Making Sense of the Events in The Middle East

MSM tends to report the events in Egypt, Yemen, Tunsia, Bahrain, Syria, and Libya as if they were all the same.  The same MSM, both western and Arab tend to paint the involvement of the EU, UK, and the US as purely self interests related to oil.  In both cases to do so does not create an understanding of the real complex and in all cases, country specific issues.  Nor does these same western countries relate the events in the region to events at home in their own countries.

Let’s address the “oil” issue first. The truth is that the entire global economy, including the side-liners like Russia, China, and India economies,  must have a SECURE supply of oil.  If anyone of these nations were really “after the oil”, Kuwait would be a US territory as well as Iraq.  That is not the case in either country and the US pays MARKET price to these countries for their oil, just like everyone else.  The same could be said of the european countries as related to Libya.  So from my perspective and vantage point, the oil imperialism argument, primarily kept in the mainstream by Iran, is just a red herring argument.

When we look at the divisions within the Arab countries, Iran is the nation, fomenting the issues.  What most Westerners fail to grasp is the fact that while Iran is primarily a Shia nation, they are NOT Arabs!  Iran is Persian.  One only has to look deeply at how Iran has constantly be meddling in the affairs of Iraq to understand why there is more concern in the Arab world over the activities of Iran than there are concerns about Western interference.

That is not to say that the Arab countries are all that secure with their relationships with the US and EU, but these concerns are more related to the consistency that may be demonstrated by the US and the EU and NATO related to assisting in the security and protection of Arab countries in relationship to Iran.  these concerns are well founded and have resulted from the fickle manner in which both the US and NATO have acted in the past.  These concerns were voiced again when US Secretary Gates visited Saudi Arabia last week.

The GCC countries are especially worried about the Iranians , their aggressiveness in the region, and their ability to disrupt the flow of oil to the world.  GCC foreign ministers on Sunday condemned Iran’s “blatant” interference in the State of Kuwait’s internal affairs, accusing Iran of “planting espionage networks on [Kuwait’s] territory” to undermine the country’s security and stability and the interests of its citizens. In a statement issued at the conclusion of their extraordinary one-day meeting, the foreign ministers commended Kuwait’s security bodies for uncovering the sleeper cell of spies believed to be working covertly on Iran’s behalf. The ministers also affirmed their support for all the measures taken by the State of Kuwait to protect its national security.

The statement further noted that the senior government officials had expressed concern at what they called “continuous Iranian interference in the domestic affairs of the GCC countries, by conspiring against those nations’ national security … and instigating sectarian sedition between their GCC countries’ citizens, independence, principles of good neighborliness, international laws, the Charter of the UN and OIC.” The foreign ministers also welcomed the return of calm and stability to the Kingdom of Bahrain, praising the spirit of the Bahraini people who it said had sought the country’s higher interests.

Bahrain has the capabilities and wisdom to dealing with its internal affairs, said the ministers, whilst stressing that they “strongly condemn the Iranian interference” in Bahrain’s affairs. The senior government officials also stressed the legitimacy of the deployment of Peninsula Shield forces in Bahrain, which they indicated was compliant with an earlier defense agreement binding the six GCC countries – Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and UAE.

The GCC ministers further condemned the Iranian Shura Council’s national security and foreign affairs committee’s statement which claimed that Saudi Arabia’s policy was “playing with fire.” The Iranian statement, which also called on Saudi Arabia to pull out forces from Bahrain, “is a hostile position and is a provocative interference in the internal affairs of the GCC countries,” the ministers warned.

On Yemen, the foreign ministers voiced great concern over the deterioration of security and the growing divisions in the country, a matter that would undermine interests of citizens and economy as a whole. They called on all parties in Yemen to launch dialogue to ultimately reach reform and bring about social stability. The ministers said they respected the wishes and choices of the Yemeni people, adding that they would be establishing contact with the Yemeni government and opposition to address the conflict

Also on Sunday, the UAE’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al-Nuhayyan said that there is a “huge contradiction” between Iran’s words and its deeds towards the GCC countries. “The espionage networks that were arrested in the State of Kuwait are strange [things to] happen from a neighboring country that always claims to have good neighborly relations with us,” Sheikh Abdullah told a joint news conference with GCC Secretary General Abdullatif Al-Zayyani that followed the ministers’ meeting.

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries are firmly behind the Bahraini King’s request to send Peninsula Shield forces to the Kingdom, he reiterated. Concerning events in Yemen, meanwhile, Sheikh Abdullah said the GCC countries would be contacting the government and opposition parties there in a bid to resolve their conflict. Al-Zayyani on his part said that there are currently numerous challenges facing the GCC countries, further reiterating the member states demand for “other countries not to interfere in the GCC countries’ affairs.

Meanwhile, Kuwait’s caretaker foreign minister Sheikh Dr. Mohammad Al-Sabah told a Kuwaiti daily Al-Qabas via phone following the meeting that the talks, as well as the concluding statement, “reflect the collective spirit of the GCC,” indicating that “GCC Foreign Ministers insisted on the common united fate of GCC countries,” whilst also noting that the Bahraini subject and current events in Kuwait were equally addressed during the meeting and stressing the cohesion of the GCC as a single unit. “The GCC proved to be capable of meeting its responsibilities, and showed that to the security of member states…meaning a threat to any GCC state is regarded as a threat to all countries of the region”.

Meanwhile, in the same article, Al-Qabas, also quoted GCC insiders as saying that the foreign ministers had agreed during the meeting that all the member states’ capabilities would be utilized to confront any potential threats against any member state. The sources further indicated that the senior government officials agreed on the principal measures that should be taken to face any Iranian threats, adding that an agreement was also reached to hold further top-level GCC meetings featuring senior security and defense personalities within the next couple of days to discuss the type of measures to be taken and the strategies to be utilized for their implementation.  The insiders further asserted that the GCC foreign ministers were unanimous in stressing the importance of eliminating “suspicious individuals” in member states, while ensuring that this process is not based on group identity. Other sources also revealed that an agreement was reached to “reinforce internal fronts” in the member states in order to confront any attempts to incite sectarianism.

Given these issues and the economic situations in each of the countries now experiencing internal conflicts it is crucial for the US, the EU, and NATO to develop a consistent and strong policy to support it’s vital Arab partners.  Players like Russia, China, and India are sitting on the sidelines looking for opportunities to exploit the failures of the US and EU policy in the region.  So far, their decision to remain on the sidelines, and even tacitily support Iran seems to have traction.  The politicians in the US and EU better get their act together before oil goes to $200 or $300 per barrel.  Commit to their Arab partners and support them unconditionally.

The Great Cyber-Wars Have Escalated.

I think we have all been aware of cyber activity.  We have generally been lead to believe that these so called cyber attacks have originated in China or Russia.  The usual story line goes that these hackers are independents that are allegedly encouraged by their governments.  In June however, I began following stories related to the cyber worm, called Stuxnet.  Stuxnet has been the object of intense study since its detection in June. As more has become known about it, alarm about its capabilities and purpose have grown. Some top cyber security experts now say Stuxnet’s arrival heralds something blindingly new: a cyber weapon created to cross from the digital realm to the physical world – to destroy something.  At least one expert who has extensively studied the malicious software, or malware, suggests Stuxnet may have already attacked its target – and that it may have been Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power plant, which much of the world condemns as a nuclear weapons threat.

The appearance of Stuxnet created a ripple of amazement among computer security experts. Too large, too encrypted, too complex to be immediately understood, it employed amazing new tricks, like taking control of a computer system without the user taking any action or clicking any button other than inserting an infected memory stick. Experts say it took a massive expenditure of time, money, and software engineering talent to identify and exploit such vulnerabilities in industrial control software systems.

Unlike most malware, Stuxnet is not intended to help someone make money or steal proprietary data. Industrial control systems experts now have concluded, after nearly four months spent reverse engineering Stuxnet, that the world faces a new breed of malware that could become a template for attackers wishing to launch digital strikes at physical targets worldwide. Internet link not required. It is a realization that has emerged only gradually.

Stuxnet surfaced in June and, by July, was identified as a hypersophisticated piece of malware probably created by a team working for a nation state, say cyber security experts. Its name is derived from some of the filenames in the malware. It is the first malware known to target and infiltrate industrial supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) software used to run chemical plants and factories as well as electric power plants and transmission systems worldwide. That much the experts discovered right away. But what was the motive of the people who created it? Was Stuxnet intended to steal industrial secrets – pressure, temperature, valve, or other settings –and communicate that proprietary data over the Internet to cyber thieves?

By August, researchers had found something more disturbing: Stuxnet appeared to be able to take control of the automated factory control systems it had infected – and do whatever it was programmed to do with them. That was mischievous and dangerous. This gives you an idea of how much infrastructure could be affected.

But it gets worse. Since reverse engineering chunks of Stuxnet’s massive code, senior US cyber security experts confirm what Mr. Langner, the German researcher, had concluded: Stuxnet is essentially a precision, military-grade cyber missile deployed early last year to seek out and destroy one real-world target of high importance – a target still unknown.  “Stuxnet is a 100-percent-directed cyber attack aimed at destroying an industrial process in the physical world,” says Langner, who last week became the first to publicly detail Stuxnet’s destructive purpose and its authors’ malicious intent. “This is not about espionage, as some have said. This is a 100 percent sabotage attack.”

Then came this from Tehran today.

TEHRAN: Iran’s nuclear agency is trying to combat a complex computer worm that has affected industrial sites throughout the country and is capable of taking over power plants, Iranian media reports said. Experts from the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran met this week to discuss how to remove the malicious computer code, or worm, the semi-official ISNA news agency reported Friday. The computer worm, dubbed Stuxnet, can take over systems that control the inner workings of industrial plants. Experts in Germany discovered the worm in July, and it has since shown up in a number of attacks – primarily in Iran, Indonesia, India and the US.

The ISNA report said the malware had spread throughout Iran, but did not name specific sites affected. Foreign media reports have speculated the worm was aimed at disrupting Iran’s first nuclear power plant, which is to go online in October in the southern port city of Bushehr. Iranian newspapers have reported on the computer worm hitting industries around the country in recent weeks, without giving details. Friday’s report also did not mention Bushehr.

The Russian-built plant will be internationally supervised, but world powers remain concerned that Iran wants to use its civil nuclear power program as a cover for making weapons. Iran denies such an aim and says its nuclear work is solely for peaceful purposes. While there have been no reports of damage or disruption at any Iranian nuclear facilities, Tuesday’s meeting signaled a high level of concern about the worm among Iran’s nuclear officials.

The destructive Stuxnet worm has surprised experts because it is the first one specifically created to take over industrial control systems, rather than just steal or manipulate data. The United States is also tracking the worm, and the Department of Homeland Security is building specialized teams that can respond quickly to cyber emergencies at industrial facilities across the country.

But the US does not know who is behind it or its purpose, a top US cybersecurity official said Friday. “One of our hardest jobs is attribution and intent,” Sean McGurk, director of the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC), told reporters. “We’ve conducted analysis on the software itself,” McGurk said during a tour of the Department of Homeland Security facility outside Washington which is responsible for coordinating government cybersecurity operations.

It’s very difficult to say ‘This is what it was targeted to do,'” he said of Stuxnet. The worm has been found lurking on Siemens systems in India, Indonesia, Pakistan and elsewhere, but the heaviest infiltration appears to be in Iran, according to software security researchers. McGurk said Stuxnet had been found not only in power facilities but water purification or chemical plants which use the particular Siemens system it targets. “We haven’t seen any impacts or effects of what it does,” he said. “We know that it’s not doing anything specifically malicious right now.

McGurk said he could not say who is behind the worm. “It would be premature to speculate at this time,” he said. “We’re not looking for where it came from but trying to prevent the spread,” he said, adding that Siemens is “reaching out to their customer base” to deal with the infection. Stuxnet is able to recognize a specific facility’s control network and then destroy it, according to German computer security researcher Ralph Langner, who has been analyzing Stuxnet since it was discovered in June.

Stuxnet was tailored for Siemens supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems commonly used to manage water supplies, oil rigs, power plants and other industrial facilities. Langner suspected Stuxnet’s target was the Bushehr nuclear facility in Iran. Unspecified problems have been blamed for a delay in getting the facility fully operational.

Whether the Stuxnet computer worm was really a state cyber strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities or not, but hard-to-trace computer attacks look set to be a feature of 21st-century warfare. Western experts say the worm’s sophistication – and the fact that some 60 percent of computers infected looked to be in Iran – pointed to a government-backed attack. Some speculated Bushehr may have been targeted, perhaps by Israel.

But proving that is another thing altogether. Analysts say most major states – particularly China, Russia and the United States – have invested considerably in cyber warfare and defence in recent years, but details are inherently sketchy. “Attribution is extremely difficult in cyber attacks,” said Derek Reveron, a cyber warfare expert at the US Naval War College in Rhode Island. “Given how data moves around the world, determining the point of origin is difficult. Then there is the difficulty of determining if it was state-sponsored or not.

That, of course, is a key part of their appeal. Russia was widely blamed for cyber attacks on Estonia in 2007 after a dispute over a statue of a World War Two Russian soldier as well as Georgia during its 2008 war. But nothing was ever proven, and some pointed to “patriotic hackers” operating independently rather than government agencies themselves. What most experts do agree is that the increased reliance on computer systems for essential national infrastructure means such attacks are increasingly damaging. Lights could be turned off, streets turned to gridlock by targeting traffic light control systems, satellites blinded and warships left dead in the water.

Partly as a result, cyber warfare is seen as a particularly appealing option for countries that remain far outmatched by the conventional military might of the US. North Korea is seen as having particular advantages in any cyber confrontation – its own national computer infrastructure is so outdated that there would be little if anything for South Korea or US cyber warfare experts to counter-attack against. China’s “great firewall”, usually associated with censorship, is also believed to offer some defence against cyber attacks.

In his 2010 book “Cyber War”, former White House cybersecurity expert Richard Clarke sketches out a nightmare scenario in which online attacks bring the US to a standstill – and the experts can’t even tell which country attacked them. He says he believes the United States, China and others are already hacking into each other’s critical national systems, burying “logic bombs” and other attack software in the event they are needed – something he compares to the arms race and mechanisation that preceded World War One.

Invisibly, military units from over a score of nations are moving into a new battle space,” he writes. “Because the units are unseen, parliaments and publics have not noticed the movement of these forces… With attention divided elsewhere, we may be laying the groundwork for cyber war.” Even if such a doomsday scenario never unfolds, most experts believe hacking is already taking its place alongside air strikes and special forces as tools for limited military activity.

It may prove to be a useful tool in Syria in the long term, assuming Damascus pushes ahead with its suspected nuclear program and Hezbollah is so well armed – it already owns more rockets than most states – that Israel would think twice before launching air strikes … as it did in 2007,” said Maplecroft political risk analyst Anthony Skinner. However, there is no guarantee that a state subject to a cyber attack – even if was never able to categorically prove the source – might not retaliate in either a covert or open military way against those it is believed were responsible.

It’s not just about attacks. Experts say the main use of cyber capabilities by most countries is for hacking and spying, either for counterterrorism or commercial reasons. Authoritarian emerging states such as China and Russia are both frequently accused of using state spies to help government-linked businesses – and many analysts suspect Western countries have been guilty of the same as well. Few see that changing. “States will continue to develop more sophisticated asymmetric – and deniable – cyber and information attacks,” said Jonathan Wood, global issues analyst at Control Risks. “Some of these may be used for strategic and military aims, others for commercial or diplomatic espionage.

But so far, experts say cyber attacks have been limited to data theft or deletion. They have yet to come close to the physical damage of simply blowing something up the old-fashioned way. “To my knowledge, there is no case of a cyber attack leading to physical destruction,” said cyber warfare expert Reveron. “It is certainly possible and drives much thinking about cyber defence. But so far, there aren’t any cyber “super weapons”.” Unless Stuxnet is, of course, and we may never know.

So far, Stuxnet has infected at least 45,000 industrial control systems around the world, without blowing them up – although some victims in North America have experienced some serious computer problems, Eric Byres, a Canadian expert, told the Monitor. Most of the victim computers, however, are in Iran, Pakistan, India, and Indonesia. Some systems have been hit in Germany, Canada, and the US, too. Once a system is infected, Stuxnet simply sits and waits – checking every five seconds to see if its exact parameters are met on the system. When they are, Stuxnet is programmed to activate a sequence that will cause the industrial process to self-destruct, Langner says.

Langner’s analysis also shows, step by step, what happens after Stuxnet finds its target. Once Stuxnet identifies the critical function running on a programmable logic controller, or PLC, made by Siemens, the giant industrial controls company, the malware takes control. One of the last codes Stuxnet sends is an enigmatic “DEADF007.” Then the fireworks begin, although the precise function being overridden is not known, Langner says. It may be that the maximum safety setting for RPMs on a turbine is overridden, or that lubrication is shut off, or some other vital function shut down. Whatever it is, Stuxnet overrides it, Langner’s analysis shows.

A geographical distribution of computers hit by Stuxnet, which Microsoft produced in July, found Iran to be the apparent epicenter of the Stuxnet infections. That suggests that any enemy of Iran with advanced cyber war capability might be involved, Langner says. The US is acknowledged to have that ability, and Israel is also reported to have a formidable offensive cyber-war-fighting capability.

Could Stuxnet’s target be Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power plant, a facility much of the world condemns as a nuclear weapons threat?

Langner is quick to note that his views on Stuxnet’s target is speculation based on suggestive threads he has seen in the media. Still, he suspects that the Bushehr plant may already have been wrecked by Stuxnet. Bushehr’s expected startup in late August has been delayed, he notes, for unknown reasons. (One Iranian official blamed the delay on hot weather.)

But if Stuxnet is so targeted, why did it spread to all those countries? Stuxnet might have been spread by the USB memory sticks used by a Russian contractor while building the Bushehr nuclear plant, Langner offers. The same contractor has jobs in several countries where the attackware has been uncovered.

“This will all eventually come out and Stuxnet’s target will be known,” Langner says. “If Bushehr wasn’t the target and it starts up in a few months, well, I was wrong. But somewhere out there, Stuxnet has found its target. We can be fairly certain of that.”

To me, this is a real life fact that gives us a hint on how wars will be fought in the future.  Whoever devised or deployed Stuxnet has redefined warfare by a single act.  For the cost of writing some pretty kick butt code, a memory stick, and the cost of the logistics to get it loaded onto a Russian engineer’s computer may shut down Bushehr and avoid a military action with all of it’s costs, both in real terms and in global political capital.  This is a story worth following.

War in the Winds

When you look at events combining in the model space, the winds of war are starting to blow in earnest.  We have known for a number of months that a military option was going to be played against Iran.  It was only a matter of time and quietly negotiating consent from allies and other interested partners.  Interestingly in achieving that consensus, the players calling for action include quietly a number of GCC countries.  This is to me one of the strongest indicators that the military option is being moved forward is  when Israel and GCC nations are silent partners in calling for military options to be exercised.  However, it is not the only indicator. There are several others, including the inability of OPEC to stabilize oil prices above $75/BBL.

In addition, the financial crisis seems recalcitrant in nature and the EU is threatening to precipitate the second leg down in D2.  G7 nations are facing crushing deficits and shrinking revenues, coupled with persistent high unemployment and decreased consumer spending.  Remember the rhythms between D1 and D2.  War was the final answer for D1 and it looks stronger every day that it is the solution to D2. Below are two more reasons that I will go on record that the military activities will be initiated against Iran between July 11 to August 1st. By who? How? I can’t really say, but as I said the winds of war are starting to blow.  First two months ago, a ship load of bunker buster bombs were shipped to Diego Garcia, remember, now below:

By fleet diplomatic footwork, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton assembled a sanctions package for submitting to the UN Security Council Tuesday, May 19, which Western diplomats admitted contained few new measures, but gained the reluctant assent of Russia and China, as well as the UK, France and Germany. She achieved this by heavily diluting the original draft. That too will be further revised and watered down in the weeks of haggling ahead before it is approved.
The Obama administration gave ground on severity in order to salvage the last vestige of its sanctions strategy from the disastrous impact of the deal Brazil and Turkey brokered with Iran the day before, whereby half of Iran’s low-enriched uranium would be deposited in Turkey to be swapped for 19.5 percent processed material within a year.

That deal was regarded in Washington as a maneuver to delay the fourth round of sanctions. The secretary of state responded with a package of measures without the teeth for deterring Iran from driving forward toward a nuclear weapon but, as she admitted, it was the best possible in the circumstances.  The measures fall short of a total arms embargo against Tehran, although some additional arms are banned, or blacklisting Iran’s central bank. Iranian ships will be watched for contraband but only boarded in the territorial waters of UN member-states, not on the high seas.States are asked to take appropriate, though not mandatory, measures, exercise vigilance against Iranian bank transactions and “be wary” of dealing with the Revolutionary Guards Corps and the companies it controls.

debkafile reported on Tuesday, May 18 in the wake of the Brazilian-brokered deal in Tehran:

The US-led Six-Power bloc, known also as the Vienna Group, was given the sole option of endorsing the deal even though Tehran bluntly declared its intention to continue to enrich uranium up to 20 percent inside the country, in defiance of all previous UN Security Council resolutions. Turkish foreign minister Ahmed Davutoglu said supportively that he saw no need for further sanctions against Iran. As an administration official admitted to debkafile early Tuesday, “the international climate manufactured in Tehran had tossed harsh sanctions against Iran on the rubbish heap because there are no takers.”
The Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu convened his inner cabinet in Jerusalem Tuesday, May 18, to decide how to handle the crisis created by the Brazilian-Turkish-Iranian uranium enrichment accord.

But the fact is that sanctions with real bite had never been more than a will-o’-the wisp in the first place.
For months, President Obama chased the unreachable goal of unanimous UN Security Council approval of sanctions as empowerment for tough, unilateral US and European penalties against Iran. Russia and China had circled around the draft but never climbed aboard. So when Vice President Joe Biden declared in the last week of April that a fourth round of tough sanctions would be in place by the end of the month – or in early May, at latest, he knew they were off the table and hoped only to calm Israel and Iran’s Arab Gulf neighbors and fend off their clamor for tangible action to stop Iran’s nuclear progress.

And US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was whistling in the dark when she warned the foreign ministers of Brazil and Turkey Thursday night May 13 that they were wasting their time if they hoped their mediation bid would have any practical impact on Tehran’s nuclear aspirations. Both knew that Washington was being relentlessly driven back by Beijing and Moscow on a sanctions draft: US negotiators had more or less agreed on the quiet to draw its teeth by giving up on a total embargo on the sale of sophisticated weapons systems to Iran and energy export restrictions.
The same US official admitted that restrictions on arms sales had been watered down to “very moderate” and provided no real bar to the sale of warplanes and missiles to Iran. The final blow was delivered in Tehran Monday by two non-permanent Security Council members, Brazil and Turkey, dropping out.  In Jerusalem, Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu convened his inner cabinet of 7 ministers on the crisis. Both he and defense minister Ehud Barak have come in for extreme criticism in military circles for allowing Israel’s hand to be held by the false prospect of painful sanctions stopping Iran’s development of a nuclear bomb in its tracks.

Barak in particular was accused of misleading the public by his constant assurances that it was up to the United States to deal with a nuclear-armed Iran and the issue was well in hand. Both knew the truth, namely that the Obama administration’s efforts to gather a coalition of world powers for the imposition of effective sanctions had never realistically got off the ground.

debkafile’s military sources report a decision by the Obama administration to boost US military strength in the Mediterranean and Persian [Arabian]Gulf regions in the short-term with an extra air and naval strike forces and 6,000 Marine and sea combatants. Carrier Strike Group 10, headed by the USS Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier, sails out of the US Navy base at Norfolk, Virginia Friday, May 21. On arrival, it will raise the number of US carriers off Iranian shores to two. Up until now, President Barack Obama kept just one aircraft carrier stationed off the coast of Iran, the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower in the Arabian Sea, in pursuit of his policy of diplomatic engagement with Tehran.
For the first time, too, the US force opposite Iran will be joined by a German warship, the frigate FGS Hessen, operating under American command. It is also the first time that Obama, since taking office 14 months ago, is sending military reinforcements to the Persian Gulf. Our military sources have learned that the USS Truman is just the first element of the new buildup of US resources around Iran. It will take place over the next three months, reaching peak level in late July and early August. By then, the Pentagon plans to have at least 4 or 5 US aircraft carriers visible from Iranian shores.
The USS Truman’s accompanying Strike Group includes Carrier Air Wing Three (Battle Axe) – which has 7 squadrons – 4 of F/A-18 Super Hornet and F/A-18 Hornet bomber jets, as well as spy planes and early warning E-2 Hawkeyes that can operate in all weather conditions; the Electronic Attack Squadron 130 for disrupting enemy radar systems; and Squadron 7 of helicopters for anti-submarine combat (In its big naval exercise last week, Iran exhibited the Velayat 89 long-range missile for striking US aircraft carriers and Israel warships from Iranian submarines.)
Another four US warships will be making their way to the region to join the USS Truman and its Strike Group. They are the guided-missile cruiser USS Normandy and guided missile destroyers USS Winston S. Churchill, USS Oscar Austin and USS Ross.

debkafile’s military sources disclose that the 6,000 Marines and sailors aboard the Truman Strike Group come from four months of extensive and thorough training to prepare them for anticipated missions in the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean.

So keep your attention focused to the Gulf.  Will the storm dissipate or will the winds of war blow harder?  I am opined to support the later as most likely.

Right on Schedule Here Comes the Summer of Hell

In previous articles I have been chronicling how the US government seems to be making big plans to deploy troops on US soil and also to “house” a lot of Americans in the so-called FEMA camps.  At first when I first started to investigate these stories, I really thought it was mostly originating from conspiracy nuts and there wasn’t much to it.  However, I soon began to realize this was not paranoid conspiracy whackos over reacting to sound government planning.  Indeed, the government seems to be making major plans of some sort to deploy troops on US soil in response to some future event.

In the interest of keeping that story updated, there have been recent further activities that I feel I must bring to the attention of my readers.  On the predictive linguistics side, there is strong indication of some sort of major internal US event in the November timeframe of this year.  Also since I last updated this storyline, talk of revolution not just on a domestic basis, but a global basis has been continually increasing in frequency.  George Ure over at Urbansurvival.Com coined the phrase “GLOBEREV”.

First, a little background is provided for those of you who don’t follow the story closely. U.S. Northern Command was formed in 2002.  Here, is their own words, from their site is their mission:

U.S. Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) was established Oct. 1, 2002 to provide command and control of Department of Defense (DOD) homeland defense efforts and to coordinate defense support of civil authorities. USNORTHCOM defends America’s homeland — protecting our people, national power, and freedom of action.

USNORTHCOM’s specific mission:

USNORTHCOM anticipates and conducts Homeland Defense and Civil Support operations within the assigned area of responsibility to defend, protect, and secure the United States and its interests

USNORTHCOM’s AOR includes air, land and sea approaches and encompasses the continental United States, Alaska, Canada, Mexico and the surrounding water out to approximately 500 nautical miles. It also includes the Gulf of Mexico, the Straits of Florida, portions of the Caribbean region to include The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The commander of USNORTHCOM is responsible for theater security cooperation with Canada, Mexico, and The Bahamas.

USNORTHCOM consolidates under a single unified command existing missions that were previously executed by other DOD organizations. This provides unity of command, which is critical to mission accomplishment.

USNORTHCOM plans, organizes and executes homeland defense and civil support missions, but has few permanently assigned forces. The command is assigned forces whenever necessary to execute missions, as ordered by the president or secretary of defense.

Civil service employees and uniformed members representing all service branches work at USNORTHCOM’s headquarters located at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colo.

The commander of USNORTHCOM also commands the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), a bi-national command responsible for aerospace warning, aerospace control, and maritime warning for Canada, Alaska and the continental United States.

USNORTHCOM’s civil support mission includes domestic disaster relief operations that occur during fires, hurricanes, floods and earthquakes. Support also includes counter-drug operations and managing the consequences of a terrorist event employing a weapon of mass destruction. The command provides assistance to a Primary Agency when tasked by DOD. Per the Posse Comitatus Act, military forces can provide civil support, but cannot become directly involved in law enforcement.

In providing civil support, USNORTHCOM generally operates through established Joint Task Forces subordinate to the command. An emergency must exceed the capabilities of local, state and federal agencies before USNORTHCOM becomes involved. In most cases, support will be limited, localized and specific. When the scope of the disaster is reduced to the point that the Primary Agency can again assume full control and management without military assistance, USNORTHCOM will exit, leaving the on-scene experts to finish the job.

The last two paragraphs of this mission statement is interesting in that they acknowledge the Posse Comitatus Act and are very careful to describe when they can circumvent that act.  In a state of presidential declared national state of emergency.  President Obama declared that state of emergency during the so-called swine flu epidemic and has NOT rescinded that order since.

USNORTHCOM started out with 20,000 troops, then late last fall, its troop strength grew to 60,000 troops and we began to see military type vehicles with UN type markings being deployed all over the US.  They were confirmed spotted in Florida, Arizona, New Mexico, and California. Now today the following emerges:

Source: Examiner

In October of this year, one month prior to the November midterm elections, a special army unit known as ‘Consequence Management Response Force’ will be ready for deployment on American soil if so ordered by the President.

The special force, which is the new name being given to the 1st Brigade Combat Team of the 3rd Infantry, has been training at Fort Stewart, Georgia and is composed of 80,000 troops.

According to the Army Times,

They may be called upon to help with civil unrest and crowd control or to deal with potentially horrific scenarios such as massive poisoning and chaos in response to a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or high-yield explosive, or CBRNE, attack. The key phrase is ‘may be called upon to help with civil unrest.’

A local radio talk show host reported that he had been in contact with a member of the military.  This military source stated that the armed forces have been alerted to the strong possibility that civil unrest may occur in the United States this summer, prior to the midterm elections of 2010.

The source described this as ‘our long, hot summer of discontent’ that could be eerily reminiscent of the summer of 1968 when riots broke out in many of our largest cities.

However, the summer of 2010 could well be much worse due to the players involved.  In 1968 the major players were war protesters.  This time, the outrage simmering beneath the surface of American society involves a broad cross-section of the heartland, and most of them are heavily armed.

It is highly unlikely that these citizens would ever initiate armed conflict of any kind.  In their view, gun rights are for self-defense–and for defense against tyrannical government, which our Founders regarded as the most dangerous force on earth.

However, it has become clear that other groups may well initiate violence in order to start an ‘incident’ that would give Congress a reason to implement martial law, confiscate the citizens’ guns, enforce curfews, and suspend all future elections until such time as it is deemed ‘safe’ to proceed with human liberty as encapsulated in the right to vote.

Tea Party members, for example, have been warned in recent days that members of Andy Stern’s SEIU union and members of the organization formerly known as ACORN plan to infiltrate Tea Party gatherings in order to incite some sort of incident that could result in armed conflict.

To what extent would soldiers use deadly force during such ‘civil unrest’ should the Consequence Management Response Team be utilized?  During the anti-war riots of the 1960s they killed student protesters.  What about now?

The military source cited by the radio host today was asked this very question.  He would merely say that the culture of the U.S. military is changing–half support Obama and the other half are dead-set against him. His conclusion?  There is no way to know for sure if they would obey an order to open fire on ordinary citizens.

When you consider the current situation in Thailand or Greece for example, and look at the events unfolding in Kyrgyzstan or today in the Ukraine one has to wonder what is really going on and who is really behind these efforts.  Granted the economic crisis worldwide has caused a lot of pressure and strain, but I believe there is much more to this story than we know.

The Founders insisted that standing armies were never to be used against American citizens on our own soil, no matter what violations of this principle have occurred in the years following.  In the spirit of the Patriots and of real journalists government must be questioned constantly and held to intense scrutiny in order to preserve liberty.

Some of the more disturbing facts relate to exactly what the troops at USNOTHCOM are training for in getting ready for the Summer of Hell.  According to Northern Command‘s Web site, the CBRNE Consequence Management Response Force is a team that will ultimately number about 4,700 personnel from the different military branches that would deploy as the Department of Defense’s initial response force.

Its capabilities include search and rescue, decontamination, medical, aviation, communications and logistical support. Each CCMRF will be composed of three functional task forces — Task Force Operations, Task Force Medical and Task Force Aviation — that have individual operational focus and mission skills, the Web site says. The Army says the unit would be deployed to help local, state or federal agencies deal with such incidents, not take the lead. The law enforcement-type training is not connected to its new mission, it says.

Given these recent activities and keeping to my belief that MSM is not reporting this or underreporting this, I think everybody ought to start paying real close attention to these issues.  The CBRNE side of the equation is most disconcerting and when we look at the rhetoric around a possible Israeli-Iranian conflict brewing and that relates to nuclear weapons and capabilities things start to get a little on the scary side.

Also, as I have been consistently saying, we need to tone down the armed citizenry rhetoric and the Tea Party folks really need to take the frontline responsibility in this arena.  If they are who they say they are..true patriots, then they would not precipitate actions that could lead to martial law and all that is associated with that implication. Stay out of the fray, hunker down and most importantly, let your politicians know we are not going to allow anarchy to occur in our streets, maybe in our CONgress, but not our streets.

Time to Stop Pussy Footing…We Must All Decide

I have been writing this blog for nearly one year now. 76 articles have been published by me.  We have discussed a number of issues.  In each article I try to present just facts, not conjectures, anecdotes, or conspiracy theories.  The article concerning the underground cities seems to have been the only article that really struck a chord with some folks because it has been viewed over 400 times!  I have come to realize that while I have tried to report on the issues that I think we all need to be aware of and how MSM has avoided or under-reported these issues, I have never in one article stated exactly what I think and know is going on.  I have never put the whole picture in front of you to consider.

The other day, one of the warriors out there trying to get the “truth” out stimulated me to do this article.  For over ten years, Adrian Salbuchi from Argentina has been trying to get the world to listen and pay attention.  He is a patriot of mankind if there ever was such a champion.  He works tirelessly to expose the PTB and their agenda.  While many of us take a piece of the puzzle and talk about it, he has kept it all in focus.  I have for over 30 years been on this quest to “know” the truth.  It isn’t easy because the real truth is embedded in a ball of twine, but like a ball of twine, it is in the end one piece of string.  You just have to have the patience to unwind it. In fact, our whole existence, history, and future is a single string of events wrapped up like a ball of twine.  So here goes.

For at least 1,ooo years, maybe more, there has been knowledge about the events that are about to unfold within the next few years.  These events will transform life on this planet as we know it.  When this knowledge was fully realized by the educated elite of the time, it was decided that this knowledge should never be released and in fact, those that uncovered this knowledge would and could use it to “control” the whole of mankind.  In fact they could always be in control and power.  While it can be argued that the knowledge existed long before this time it truly was not acted on in an organized fashion until it came into the possession of the Roman Catholic Church as a result of discoveries made during the Crusades and at the time, the Roman Catholic Church was essentially at the head of all major powers in Europe.  Therefore a decision was made in the Vatican to withhold this information from the general public as this knowledge could undermine the entire authority of the church.  The only organized power structure outside of the church with this knowledge were the Knights Templar who had “discovered” the knowledge and faithfully brought it to Rome.  They were systematically terminated to insure the sole possessors and controllers of the knowledge would be the Vatican.

Over the years, through many kings and queens of various European countries and eventually to the new world, everything was done with the design to maintain this secrecy.  It became necessary to control commerce, politics, economies and finance.  Therefore control mechanisms were required outside of the Vatican to ensure the integrity of the secret.  The Illuminati, the higher orders of Masonry, bankers, and eventually to the modern times, the Bildebergers  MJ12 and Council on Foreign Relations were designed and controlled to execute the plans. This is basically the structure of the “shadow government”.

What are the plans?  Well in a nutshell, the geophysical events that will take place over the next 4-6 years will reduce the world population to around 2 billion or less and all institutions, systems of government and economy will be destroyed.  This is not conjecture unfortunately it is fact.  The PTB are moving to establish complete control PRIOR to these events so that they will emerge from the events still in full and complete control.  This now requires them to establish a single world government prior to the event horizon and that is exactly what is going on at this very moment.  This isn’t about globalization of economies anymore, this is about one world government.  All the events of the 20th century were lead ups to this time.  First was the consolidation to two world superpowers, then the elimination of one of them.  The Soviet Union fell without a shot fired.

Now however, the remaining superpower must go!  They cannot risk a real patriot emerging and exposing the one world government plan.  All of the events in the last 20 years are leading to the event when the US collapses thereby requiring the establishment of one world government.  Adrian points out very accurately the twelve steps to this goal.

Global Financial Collapse – This actually is being accomplished right before our eyes. the weapons in this war are things like derivatives and repos. It actually started in 2001, when the weapons were used for the first time against a sovereign economy and Argentina was brought to its knees.  The next targets were Iceland and Ireland and now the targets are Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal to bring the EU down.  Then the US is next.  The army deployed by the PTB are CitiBank, Goldman Sachs, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, and various large hedge funds.  If you really look at this in this manner, the facts are truly undeniable. This isn’t going to happen, it is happening right now and right on schedule.  This is creating a  deepening economic crisis that will not enable any one government or individual to challenge the PTB.

This has already begun to create a growing social upheaval which will lead to a “reason” to have “domestic” armies controlling the populations in each country.  The evidence of this is already unfolding in China, Chile, Haiti, Greece, and to a lesser extend in every country.  One only has to look at how “police” forces are equipped today to realize this transition is well underway.  In the US, the formation of Northern Command and the FEMA camps are very real and they exist.  For what?

In order for the PTB to control the psyche of the world population, the majority of us globally must believe all of this is necessary for our well-being and safety so a number of events have and will be staged to keeps us compliant and accepting of this transition to world government with a single police force.  The war on “terror”, 9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Iran are ALL planned and staged events to get us mentally prepared to accept this total control.  At first when people began to see these events for what they are they were labeled conspiracy theorists, but most recently because of the internet and good science these charges are becoming more credible.  The evidence of thermite and nano-thermite at ground zero and the fact the fires burned there until December 20th is just now emerging into the mainstream of conciousness.  If in fact, our own government, or more precisely a shadow government was involved in these events, what do you think the public reaction as related to the faith in government will be?  Exactly, the elimination of the last superpower and that void is to be filled by a single world government.

The last two elements in the manipulation of our psyche is in the context of religion and security.  I believe, as Adrian does, that we are going to see more “mega terrorists” attacks, war in the middle east, an assassination of a key world figure on the level of scale to a John Kennedy and further beating up of “rogue states” such as Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, and Somalia.  This will lead to a “nuclear accident” which will then require a single world entity to take control of all nuclear facilities and weapons.  With this move there is no need to go house to house and collect handguns and shot guns.

Finally, the religious issue I believe is going to be handled by staging “virtual” and profound events.  Virtual events are like Building 7 going down on 9/11 even though it was not hit nor did any fires start in that building.  Here is where prophecy meets reality, but unfortunately the “reality” will be a staged event. So look for the return of Jesus Christ in your neighborhood soon. Just for good measure we will also see “alien contact”.  Again staged.  Do aliens exist?  Yes, however, there is no such term as alien.  Hundreds of thousands of civilizations exist in this galaxy and every other galaxy.  Many civilizations have been present on this planet since the beginning, but there are strict rules concerning the evolution of new civilizations and non-interference is truly a prime directive.  However, since at least 1935, these civilizations have been requesting that the PTB and leaders of the world prepare us for this transition that is about to occur and not ONE leader has had the moral fiber or courage to do so. Not one.

The good news is that in the end the PTB will fail in their plan.  Ironically, they already know this, but have elected to continue with the plan anyway.  OK so I have laid it out.  You can certify me totally crazy now or you can be a true patriot and prove me wrong by becoming more informed than me.  If I am right however, everything I just said will to continue to unfold. If it does I wonder when you wake up or will you choose to just lie there with your eyes closed hoping the big bad man goes away?  I wonder?

Disclosure, Red Flag Operations, and Other Events to Watch

I have written on several occasions about upcoming events that will disclose issues being deliberately withheld from the public.  Each issue in its own right would outrage the general public but when combined they are not only outrageous, but nothing short of diabolical, sinister, and sick.  These issues range from how the financial crisis was master-minded to steal our personal wealth and deplete the US coffers to who really was behind the assassination of Kennedy, through 9/11 and our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The reason I am writing about this now is that one of the “mechanisms” that is used to get the general public to accept things they would not normally accept…say like foregoing your constitutional rights,  is to create a “red flag” operation that falsely galvanizes us to act in a predictable manner to a “created’ reality that overpowers our common sense.  Red Flag Operations have been used since recorded history began, but the modern day sophisticated red flag operations were first effectively used by Hitler, as he rose to power in Germany.  To rally the country behind the Nazi Ultaristic ideology, especially after the WWI debacle, Hitler needed a real dramatic demonstration of the reasons why the Nazi party was “correct” in their radical thinking for the time.  Hitler orchestrated the bombing of the Bundestag and claimed Germany had to defend itself from those bent on the total destruction of the German economy.  It was successful and catapulted Hitler into power.

If we are to assume that 9/11 could have been a red flag operation to persuade the American public of the need to invade Iraq and eliminate Saddam, one has to admit it could be viewed by rational people that this act too was historically one of the most effective red flag operations ever in achieving its goals.  Well it seems that there is more and more evidence surfacing that 9/11 may just have been that.  Yesterday the following was announced:

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 19 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Richard Gage, AIA, architect and founder of the non-profit Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Inc. (AE911Truth), will announce a decisive milestone today at a press conference in San Francisco, as more than 1,000 worldwide architects and engineers now support the call for a new investigation into the destruction of the Twin Towers and Building 7 at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. After careful examination of the official explanation, along with the forensic data omitted from official reports, these professionals have concluded that a new independent investigation into these mysterious collapses is needed.

Mr. Gage will deliver the news around this major development, accompanied by signers of the Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth petition. The press conference will be held concurrently in 38 cities in 6 countries.

These prominent architectural and engineering professionals will discuss the organization’s findings and concerns. A brief presentation of the explosive evidence they have compiled will be followed by Q & A. The presentation is an important update of “9/11: Blueprint for Truth – The Architecture of Destruction,” the DVD produced by the organization, and available on their website, which analyzes  the scientific forensic evidence concluding that the three skyscrapers in New York City were demolished with explosives on 9/11.  The petition will be delivered today to every congressional representative by AE911Truth petition signers throughout the country.  Government officials will be notified that “Misprision of Treason”, US Code 18 (Sec. 2382), is a serious federal offense which requires those with evidence of treason to act.

Gage and his group base their conclusions on forensic evidence. Gage states, “The official FEMA and NIST reports provide insufficient, contradictory, and fraudulent accounts of the circumstances of the towers’ destruction.  We are therefore calling for a grand jury investigation of NIST officials”.  Gage points out the destruction of the third high-rise, World Trade Center 7, a 47-story skyscraper which was not hit by an aircraft, yet came down in pure free-fall acceleration for more than 100 feet, is a significant fact that NIST has been forced to admit, due to research conducted by AE911Truth petition signers. Other disturbing facts emerging from the forensic evidence include:

  • Complete destruction of both Twin Towers in just 10 to 14 seconds at near free-fall acceleration
  • Over 100 first-responder reports of explosions and flashes at onset of destruction
  • Multi-ton steel sections ejected laterally 600 ft at 60 mph
  • Mid-air pulverization of 90,000 tons of concrete & metal decking
  • Only a 1200-foot-dia. debris field: yet no “pancaked” floors seen in the debris pile
  • Several tons of molten metal found in debris.
  • Evidence of advanced explosive nano-thermitic composite material found in the WTC dust by an international team of scientists

AE911Truth’s conclusions are shared by thousands of scientists; senior-level military, intelligence and government officials; pilots and aviation professionals; firefighters; scholars and university professors; and 9/11 survivors and their family members.  The implications are enormous and may have profound impact on the forthcoming Khalid Sheikh Mohammed trial.

The 9/11 Truth Movement, which Time magazine in 2006 called “a mainstream political reality,” continues to gain momentum. As AE911Truth’s own influence grows, Gage has embarked on well over 130 speaking events, covering 20 states and 13 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. He has been interviewed by media around the world – including the BBC, CBC, NatGeo, and Fox TV.  It seems we all know by common sense that these buildings should not have reacted in the manner they did as a result of airliners crashing into them and our senses said “hey this is just how buildings reacts when they are purposefully demolished”, but to accept anything other than the “official” explanation is just to horrific and scary to accept.

There is a secondary reason for developing this article today.  I believe we may be moving rapidly to a second series of red flag operations to convince us that even though we are stretched to the maximum with our troop deployments in Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Yemen, we must engage Iran militarily.  What concerns me most is that in these red flag operations, the stakes will be raised to include the use of tactical nuclear weapons and this I believe is totally mad.  The implications of such actions could in very real terms start a world-wide extermination of billions of innocent lives.  Limited nuclear exchanges in Iran could trigger similar events occurring between India and Pakistan, which then could lead to involvement by the Chinese and US directly exchanging nuclear salvos.

I have presented a lot of material in this blog space, most all of which is factual and historically documented data in the hopes that 1). the readers would wake up and begin to retake control of our government and 2). bring attention to the madness of the PTB in their obsessive greed and their unbounded ego to own us, enslave us, and finally cull the world’s population to their liking.  Still with all of the evidence right in front of our eyes, and all of us nodding we understand from a position of fogginess, we do not wake up.  Why, for the love of god and our fellow men, why don’t we wake up and retake control of this train wreck?  Honestly what is it going to take?  It really is almost too late now and some would argue it is a fait d’ compli. How can we let these guys drags into another useless war.  Let’s be smarter this go around and say “Hell No You don’t.!

Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan, We Really Don’t Get It At All

The President announces his strategy, whom many thought was going to be something different, and it sure looks a lot like SOSDF.  We have woefully misread and misunderstood the Middle East for the last thirty years.  As a general public, we apply a US centric view and to me that is understandable, as we are so gullible to the MSM pander and how many of us really take the time or for that matter know where to look for international news.  But the State Department, the CIA?  Come on, these guys are supposed to be professionals, experts in language and culture.  How do they wind up looking like blind men describing the elephant?

There are those who think they belong to the US intelligentsia who  state it is all about oil and they apply that rationale equally to Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan.  But close examination reveals that theory just does not apply.  The really elite morons will say that Afghanistan is really Smackistan and it that case it is about controlling the opium trade.  Again, that is really a myopic and simplistic view.  All three regions are embroiled in very complex political agendas and each have their own regional issues in which we have no business muddling in.

Bush and the chain rattling apparition known as the Cheney ghost must have repeated the word terrorist 1 million times during their “service” to our country.  I have been sitting in Kuwait for nearly three years now, watching the circus from a ringside seat and I think it is time I weighed in on this a bit.  It just is getting pathetically sad.

Let us first look at Iraq.  Bush et al insisted that Saddam was a threat, WMDs yadda yadda.  We tacitly had pre-signaled Saddam that his foray into Kuwait would not be reacted too, and then we used that effort to insert the US forces into the region.  While that was viewed very positively by Kuwait, and some of the other GCC countries, from a strategic point of view it may not have been well thought out.  Why?  Because Saddam was the only barrier to all of the GCC in relation to Iran.  By unseating Saddam, we allowed Iran to become a center of power by default and that has created more concern about regional security.While our military basically raced to Bagdad, we did not secure Southern Iraq and Iran literally swept in behind us.  By the time we realized this, we had already dissolved the Iraq forces and could not stabilize the South.  Eliminating the Baathist made this mistake even worse.  The rest is as we say history.

In the case of Iran, we have misread Iran’s intention for nearly thirty years now.  The Iranian population is very sophisticated and politically very savvy.  They are also a very proud people.  To say we can dictate to Iran is to not understand that even the most educated and influential peoples of Iran will always defend their sovereignty first, and therefore stand in support of even a radical government against embargos and sanctions.  We have in fact, taken the impetus to seek more moderate government and weakened those efforts because of the actions we have taken that effect ALL Iranians.  We are losing the support of the educated moderates because of these actions, and therefore we are defeating our goals, not enhancing our chances to “persuade” a more international basis for multi-lateral relationships with Iran.  Iran reacts by supporting the Shi’ite radicals, Al Qaeda, and Sunni Jihadist in Iraq and the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan, in addition to defiantly INCREASING their nuclear ambitions.

In Afghanistan, we have learned nothing from 3000 years of history.  That lesson is simple, there is NO military solution for the issues.  From Alexander the Great to the Brits and the Russians, NO ONE has ever waged a successful military campaign in Afghanistan.  Today, by our own intelligence knowledge there are about 200 Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and about 400 in Pakistan, and we now have nearly 200,000 combined forces and haven’t secured a damn thing.  We have them outgunned 1000:1 and are losing. WTFO.  Then you have the issues of a corrupt inept government, based on cronyism and nepotism and the issue of the Taliban.  What most people don’t realize is the Taliban’s interest are ONLY regional.  they are Pashtun and have tribally occupied the border regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan for thousands of years.  They will never participate in an Afghan or Pakistani government scheme and they will defend their homeland to their last breath, whether those threats are Western, Afghani, or Pakistani.  The other side of that coin is they will never threaten anyone outside of their regions.  It is up to the people of the region to decide, not anyone else.

The President’s efforts, while still myopic are at least a tiny step in the right direction, but still are very clumsy.  Get educated, have a more informed opinion of the region and then encourage our representatives to have a more sophisticated approach to these issues.  It sure beats the hell of more Americans, Iraqis, Afghans, Pakistani, NATO troops and countless innocents from dying.  Not to mention bankrupting the US.

Here is Uncle Willie’s thought for the day:

Now the Really Scary Stuff – Part Three – The War That Really Ends All Wars

The economic breakdown could lead to the PTB deciding to start a war to get the economy going again.  At the moment, it looks like that could possible kick in Iran in late October.  However, the difference from this event as opposed to say the excursion into Iraq is that tactical nuclear weapons could be used for the first time in the battlefield.

The competing economic interests however could create an action reaction set of events that quickly embroil the entire world into a war.  With unstable countries like North Korea, Pakistan, and Iran all with nuclear weapon capabilities, we could see a major outbreak of global nature.  Quite frankly, there is more than a 50% of this reality within the next 24 months.

This how the website Threeworldwars saw it several months ago, the parenthetical inserts are mine:

A Three World War scenario was developed several decades ago. Two World Wars have already been achieved, and the *Third and final World War* envisions an attack on Iraq (completed), Iran and/or Syria (it now looks for sure to be Iran) as being the trigger to set the entire Middle East into fiery conflagration.  Afghanistan is now in full swing and once America is firmly entrenched into the Middle East with the majority of her first-line units, North Korea is to attack South Korea (rumblings and posturing is already underway). Then, with America’s forces stretched well beyond the limit, China is to invade Taiwan.  This will usher in the start of *World War Three*.

What really defines a World War? A World War is a military conflict spanning more than 2 continents, in which at least 20 major countries participate in an attack against a common enemy, and which has the attention of the man-in-the-street due to the significant loss of life.   The scenario is unfolding in stages.  (Once you realize it is a PLANNED event, the scenario becomes vividly clear.)

Prelude – The events leading up to the start of World War Three, including Sept 11, 2001.

Act 1 – *The Middle East*.  Widespread conflict to bring the entire region into the flames of war, possibly triggered by Iran or militants in Pakistan using North Korean supplied nuclear arms (we are midway in this process right now).  The first Scene in this Act was the US Invasion of Iraq on March 20, 2003.

Act 2 – *Israel at War* — Against her Arab neighbors, possibly Palestine.  A Palestinian State will be established, so that all Israelis will be fully separated from Palestinians (listen out for mention of a 7-year treaty to be confirmed by a World Leader – probably Obama), only for Israel to viciously attack Palestine shortly before. (This act is currently in scene two.)

Act 3 – *Far East* — “Hair-raising nuclear confrontation that threatens mankind’s existence” – Peter Lemesurier, author of /The Armageddon Script,/ p. 223, written in 1981.  Includes China invading Taiwan and a nuclear eruption on the Korean Peninsula.

Act 4 – *Erosion of Confidence in ‘The System’* so severe citizens will be panicked into giving up liberties and Constitutional form of government (Patriot Act I and II already accomplished).  The plan calls for the dissolution of the US Constitution,  triggered by a significant enough ‘terrorist’ attacks.  The ultimate intent is to introduce a global government and one-world religion.

Act 5 – *The collapse of the US*, and other Western economies (well under way right now) and morals.

Act 6 – *Significant population reduction* using  natural and man-made disasters.

* *Curtain*.  Who can tell how this war will end?

That was the plan made by the powers to be several years ago.  It is about Alternative B Massive Population Reduction.  The BBC did a complete investigative series on this in the late 90s when whistleblowers came forward with the information.  This is not conspiracy crap.  This is the real deal that is unfolding as we speak.  I have had possession of this information for over ten years!  I wish I were just a paranoid nutball, then at least I could question along with you my sanity.  However, real life is unfolding true to this plan, event by event.  If only one element had come to pass, we all could say, “well that was just a co-incidence.”  But as you can see the script is being followed step by step and we are well into acts 3, 4, and 5.

There is however, elements that the PTB have not factored and I will consider revealing those elements at a later date, however now is not the time to do so for both strategic reasons and sanity’s sake.  What is most important is for all of us to not be overwhelmed by these events, understand the nature and purpose of the events so that we can resist ourselves from giving the PTB any more authority over our  freedom, our independence, and our destinies.  Just say No! No to war, No to further Taxation, No to Globalization, and No to any further erosion of our rights.  If you see even any truth in what I am writing, talk about with everyone you know.  Vote both at the ballot and with your emails to political leaders.  Vote with your wallet, and right now that means DON’T Buy It.  The PTB finance everything by consumerism.  BTW Act 7 not presented is a humdinger for a climax!

The next set of posts we will put structure and faces to the PTB.  We will name organizations and current members.

Global Warming, Terrorists with WMDs, Economic Turnaround, and other BS

Today, we are being bombarded by MSM stories that are carefully crafted to appear like legitimate reporting concerning world events.  They are done in such a way as to convince us without questioning the “facts” that are presented.  Prominent experts and well known institutions are being quoted and we therefore believe the garbage that is being dumped on us.

We now have a clear historically accurate record of how the “Iraq has WMDs” was foisted on us and therein lies this working model of BS slinging.  Even an intelligent man like Colin Powell was duped on that one.  Here is a guy that was supposed to be on the very “inside” and information was withheld from him!

Now we are being fed the same crap on global warming, for example.  Being the paranoid nutball that I am and, oh by the way, an environmental scientist for 35 years by profession, my first question was why global warming?  What do the TPTB benefit from this rouse.  The answer is MONEY baby and breaking the backs of uncontrolled economic powerhouses such as China, India, and to a lesser degree Russia, the Eastern Baltic States, and Africa.  Even though the US has the largest carbon footprint per capita, these states have the worst uncontrolled pollution.

This worldwide regulation scheme would impose severe economic burdens on their expansion plans and keep the “boys” under control.  I have asked one simple question at several conferences on global warming and no one has ever even attempted to answer it.  It is a very simple question.  It sorta goes like this:  If man made activities are contributing to carbon loading into the atmosphere and this is the cause of global warming (and yes folks the planet is getting warmer at an alarming rate) why is the mean temperature on the moon and Mars rising at the same rate as on Earth?  This is a fact well known to NASA and if you dig hard enough, the data verifies the statement I just made.

You see that question absolutely deflates TPTB agenda.  My point is simple.  Global warming is a fact.  The impacts from this are as serious as has been estimated and maybe even worse.  These are facts, also.  However, instead of expending our limited resources on the fallacy that carbon loading is the cause, we should be spending those funds on helping people and businesses relocate away from rising seas, on creating ways for homes to survive severe weather changes, and on dealing with the impacts from droughts and food shortages.  NOT on carbon taxes, buying and selling carbon credits, and forcing industries to spend billions on control equipment.

The events that are now unfolding concerning Iran and WMDs is another example of this dangerous game that is being played.  The fact is that Iran is developing nuclear weapons capabilities, but they are at least ten years away from developing effective delivery systems.  But we are buying it and now the G8 basically put the final nail in the coffin to give Israel the “greenlight” to commence the attack in October by setting the deadline for Iran’s compliance with UN demands in September.  Just pay attention a little bit and you will see how it all unfolds.

If you have been watching the markets, you will see that I have been more right about its direction than most of the so-called financial experts.  The market is headed for a crash in late August or September(Dow may go as low as 4000) which is going to ripple through the economy like a shock wave.  Hey, I not that smart and I don’t have a crystal ball.  I just pay attention, dig a little, and read a lot.  My Grandfather was a First American of Lakota descent and he was the first to teach me about paying attention to the pulse of mother earth.  He put it this way.  When a weaver is weaving a blanket, he has a pattern in mind.  As he weaves, the pattern becomes apparent.  Therefore, the weaver knows what comes next in the pattern.  So it is with life.  Pay attention to the patterns and you will know what comes next.  In our current dilemma, don’t listen to the words, but look a little into the past few months, see the pattern, and then watch it unfold into the next few months of the future.  BTW DUCK!