Adjusting to the Rapidly Changing Realities

There is no doubt that the world is in the midst of rapid change. Change is nothing new. Change is constant. When we look from a historical perspective, our world has changed technologically in the blink of an eye. whether it is transportation, communication, or information and how we access it and manage it, more has occurred in the last 100 years than in all of the previous history of mankind. However, as these technological changes have occurred, we have assimilated those changes rather effortlessly. Think of just computers and their impacts on our daily lives as an example.

However, the changes occurring now are shaking the very core of our societies from a political, economic, and spiritual basis. These changes are shaking the very essence of how we are ruled and how we survive and have for hundreds of years. Those in power are trying their damnedest to tighten their control through economic and political means by using wars and conflicts, by manipulating the economy and yet these tried and true methods of old are beginning to have the opposite effect and response by us collectively. We simply are not “buying in” by having the “predicted response”. We are growing intolerant and indifferent to war, and the political rhetoric that should stir “our nationalism” and “patriotism”.  We are beginning to understand things like we are 9 times more likely to be killed by our local police than by any terrorist. We are beginning to question why our police need to look like paramilitary units, as the recent events in Ferguson Missouri are demonstrating.


So what is going on? What are these changes we are experiencing? Many of us have been consciously aware that there is a fundamental evolution occurring within us as evolving souls or spiritual beings, but we are ALL aware these changes are occurring. So here are some thoughts or “tools”, if you will, to help you grasp and deal with these changes as they unfold. We think they can help both the “awakened” and the “awakening” equally well.

1). Have the realization that you are not simply human, but are an evolving soul. The changes that occurring are opening up avenues of truth and disclosure to allow you once again to be “in touch” with your higher self.

2). Remember it is always NOW. It is of no matter when you awake, because when you do, it will be now.

3). The love of the Creator has no clock. There really is only the illusion of time. The infinite nature of our Creator and us has no need for time.

4). We must and we know we must develop tolerance for one another. Slowly, but surely we are beginning to understand that no matter our race, religion, or what region of the world we come from, we all care for our families and we all are seeking the same things. To allow those who wish to control us to divide us only continues our bondage.

5).  On a personal basis, understand from the perspective of our bodies and our health, we are evolving from a neural awareness to a quantum awareness. What that means is we have the ability to communicate to every cell in our body, and we can be aware of every cell in our bodies. Even medical science is beginning to understand how we can affect our own healing from diseases such as cancer.

6). We must realize that we cannot know what we do not know, but we can prepare ourselves to deal with what we do not know as it reveals itself. This is especially important in the next few years as truths long hidden are going to be revealed. We must have a calm and calibrated response, not driven by anger or revenge.

7). Things are already being revealed that are shocking to us, such as truths about our leaders involvement in such things like pedophilia or 9/11 or corruption. We can not “unknow” the truth, no matter how appalling it may seem.

8). We must be patient as the new reality unfolds. There are millions of us now that are “awake”, but this reality is unfolding in a very orderly and thoughtful manner. Do not want it “forced” into existence.


9). We all need to constantly adjust our attitudes. some of us are old souls who have been caught in the “old paradigm” for several cycles. Some of us are “new souls”. We all are facing adjustments associated with these rapid changes in reality. We must be able to rapidly adapt and adjust how we see the things as they unfold.

10). Understand the explosion of “social networking” is really everyone talking to everyone. When everyone is talking to everyone, there are no secrets or borders, so this is a very good thing and an important tool for us all to expand our understanding of the nature of oneness.

11). There is a recalibration of our physical bodies in the light of the new energies around us, and there are stresses associated with these changes. Embrace them.

12). Finally, expect the unexpected and celebrate it. Celebrate Yourselves!

We hope these thoughts can both stimulate and help us all awaken and create the reality we know as humans we can build. Love Ya!