Can’t We Just Talk???

When you get your daily download of news, it seems that a majority of the world’s countries and cultures are embroiled in some type of conflict.  The obvious areas are the Middle East, Africa, South America, and Central Asia.  However, these conflicts have drawn in everyone and every country.

These conflicts have two major common elements.  They are either centered on religion and religous beliefs or they are rooted in socio-economic struggle.  As I ponder why this is so pervasive I am struck by the fact that we seem to be in this mess because everyone is so polarized in their beliefs and no one wants to talk.  To me this makes no sense logically.  After all if one is really secure in their knowledge and belief systems, engaging in dialogue with someone of different views is not a threat.  so it is true with your belief in what ever religous doctrine you choose to ascribe to as your view of “the truth”.

The world sorely needs for us to talk to one another now more than ever.  But to talk about how we can accomodate one another, not to debate the right or wrongness of the others beliefs or positions.  We all have the right to believe whatever we wish to believe.

Paradoxically, the beliefs we hold so important are best shared without self-importance. Indeed, wouldn’t it be a different world if people of all persuasions were able to share and compare their beliefs without self-importance?

Choyki Nyima Rinpoche taught in the Union of Mahamudra and Dzogchen that:

“The correct view is free from extremes. It is the state beyond concepts, transcending mental fabrications. It is inexpressible, inconceivable and indescribable. If one has any attachment or clinging, one does not have the right view: the true view is without fixation.”

As I thought about this a little while watching the swans on the river in Bedford England from my room in the Swan Hotel I thought we as individuals can effect change in a little way by demanding our leaders engage in dialogue, no matter the opponent, the conflict, or the offenses each have committed against the other.  The object of any leader is to resolve the conflict.  The preferred way is peacefully and that starts with talking to one another.

So take a few minutes and write an email to your leader and demand they talk to the “other side”. To immediately begin a dialogue.  Maybe even give them a little lesson in how to talk and encourage them to be brave and not dogmatic.  to consider the positions and look for the compromises.  Each of us has that capability and who knows.  It may be like Grandma’s chicken soup and curing a cold.  It may not help but it certainly can’t hurt!

Are You Awake Watch for the Head Fake

I travel a lot globally in my work (over 150,000 miles in last eighteen months).  My job takes me to Asia, the Middle East, the EU, the UK.  I read a lot of newspapers and I talk with a lot of people from different cultures.  However, what has disturbed me the most lately is the source of our information.

How do we form our opinions as to what is going on in the world and where do we draw our information and facts from to come to “Our conclusions”.  The answer is Mainstream Media (MSM).  Nearly half of what we input and output into and from our brains seems to come first from the internet (more than 50% now), then television, then radio, and finally the printed media.  In Europe and the Middle East, until recently (the last 5 years) it was almost exclusively printed media.

What is interesting to me now though, is that no matter where I go, we are quoting  the same few sources for our opinions and when you look into who is controlling that media, it is fewer than 20 major corporations globally and for the most part, providing information is not their core business.  General Electric and NBC is an example.  Rupert Murdoch is another.  Instead these organizations control the media for “spin control”.

More than 80% of us globally sense we are in the midst of foundation reforming societal changes,yet these issues either are under reported or not reported at all in the MSM which in the past we were depending on to bring the real and pertinent issues to the fore.  It seems as if by some predetermined method the “story of the day” is agreed to by all media outlets and that is reported by saturation method, or that while major issues are unfolding that will profoundly affect our future, we are be ask to follow a story about Brittany Spears or Paula Abdul.

Beware, Be informed, Get off your butts and dig a little.  the stories that count are being hidden from view. but are still  “out there”.  Wars and rumours of wars are being overplayed and issues like the fact that significant changes in the weather patterns globally is acce;lerating, or that volcanism has increased  fourfold in the last 24 months, or that the number of earthquakes with a magnitude 5 or greater is up over 200% in tha last twenty four months, or the fact that this so-called swine flu or H1N1 is really an engineered virus (what?? engineered, by who for what purpose??), or that most of the African continent is embroiled in wars are the real stories we should be aware of.  Why isn’t MSM reporting this.  How the current economic situation is being underreported or over optimistically being reported is borderline criminal.  An example would be the REAL story behing AIG.  The American taxpayers now own a 79% majority share and don’t even have one representative on the board of directors!! Hows does that work?  This isn’t conspiracy theory, it is fact.  So who are they?  Who are these few who are making these decisions of what we should know and why such a global control of information?  These are the questions we ALL need to be asking.  The reality is that WE control the media by what WE demand of it.  We can only demand the correct exposure if we are informed.  Get busy.