and not without loud crying and protest.

There are those among us who have had control for a long time now and they have hidden many truths from us to allow them to continue in their domination of us.  What we are witnessing now is that SUPRAGOVERNMENTAL structure starting to crumble.  There is great fear among the PTB that when we all learn these truths, we will go after them with a vengeance not seen on this planet in its history.  I do not believe this is in fact the case.  Yes, they have been hiding many things. Yes, they have for a number of years manipulated our representative governments, yes they have economically enslaved 98% of the population, yes they have kept scientific discoveries from us that could benefit all mankind, yes they have kept secret the contacts with other civilizations and yes they have kept the nature of the natural cosmic events that are approaching from us.

I know a number of my readers understand these things, but others would view these statements as paranoid.  Why would this be the case?  The answer is simple.  Those who have been in possession of the knowledge were determined to emerge from these events in a dominant position.  It is that simple.  Now, however, they even realize that as we get closer to these events and as they are unfolding in real-time, the strategies the PTB with knowledge formulated 40 or 50 years ago are not going to work out.  The paradox of disclosure is that it will never happen, but it is inevitable!  This is where we stand as I write this today.

On a larger scale it is much like the Kardashev scale is a method of measuring a civilization’s level of technological advancement. The scale is only theoretical and in terms of an actual civilization, highly speculative; however, it puts energy consumption of an entire civilization in a cosmic perspective. It was first proposed in 1964 by the Soviet Russian astronomer Nikolai Kardashev. The scale has three designated categories called Type I, II, and III. These are based on the amount of usable energy a civilization has at its disposal, and the degree of space colonization. In general terms, a Type I civilization has achieved mastery of the resources of its home planet, Type II of its solar system, and Type III of its galaxy. There are many historical examples of human civilization undergoing large-scale transitions, such as the Industrial Revolution. The transition between Kardashev scale levels could potentially represent similarly dramatic periods of social upheaval, since they entail surpassing the hard limits of the resources available in a civilization’s existing territory. A common speculation suggests that the transition from Type 0 to Type I might carry a strong risk of self-destruction since, in some scenario, there would no longer be room for further expansion on the civilization’s home planet, similar to a Malthusian catastrophe. Excessive use of energy without adequate disposal of heat, for example, could plausibly make the planet of a civilization approaching Type I unsuitable to the biology of the dominant life-forms and their food sources. Sound familar?  If Earth is an example, then sea temperatures in excess of 35 °C would jeopardize marine life and make the cooling of mammals to temperatures suitable for their metabolism difficult if not impossible. Of course, these theoretical speculations may not become problems in reality thanks to the application of future engineering and technology.  More specifically, what wasn’t factored by our monkey brained power mongers was that transitions of the nature we are about to experience do not occur in the universe without the assistance of those civilizations who have already successfully undergone similar change.

2008 marked the “entrance zone” into the final events of this transition which will extend to around 2016.  In the next few months the disclosure process will expand rapidly and those who do not wish you to know they were responsible for some pretty stupid mistakes will try and mitigate why they did what they did by portraying the unfolding events as dangerous, or those who are assisting as having hidden agendas such as domination, etc.  Don’t believe it.  Judge every event with your own mind and heart.  Don’t give in to the fear mongering!  But most importantly don’t give in to feelings of revenge.  We are now above all of that, so let’s take our place in the next chapter of our journey in the universe with the dignity and nobility inherent in our genes.

Here’s Uncle Willie’s thought of the day:

The Awakening has begun in earnest

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that I rail against the fact that MSM and PTB who own 85% of mainstream media have decided what we will be informed of and what they will choose not to report.  This is of course is done to keep the Sheeple asleep.  Why you ask.  It is simple, there are about 6,000 people living who know “the whole truth” of our orgins and our destiny.  There maybe 100X more people who know some of the truth because of their “compartmentalized” requirement to serve the PTB in continuing to cover the “real story” in fog or prepare  for the coming events (newscasters, weather forecastors, scientists, geologists, engineers, etc.).

I would imagine there may several millions, but not tens of millions world wide who are at least aware of “something” going on, but they are operating more on instinct and belief than they are on having the real facts.  As we transition through this most active period of the profound changes that basically are going to reshape the planet and us, a debate has broken out within the ” international group” who know all of the truth.  For our purpose, we will call them the White Group and the Black Group.  The Black Group’s argument is basically that even if we all knew the “truth” it will not fundamentally change the outcome and the release of the information to the general public would only create social and economic chaos, disrupt religious institutions, and create anarchy.  I call this the Pacino Argument.  If you saw the movie, A Few Good Men, Pacino has a quote that was, “The truth, you can’t handle the truth”.

The White Group argues that each and every person has a right to know and a right to decide how they are going to cope with the realities we are facing and further that the Black Group’s argument underestimates the true nature of all of us to deal with any realities we would face and secondly, the Black Group’s argument concerning the withholding of the information is only to allow them to have the “upper hand” in the aftermath of the events.  There are some real merits to that aspect of the argument to be sure.  But as these elements battle, both on planet and off world, a phenomena is occurring.  The sheeples are waking up all by themselves, like Rip Van Winkle after a forty year sleep.

I see it everyday, in responding to emails and meeting with people.  People, of all ages, are taking this “gut feeling” that is gnawing at them and beginning to demand answers from world leaders, politicians, scientists, and religious leaders.  I have lunch on a bi-weekly basis with a very bright young man from Lebanon and over the last year, Maher has slowly begun to wake up to these realities.  This is a well grounded, bright young man who has seen many things, is successful both as a businessman and a human being.  He is not prone to ascribing to conspiracies or fantasy, but has begun to instinctively understand that the events he is witnessing are manufactured for reasons of control and greed.  Slowly, slowly he has begun in his own mind to ask questions that are quite frankly rocking the very foundations of what he thinks he knows, but he is persisting none-the-less.   This is repeating itself with more and more people everyday.  This is a factor that wasn’t considered by either the White Group or the Black Group.  I call it the NEO factor.  Again, if you saw the movie  ‘The Matrix”, you will remember Neo’s reaction when he first was rescued from his chamber.  It was hard for him to believe that what he was experiencing was true, but there he was in an alternative reality that he couldn’t initially explain or understand.  Which reality was the “true reality”?

If we lift our heads from the grindstone for a moment, I wonder how many questions might come to your mind.  Some things to ponder:

1).  Is global warming man made or a natural phenomena?  If it is a natural cyclic phenomena, why are the developed nations promoting the opposite?

2). What is the true nature of the space program and why is there such an increase of probes and observing systems being launched now in this time of economic impairment?

3). Why would a US President declare a national emergency of an H1N1 epidemic that has so far failed to materialize?

4).  How can large institutional banks collapse, requiring governmental bailouts, and then 3 months later, declare record profits and bonuses?

5). Why such a push to get us to give up our civil liberties in the name of security, when in fact we truly, and I say this with all due respect to those who have been personally affected by terrorist acts and our military efforts to combat terrorism (our family is one who has had tragic losses), haven’t been damaged in such a manner to warrant the foregoing of our basic civil liberties by those acts of terror.

6).  Why is the North Pole now moving at a rate of 37 miles per year toward Russia?  

It is time to wake up.  It is time to question our leaders, politicians, religious leaders, and scientists.  If it doesn’t pass the smell test, it is probably BS.  So who is slinging the poop and why?  The more we all begin to question the things we feel aren’t quite right, the more we will know.  The more we know will better prepare us as individuals to deal with the REAL situation we are collectively facing.  It is time to wake up and speak up.  Make your own list of things that just don’t seem quite right, then act on that list and begin to ACTIVELY question “authority”.

Global Warming…What Is Really Going On?

Al Gore is in the forefront of the Climate Change debate.  For many, including myself, the fact the earth is undergoing drastic climate change is beyond the debate stage.  One only has to observe the temperature changes, rain events, drought, and seasonal changes to opine that there is a drastic shift underway; and to many who have studied and understood past changes on the earth, this is nothing unusual.  The archeological records contain many such changes in our past, and some that came on very suddenly (in a matter of ten years in some cases).

As the Copenhagen Conference begins though, I feel there is much controversy as to the actual cause of global climate change.  As an environmental scientist I could very easily want to subscribe to the notion that these events are man induced.  It would mean that if man caused it, man could stop it.  However, there are some really pesky facts getting in the way.  I have attended three conferences related to this issue over the past three years and I have asked the same question at each conference and my question was either ignored or not answered.  The question is: “If global warming is man induced by the release of CO2 into our atmosphere, why is the mean temperature on the moon, Mars, and Venus rising at the same rate that is rising on the Earth (NASA records verify that statement)?

Not one of the “experts” would even attempt a response.  Why, I wonder?  I believe the answer is an economic one.  It is related to the “Have” and “Have Not” countries of the world and how developing a carbon tax worldwide or a carbon credits scheme would benefit some countries and utterly destroy other countries economically.  Is CO2 building in our atmosphere.  Empirically, the answer is yes.  Can we relate that to man’s activities, again yes we can.  But is that really the cause of global warming. I, personally believe that has yet been proven.

Why is that such an issue. Global warming is global warming.  The ice melting and sea level rise, along with the climate changes are going to have catastrophic effects either way.  However, to me, it is a matter of where we, as a world, are going to spend our resources in response to the effects of global warming that really matters.  I have already been intimately involved in relocating Alaskan Natives from islands that are being inundated by the rising sea levels or from areas where the ice pack no longer forms during the winter, so subsistence hunting is no longer viable.  I have worked in countries dealing with severe drought and crop failures, and I have responded to the storm events like Katrina and seen the effects first hand.

I guess in my first hand experiences in response to Katrina that these political questions first started to rise in my consciousness.  I had the responsibility to conduct some of the first response assessments to the storm damage.  As we began our aerial surveys, we flew over the delta and part of the shorelines of Louisiana.   The number of animal and human carcasses was overwhelming.  To this day I do not know how many humans, cattle and horses lost their lives during that 72 hour period, but it was in the tens of thousands.  Yet, I have never seen one photo of these in any media reporting.  Why?

In retrospect, and given the fact that most of the damaged areas still have not been responded to gives some clues as to the motives of the PTB.  Resources are only going to be spent where revenue can be returned.  As sickening as that sounds, I believe it to be true.  Nearly 85% of the world’s population lives within ten miles of a coastline.  That’s over 5 billion people!  We should be spending our resources to deal with a say 1 meter rise in sea level, instead of figuring out how we are going to drive the world to a carbon based tax!  But hey there is no revenue in that.  I wonder, however, where there is any revenue in half the world’s population dying out.  It just doesn’t make any sense to me at all.

There are other events going on as well, such as the recent whopping rise in seismic events worldwide.  NOAA and the USGS seem to be playing with those numbers. Why is that and how are seismic events related to CO2 emissions?  I suspect soon we are all going to be asked to make draconian efforts and pay stiff taxes for the right to emit carbon and ostensibly these revenues will be used to fight global warming.  As I always admonish, really dig into to this for yourself before you so quickly vote for the government to reach into your wallet.

Here’s Uncle Willy’s Thought for the Day: