I’m back but with some new perspective

I know that some of my readers have wondered what happened to me.  Did I just quit writing. Was it something more.  Well to be honest, over the last two months I have relocated back to the States and I also felt that reporting what I think people need to know and understand about our current times was putting me too close to all of the negative aspects of our current transitions.  I wanted to insure myself that I was not becoming jaded by the information I was covering and presenting in my blog.

Certainly I feel very strongly that MSM media is not reporting the most important stories of our times and no doubt watching events such as the BP oil spill unfold or how the banksters and PTB continue their choke hold on our government continues, I think it is becoming increasingly obvious to even the casual occasional observer that things ain’t right.  However, I felt and to some degree continue to feel frustrated that such baloney continues uncontested.  Still the sheeple sleep, or worse, parrot the most inflammatory talking heads and politicians who are continuing their efforts to keep our focus on any place except where we should be focused. A very good example is the story of Ms. Sherrod and how those events unfolded.  While the truth was brought forth quickly about who Ms. Sherrod really was and what she really said, it none the less created a living hell for her personally and so many quickly jumped on the bandwagon to burn the witch!

After long contemplation, I realized that I must continue my vigilance and to write about my observations.  Bur something else emerged from my sabbatical.  That is I need to rant just a bit more about how lazy and subverted we have become as people.  We really have to wake up now.  If you have seen the recent commercial by Geico about the Marine Drill Sargent as the psychiatrist, you have an idea about how I am feeling right now.  We have to leave Manby Panby land and get with the program.

We are not this stupid.  We, as a global community, are facing enormous challenges and we are shirking our responsibilities and laying them off to politicians and banksters, and they are both basically robbing us blind and creating more chaos.  Looking closely at home, we are watching our schools, hospitals, police and fire departments collapse.  We are watching our local, state and federal governments crumble.  We are watching as families are losing their homes, our youth find no hope for jobs, and our elder and sick, including the fine young men and women who have served so honorably to protect our freedom get neglected and abused, and we do nothing.  I do not believe, as a people, that is who we are; yet we are silent.

People ask me what can they do about the situation and I used to respond dutifully to become an informed voter, I mean really informed, and to volunteer in their local communities, and etc.  The standard appropriate answers.  But during my self-imposed exile, I saw things a little more clearly.  Now my answer to that question is I don’t know what YOU can do, but you do and now get to it dammit.  Get off your butt and do something.  Speak out, vote, volunteer, prepare your family, speak to your relatives.  I do not know what you can do, but YOU do!

For my part, I will continue to observe and inform.  Recently there have been attempts to control the internet and its content.  Blog sites have been shut down to control the dialogue under the auspicious of copyright protections and other flimsy excuses. There have also been a number of disclosures that the PTB and MSM didn’t what floated in the mainstream conciousness.  Freedom of speech when exercised in a noncommercial manner designed only to inform and educate is NOT treason or a National security threat. IT IS AN unalienable right.

Finally, during my restbit, I analyzed critically the hundred or so blog entries I have made over the past 18 months to see if somehow I was being influenced in subtle ways that would compromise my objectivity.  What I concluded was that I was ahead of the curve in predicting the outcomes of market performance, bank closures, collapse of governmental, educational, and economic institutions.  I can’t really explain to you why I can see things so clearly.  I guess I can best describe it as something akin to say a savant who sees numbers as geometric figures and structures, or formulas as colors or patterns.  When it comes to patterns in the time line I just see them and the outcomes like a negative of a photograph.  Not always clear, but certainly discernible

The next six months contain events that will make the last 18 months pale in their impacts to all of us. However, I also know and understand that what we collectively can and should make these events create a more positive, stable, and peaceful world.  It really is up to us. Are we going to let a minority greedy service to self lot dictate the future or are we, as the majority, as the decent human lot that we really are going to retake control of our destiny.  What’s it going to be folks.