Banking Implosion and Other Follow-ups

I have written on several occasions concerning my fears of the banking system collapse.  Three more banks failed this week bringing the total number of branches closed near the 4,000 mark.  These continued bank failures are occurring at even a faster rate than I anticipated.  FDIC payouts have exceeded $55 billion already.  I had anticipated a collapse of FDIC in January or February, but it is looking like that may occur sooner, much sooner.

When you combine this information with other things floating out there, it is really looking gloomy.  This week, the president of the World Bank says it will be out of funding for under developed countries and businesses with 12 months.  The recent G20 conference refused to discuss the currency instabilities, and finally next weeks Treasury T-Bill auction will not be attended by its biggest customer, China.

All of these events are pointing to an imminent collapse of the entire banking system internationally, starting with the collapse of the US system.  I think some of these dire predictions will start floating up from the “banking community”  itself starting as early as next week.  The predictive linguistics which I am monitoring is suggesting a seminal event on the the 25th of October.  This is doubly interesting, since that is also the date that seems to be the start of some type of military action against Iran.  What does it all mean?  I have no idea really, except to say that the ACTUAL events that are unfolding seem to not only support our earlier predictions and forecast, they seem to be unfolding at an accelerated rate.

In other events, we had said to expect some type of unexpected storm event in the SE during the week of the 14th of September, and indeed we did have signifcant rain events in the southeast, but in retrospect, it seems that SE may have meant SE Asia.  A series of typhoons have devastated a number of SE Pacific islands including the Philippines causing several hundred deaths and billions in property damage.  These events point out the difficulties of working with predictive linguistics.  The info is usually very accurate, but how we interpret that information is where this is not yet a science.

On another note, we have talked in the past about the potential of a planet X or Nibiru approaching and also the fact that we are fast approaching the point of passage of our solar system through the galactic plane.  Our concern here was the earth being bombarded by massive cosmic energies, including massive influences on our magnetosphere.  Well sure enough, it seems “something” is really screwing with the magnetosphere of earth. (see below)

magnetosphereIt seems strangely odd that no one in MSM reported this event.  What ever slammed us literally turned the magnetic field that protects us from destructive cosmic energy and radiation into itself.  It is also curious that this event happened at the very same time the swarm of 6+ earthquakes rocked the South Pacific and Indonesia.  What was not surprising was to hear that this week we are experiencing swarms of quakes in Central California and a volcano erupting in the Aleutian Islands.  Whenever you push on a plate as violently as to create a 8.0 quake on one side you will have an equal response on the other side.  But the most shocking event is how the USGS, Cal Tech, and others are downplaying these events, and even calling them NORMAL!  How do they do that with such a straight face.  If I lived in Central or Southern California, I think I would make a good check of my things to make sure they are battened down. Chances are there is going to be a whole lot of shakin’ going on in the next few weeks.

As we move forward, it seems that the things I have come to believe will happen, are happening.  The feeling is beyond sobering.  The new series FLASH FORWARD has debuted and I think it is curiously relevant.  If you have not caught it yet, basically the whole world’s population went unconscious at exactly the same time for 2 minutes and 17 seconds, and when everyone wakes up, they have all experienced dreams of future events.  Why no one knows yet, but it does bring to focus an interesting dynamic and question.  If you could see your future, including your death, would you want to see it?  In my case, I was interested in understanding my reality as much as I could to understand my role and direction in it.  That was the force what motivated me initially.  Now, however, I am deep in the rabbit hole and am not really comfortable with what I have come to know.  On one hand, I am more prepared for the “unexpected”, but having the pre-knowledge and then actually seeing it unfold in the accurately specific ways as I saw it is somewhat spooky.

One thing remains to give me peace.  It is the nature of us.  Humans have this great capacity to survive.  We also are capable of great compassion and sense of tribe, especially when we are tried.  We, in the whole, will survive and I am convinced we have a great and fantastic future.  Take a moment, especially with the ones you love the most, to tell them how much they really mean to you.  Take a moment to re-enforce a sense of family and community.  Something tells me we really need to do that right now.

Anyway here is Uncle Willie’s thoughts for the day.

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