Sometime Soon We Have To Get The Picture

We are so dangerously close to re-entering a dark age. The Oligarchs and Banksters have nearly complete control and yet we remain in our slumber. Millions of words are written and many have stood up to warn us, sometimes at the ultimate cost, and yet we slumber. So we are going to try a different approach:

First we must break the endless cycle.

the endless cycle

And that starts by stopping this.


another election cycle


Which is caused by this:

what oligarchy is

Which means this is the truth about our “government”

washington truth

Because we continue to do this:

why we remain slaves




u  awake


The Greatest Question Is Why Do We Continue To Believe the World Is What It Isn’t?

For over 500 years, the world over, people believe they live in a world where the game isn’t rigged, yet the game has always been rigged. More importantly, we have had our children slaughtered in war, die in poverty and hunger, and the fruits of our labors stolen and used for the benefit of an elite few.

It was so then and it is so now. Why do we not see and understand this reality. What prevents us from standing together and regaining our sovereign rights? What has kept us divided is a hierarchical system that includes governments, religion and educational systems that keeps us polarized mesmerized and divided. We are now experiencing an “in your face” arrogance of the elite as they now feel there is no possibility for us to break out of our economic slavery. The actions of bankers, the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Crimea, and Africa, and the lack of leadership in governments are clear examples. The impoverishment of the EU and America by the banking elite is obvious to us all.

As a result, we have witnessed in the last 50 years, endless wars, engineered diseases, a crumbling of our educational systems, raping of our retirement funds and outright theft of our homes, and still we do not stand up. Instead we have become more polarized, bigoted, and separated, just as the elite planned.

This can end anytime WE CHOOSE. The big secret is in the math. ¼% versus 99 and ¾%! Get it? We need only to understand how this most heinous plan has unfolded and it is doomed. To make it simple here is a simple graphic to help us understand. It is time to come together, stand together, act together and end this sick repeating future we are dooming generation after generation of our children to endure. Really think about it for yourself for once.

the secret formula

The solution is as simple as:


How We Are Being Played and Why

The biggest secret in the world and in the extraterrestrial environment is the power we as individuals have..this little thing called freewill. Within the confines of the planet, on a global scale, there are both secret elite societies bent on convincing us we are powerless and they have been extremely successful at convincing us all that it is so, while extracting as much as the wealth generated from our labor as possible.

Secondly, we are, whether Arab, Christian, or Jew, Buddhist or Atheist, being taught by our religious leaders or cultists that we are unworthy of achieving our divine rights without “sacrificing” our wealth to these organized religions and in some extreme cases our lives.

Then we come to the new agers, those who believe we are on the cusp of a new world. However we are told by “channelers and others we cannot experience this new world until allied galactic races, in concert with spiritually advanced human figures called “ascended masters” deem we are ready for the unveiling of these new opportunities, including new technologies, new economic abundance, and interaction with our space family of various advanced races.

We ask one simple question. What do all things various entities and organizations have in common? THEY NEED US for some apparent reason! Hmmm..what could that be? What is so valuable and unique about us?

It may be that we are evolving to a point where we truly are emerging into a new reality. Now humanity will have to learn about the ways of the Greater Community, about the intricacies of interaction between races, about the complexities of trade and about the subtle manipulations of associations and alliances that are established between worlds. It is a difficult but important time for humanity, a time of great promise if true preparation can be undertaken.

Because in our past, we have been mentally manipulated to giving up our most precious treasure, the ability to think as free and sovereign individuals, it becomes even more important to realize our true individual rights and our right to pursue our own dreams and ambitions. With so many associations and alliances vying for our allegiance, maybe the key is no allegiance to anyone except ourselves and what we deem important to us in our own hearts. It could be that the most important contribution we can give to our lives and our society is to be true unto ourselves, free from influence and manipulation.

To be specific and honest here, think about how fear has been used in each and every one of our lives to promote a sense of responsibility and allegiance, not to speak of giving our treasure and labor so one group or another can wage wars for power, money, and resources. Ask yourself how you really formed your political or religious feelings. Did you, on your own, come to these positions or did outside influences tell you how to think or feel? Be honest. The things being told to you about this group or that political party, or that government or peoples, is something that you know for FACT or are you accepting these “facts” because of some unexplainable belief that the person, or organization, or media, or religious leader just says it is so? Does this bring a meaning to what is propaganda?

We suspect that if we are truly honest with ourselves, we must admit we accept a lot of our reality on blind faith and that our faith has been misplaced many times. We are fooled by politicians every election cycle, are we not? We were fooled into war many times, were we not? Being encouraged to take polarizing positions of all kinds has only left us weaker, poorer, and allowed our advancement as a global society to falter.

Pogo 3

We are evolving a greater awareness or awakening. We are bound to expand outward into the galaxy and beyond. We do have a fantastic and marvelous future ahead of us, but that future will also bring larger challenges to our individual freedom and sovereignty. The development of a deeper knowledge and wisdom is a must to make possible the peaceful emergence of relations, both between worlds and within this world.

This wisdom and knowledge starts with each of us honoring ourselves and everyone around us as free and sovereign individuals; granting to ourselves and every one the right to form our individual opinions and lifestyles. We may disagree with one another and we can debate endlessly as to the value to our personal lives concerning this thought or that, but we should never judge another’s opinion as unacceptable or “illegal”, or “immoral”. It is simply their opinion and we can always democratically decide what is best for us as a community. When a person is afforded dignity, they will always be open to compromise and will act with a sense of community.

It all seems so simple, but the fact is we do not practice that respect currently. In fact, we should be ashamed at how stupid, childish, immature, and bigoted we really are right now. If we truly are about to emerge into a larger galactic reality, we better damn well grow up. As Pogo said, “We have met the enemy and he is us!”

Do We Really Understand What is at Stake Here?

Increasingly, we have noticed the tendency of the times and its people to be pulled toward an influence designed to destroy the function of free thinking and freedom of man in making his own choices, governing himself, and managing his personal and national affairs. This diabolical influence has penetrated wholly within every phase of Human life and every avenue of world diplomacy and world statesmanship. Predictably, day by day, the freedom of Humanity has been infiltrated with that kind of propaganda which ultimately leads mankind away from their pure heritage as sovereign free beings and is predictably halting our evolution, our education, our technologies, and our destiny to leave the bounds of this earth to travel the galaxy. Our dreams are being smothered by war, poverty, hunger, and engineered ignorance in the name of profits and an elite few who believe they are our masters.

When humanity stands free all government will be ‘of the people and for the people and by the people’. But when the heritage of freedom is destroyed, mankind becomes as puppets on strings, stripped of honor, life, strength, forthrightness and glory! Within each of us is the knowledge and burning desire to see a world which enables Man to govern himself in righteousness and peace. The destruction of this center has been the goal of those who believe they are superior and destined to have the rest of us serve them as our masters.

We now stand at the very edge of a point in time where we must answer that inner call. The world teeters under the many crises we face. Wars, and rumors of even more destructive events, are on the horizon, income inequality has reached intolerable levels, and environmentally we face undeniable challenges that threaten our very future existence as humanity. These are not imagined, but are real facts facing us at this very moment. We must ACT collectively as humanity and each of us must honestly and sincerely answer that inner call to action. We KNOW what must be done and we cannot find those answers in the religions of the world, which are now acting to divide us, not unite us. If you are blind, let not the blind lead us and certainly the leaders of the world are corrupted and blind. These facts we all know to be true.


Because we are not, as a whole, fully awake, we have realized only to some degree the hazards that we will experience on this planet, if we fail to act. The most serious is not preparing yourself to wake up, by not getting involved and being caught up with the designed daily activities and pleasures and forgetting our identity and truly what is our ultimate destiny.

It is time to make the necessary many adjustments in our life plans, and many us will be asked to assume greater responsibilities than originally contracted for. This will no doubt cause some hardships and extra burdens, but by staying attuned to your inner guidance, these responsibilities taken freely will begin to bring a true sense of freedom and begin to once again make us all feel “in control” of our lives.

At this time we especially need legal counselors, medical personnel, technical scientists, public relations persons, persons in the media, persons of great religious convictions, experienced educational majors, political scientists, military and diplomatic leaders and law enforcement persons to stop and think of the consequences of their actions. They hold special abilities to help create the world as it is truly destined to be in the future. Many even possess the knowledge of our keys to freedom, abundance and equality, but because of fear, peer pressure, and personal enrichment have failed to act or speak out to help awake us as the masses . To these people we ask one simple question. How will history judge those who could have acted, but failed to act?

The Awakening -

We have seen many people in the world awaken and stand up to fight for all of our freedom. Many have paid the ultimate price for doing so. Is it not simply time for all of us to stand up? Is it not time to take back our individual and sovereign right to choose our own destinies? Do we all not instinctively know what time it is?