Language is the Purveyor of Imitation. It is the Pawn of Tyranny and Entrapment.

As we watched this debacle of our CONgress play their little reindeer games, it should be apparent to everyone that we should all think for ourselves. This little “game” cost us $24 billion dollars and in the end we all knew the outcome. So what was it for and how did we sit quietly and watch this charade like we were watching a soap opera?

Here is where we have to examine how MSM and politicians collectively used language, catch phrases, and 30 second sound bites to keep us all in line. We were mere pawns in the game. We knew by everything in our beings that this was a pathetic joke being foisted upon us and yet we all aligned to whatever pundit’s view suited us most.

Don’t get me wrong here. I don’t care if you are liberal, conservative, tea party member, independent, or just don’t give a damn at all. We all were qued up in whatever box and then royally screwed without exception, $24,000,000,000 worth! 800,000 of us didn’t work for two weeks or more, our parks and government services were shut down, agencies like the Weather Service, USGS, NOAA and other critical agencies that keep us safe from weather, earthquakes, etc were shuttered, and agencies that directly affect our health such as the FDA and CDC were not functioning.

You see we are definitely all collectively being used so some jackasses in Washington can posture for their campaign contributors. It is just that simple.  This is not governing. Look, again, whether you are for government and the social benefits a benevolent government can bring or you are someone who believes government should play a minimal role in our lives, no society can exist without some form of collective agreement for administering our collective needs. We came to understand that more clearly as a result of this game.


In a truly enlightened society, that governmental role is left to those individuals who have been selected by their communities because of their intelligence, loyalty, trustworthiness, honesty, and integrity. With maybe one or two exceptions, these virtues are non-existent in our DC capital gang. In fact, gang seems to be the right word here. Then, when we examine just what was “accomplished” here, the answer is nothing except to postpone this fiasco for a few months!

I have complete faith in us all acting for ALL. We have to wake and realize we have been polarized against each other for a reason and it is a reason none of us would give our permission to voluntarily be used in such a manner. Before we are “republican, or democrat” “liberal or conservative” or any of the other “labels” MSM wants to put on us, we are Americans, without exception. We are families of mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, and we all have a personal  vision of a just society within us.

As we approach this next election cycle, we should be looking in our communities for the people we admire and respect and convince them to consider taking on this sacred role of responsibility and then we should support them in a manner that doesn’t leave them beholding to the banksters and crooks. We should not allow ourselves to be labeled in any way and most of all, we should have our discussions locally and basically shut off the boob tube and listen to our hearts.

Maybe this is Polly Annish view, but it seems right to me. Right now I just feel these jackasses all ought to be shown the door, without exception.  Ok, I will put away the soapbox now. I just had to get that off my chest.

When Does CONgress Lose it’s Total Credibility? If Not Now When?

Banksters don’t go to jail for money laundering drug money.  CONgress doesn’t do any work for 8 years. Whistleblowers go to jail, instead of being rewarded. Voters get disenfranchised through gerrymandering and collapse of Voters Rights Act, and folks get pushed further into poverty because of lack of any action on the economy. However, that does seem to be enough to instill a community outrage. Well how about this?

Source: Tech Dirt
“In November of 2011, the TV show 60 Minutes did a big expose on insider trading within Congress. While everyone else is subject to basic insider trading rules, it turned out that members of Congress were exempt from the rules. And, as you would imagine, many in Congress have access to market-moving, non-public information. And they made use of it, to make lots and lots of money. Of course, after that report came out and got lots of attention, Congress had to act, and within months they had passed the STOCK Act with overwhelming support in Congress to make insider trading laws that apply to everyone else finally apply to Congress and Congressional staffers as well. As that link notes:

The lopsided votes showed lawmakers desperate to regain public trust in an election year, when the public approval rating of Congress has sunk below 15 percent.

Of course, here we are in 2013 and, lo and behold, it is no longer an election year. And apparently some of the details of the ban on insider trading were beginning to chafe Congressional staffers, who found it hard to pad their income with some friendly trades on insider knowledge.

So… with very little fanfare, Congress quietly rolled back a big part of the law late last week. Specifically the part that required staffers to post disclosures about their financial transactions, so that the public could make sure there was no insider trading going on. Congress tried to cover up this fairly significant change because they, themselves, claimed that it would pose a “national risk” to have this information public; a national risk to their bank accounts.

It was such a national risk that Congress did the whole thing quietly, with no debate. The bill was introduced in the Senate on Thursday and quickly voted on late that night when no one was paying attention. Friday afternoon (the best time to sneak through news), the House picked it up by unanimous consent. The House ignored its own promise to give Congress three days to read a bill before holding a vote, because this kind of thing is too important to let anyone read the bill before Congress had to pass it.

And, of course, yesterday, President Obama signed it into law. Because the best way to rebuild trust in Congress, apparently, is to roll back the fact that people there need to obey the same laws as everyone else. That won’t lead the public to think that Congress is corrupt, no, not at all.”

Folks, we are being raped in slow motion like some sick Sam Pechinpaw movie.  We are being ruled by gangsters, plain and simple. What’s it going to take to get us to realize we really have to begin to wake up, stand up, and act up? When, Dear God, when?

The Realities of the “Budget Crisis” Hidden by Both Sides

As the budget debate continues, the American people are being fed BS from both parties.  This is especially true when it comes to the facts about tax revenues, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.  In my last previous article, I presented some of the facts especially about Social Security.  Now it is time to reveal the truth about income taxes and corporate income taxes, and how they relate to job creation in America.  Keep in mind, I only try to present the facts and NOT opinion.

I trust that if the “Common Folk” can see the real balance sheets, they can read and understand it just like they understand their own checkbook or bank statement.  It just ain’t that difficult.  The problem we have is that those facts are hidden deep in some reports and disclosure statements by the IRS  and the Department of Labor that are not publically released, at least not in the Main Stream Media.  Also, Main Stream Media is controlled by the very corporations that benefit from us not knowing, so any hope of true journalistic work coming from them is a pipe dream.  Even if they have hired good honest journalist, they are quickly either gagged or if they have the courage to try and report anyway, their job security evaporates and they are out of the mainstream.  Just ask the likes of Keith Olbermann and those of such integrity.  Their access to us is diminished to a point they can not effectively reach the mass of audience to really effect change and inform the masses.

OK, lets talk taxes and who is paying what.  I warn you that the chart I am about to present will make you blood boil, and quite frankly, I hope it will.  This chart is just one month’s tax receipts (March 2011) but is reflective of what is really going all.  I think we all feel or have a sense that corporations are not paying their fair share, but this will reveal something quite beyond that.  The Republicans are arguing that raising taxes on corporations will kill jobs in the US.  Well, I will show you a second chart to reveal the reality of why corporations, with their sweetheart tax deals haven’t created a single job in the US since 2004!

Here’s the first chart, remeber this is ACTUAL IRS data For March 2011:

What this chart shows that we, the honest taxpayers paid in more than $91 billion in taxes, received almost $58 billion in refunds, with net receipts to the IRS of nearly $38 billion. Great, huh?  Now look at what our fat cat corporations paid.  They paid in $4.5 billion, got refunds of nearly $6 billion, and the IRS PAID THEM $1.3 billion!!! What this really shows is not only did corporations pay $0 in taxes, WE PAID them a bonus of $1.3 billion.  Are you catching on here?  I know, you want to pinch yourself and say this isn’t so, but facts are facts.

OK, now let’s address the argument that corporations shouldn’t pay any taxes because after all it is corporations that generate the jobs in America and if they were given free tax breaks , they would solve the economic crisis by creating full employment and job growth.  This is the talking points of donkeys and lackeys such as Mitch McConnel, Kantor, and Boner(misspelled on purpose).

OK, lets again look at the facts as presented by the Department of Labor.  Facts, just the facts, ma’am.  The following table show the total of jobs in the US by month.  OK?

So, adjust for population growth during that period, NOT A SINGLE JOB has been created since 2004!  Facts, just the facts, as presented by our own government that they hoped you would never see!

I will let you all reach your own conclusions.  I have my opinion that I have reached by just looking at facts and not paying attention at all to either side’s rhetoric.  It’s time to do a triple rinse in Washington and Wall Street and start all over again.  I hope this will help us all make some decisions that are really informed come next election.






Denial Depressions and Hyperinflation

Like D1, we are in denial that we are in a depression.  Like D1, we are being fed happy talk and BS. However D2 has the potential to be even more devastating than D1.  The main reason for me making that assertion is that D2 is hyperinflationary and our global central banks cannot sustain printing their way out of the mess.  If you think that Zimbabwe cannot be a global phenomena, you better look closer at the reality under the spreadsheets.

Unlike today, The Great Depression of the 1930’s was deflationary.  The Consumer Price Index was at 17.3% when it began in 1929.  By 1933 it was down to 12.6%.  In other words, as the depression progressed, the cost of things dropped; what cost $1.00 in 1929 only cost 73 Cents in 1933.

If we adjust 1933 prices to a 2010 equivalent here is how things should be stacking up.

Cost of a new house 1933:  $5,750.00 (equivalent to $93,565.72 in 2010)

Cost to rent a house in 1933:  $18.00 per month (equivalent to $292.00 in 2010)

Brand New Chrysler in 1933:  $445.00 (equivalent to $7241.17 in 2010)

Gallon of gas in 1933:  10 Cents (equivalent to $1.62 in 2010)

Loaf of Bread in 1933:  7 Cents (equivalent of $1.13 in 2010)

1 Lb. Of Hamburger Meat in 1933:  11 Cents (equivalent to $1.79 in 2010)

Can of Campbell’s Vegetable Soup in 1933: 10 Cents (equivalent to $1.62 in 2010)

Dozen Eggs in 1933: 5 Cents (equivalent to 81 Cents today)

As you can readily see if all things were equivalent, we have already had a “silent” 100% inflation since about 2002!

Today’s unemployment rate is fast approaching the worst levels seen since the Great Depression.  The official unemployment rate (U3) released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics is currently at 9.9%.  This is the number often reported by the mainstream media for public consumption but is far removed from reality.

To get closer to the real number we must consult the (U6) figure that is often touted as ‘true unemployment’.  This figure adds into the equation those who fall under the contemporary definition of ‘discouraged worker’ and those who can only find ‘part-time’ work.   That number puts the ‘true unemployment’ rate at 17.2%.  But wait, there’s more!

Today’s definition of a discouraged worker is one who has not found work within the last year.  Prior to 1994, a discouraged worker was defined as one who had not found work within the last month.  That’s a big discrepancy.  If we add those lost souls back into the equation, we come up with a more realistic unemployment rate of right around 22%.  That’s just three clicks shy of the 25% often cited for the worst levels of the Great Depression in 1933. That 25% unemployment figure was reflective of all workers both on and off the farm.

When you combine these facts with the conduct of the world’s major banks and hedge funds the reality should become clear that there is a real coordinated effort to separate the entire world into a small cadre of “rich folks” and a large majority of poor folks (slaves).  Consider this.

U.S. authorities are expanding their probes of past mortgage securities deals, with New York’s attorney general opening an investigation into whether eight banks misled rating agencies, a source familiar with the matter said.  New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s office on Wednesday served subpoenas on four U.S. banks and four European lenders, the source said.

Cuomo is targeting Citigroup, Credit Agricole, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs Group Inc, Morgan Stanley, UBS and Merrill Lynch, now owned by Bank of America, the source said. The investigation comes as Wall Street and major banks around the world are attracting scrutiny from regulators stemming from transactions that occurred in the run-up to the subprime mortgage meltdown and financial crisis.

The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday reported that U.S. federal prosecutors, working with securities regulators, were conducting a preliminary criminal probe into whether four banks misled investors about their roles in mortgage bond deals. The banks under early-stage criminal scrutiny are JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank and UBS, the newspaper reported on its website, citing a person familiar with the matter. The banks have also received civil subpoenas from the U.S. Securities and Exchanges Commission as part of a sweeping investigation of banks’ selling and trading of mortgage-related deals, the report said.

A spokesman for JPMorgan told the Journal the bank had not been contacted by federal prosecutors and was not aware of any criminal investigation. The other banks either declined comment or were not immediately available. The reports come less than a month after the SEC charged Goldman Sachs with fraud over its marketing of a subprime mortgage product. Federal investigators are also probing Morgan Stanley, The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday. The bank’s chief executive, James Gorman, said he had no knowledge of any such investigation.

And so how is our CONgress reacting to these realities? The U.S. Senate voted unanimously to force the Federal Reserve to undergo an audit, for the first time, by Congress’ investigative arm. But the proposed legislation would only allow for a one-time examination by the Government Accountability Office that would focus on the Fed’s rescue of banks during the financial crisis of 2008.

Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) and others have advocated for regular audits of the Fed, but just such a proposal, presented by David Vitter (R-Louisiana), was defeated on Tuesday by a vote of 62-37. Among those who voted against regular audits were the leaders of both political parties, Harry Reid (D-Nevada) and Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky).

I think the fact that BOTH party’s leadership voted against these regular audits speaks volumes to support my contention that the congress is no longer a representative legislative body, but is instead bought and paid for by major financial interests in this country and globally.  You must keep in mind the FED is a private corporation.

When the evidence is so strong that the FED and their lack of actions were complicit in the entire series of events, how can such a reluctance of our congress to act be explained? Could it be an army of lobbyists with little suitcases shuttling in and out of every CONgressial office have anything at all to do with it?  Naw!  That’s a crazy rambling of an old fool talking.  Sorry I got carried away I guess.

To quote Keith Johnson in his recent article: “Until the American people snap out of their trance, they will refuse to believe that they are in a depression, recession, panic or crisis.  To them, it will be a loving embrace by a charismatic savior.  Only until they feel the piercing bite of cold air on their necks and the pains of an empty stomach will they finally come around to the realization that the panic is not coming—but that the panic is on!”

Underneath the apparent calm demeanor in the financial community which is really a hubristic disdain for the general public there is panic.  If the sheeple really get a scent of what is happening these jokers will have no safe place to hide.  Just a few more steps and they will have us all in the corral. Just a few more steps.

The On-going Jefferson Dialogues

“An association of men who will not quarrel with one another is a thing which has never yet existed, from the greatest confederacy of nations down to a town meeting or a vestry.” —Thomas Jefferson

His point seems very contemporary.  However, these thoughts also helped me think more clearly as well.  Dialogue, even rowdy dialogue, is EXACTLY what we need right now.  The debate over the National Health Care Plan has done more to wake us up than 9/11, two wars, and a collapsing economy!

I say we keep it up!  In a previous blog, I had stated that if 20% of every congressional district in this great country would email or call their representative, it would scare the bejesus out of them.

However, why limit the dialogue to health care?  Let’s put it all on the table.  WTF. I would like to know a few other things while we are at it.  Like:

1). Just what is the goal in Afghanistan anyway?  And what is the exit strategy?  Ah….. when the heroin trade dries up?

2). Did we secure the oil in Iraq or not?

3). When are we going to get a public campaign finance law?

4). Are the banksters clean or not? If not when are they going to be indicted?

5). Does the health care industry PAC money donated to you affect your decision on developing a real national health care plan?

If everyone emailed those questions to their congress person or senator, I am sure we would have an immaculate spontaneous behavioral modification in the beltway.  I will say it again.  We are powerful because we have a vote.  We would be more powerful if we encourage everyone we know to get involved.  It doesn’t matter HOW you feel about the issues, only that you do feel and act on those feelings. Finally, we would be most powerful if we were all well informed about the issues.

That last point is the most significant point for today. Get informed.  Make it fun, involve your children.  As a teaching lesson, have them collect the daily headlines and then discuss the issues with them.  Everyone learns, and more importantly everyone becomes more informed.

What was saddest to watch concerning the town hall meetings was the true level of ignorance being demonstrated by those who shouted the loudest.  I mean that in the most respectful way, because I understand the feelings were genuine.  To allow someone to upset you to the degree I saw some people, and to know they really haven’t read or understood anything on their own seems odd to me.  Disturbingly so.  We can do better than this, can’t we?

Anyway here’s some more food for thought from Uncle Willy….