Take the Blue Pill and Don’t Be A Good Little Sheep

For those of you who do not understand “take the blue pill”, in one of the scenes in the first “Matrix” film, Neo meets Morpheus for the first time and Morpheus offers Neo a choice.  “Take the red pill and you will wake up in your bed in the morning and will not remember our meeting at all”  or…”take the blue pill and you will never be the same and I will show how deep the rabbit hole really is.”  Neo elected the blue pill.  I make this correlation to what is really going on in the world right now.  The whole purpose of my blog is to hopefully stimulate people to wake up and start questioning in serious ways what’s going on around them.  Only in this way can we get back our basic freedoms.  Only in this way can we create a society where we can expect to live a decent life if we work and raise our families, and educate our children.

The reality of today is that we and everything that is portrayed about what is going on in the world is tightly controlled in the media, all media.  This control is about economic control and enslavement of the general masses by an elite few.  Don’t misunderstand me here.  I am NOT an anarchist or a revolutionary.  Far from it.  I just a regular guy trying to make a living, retire some day, and fall asleep on the couch with my old lady sitting beside me in the middle of the afternoon.  The PTB that control the world have done so for over 400 years.  We all understand the saying “the rich get richer”.  This is nothing unique to our time.  But the fact of the matter is they now believe they have absolute control, that we are totally asleep, and you wouldn’t like what they have planned next.

If I had to look back to when I think this “endgame” started, it would probably be the start of WWII. It then extended to the Korean war and the assassination  of JFK, and then on to Vietnam.  War is a very profitable business ya know.  Also during that time, some unexpected events occurred that the PTB didn’t anticipate, such as Roswell to name one.  Yet these events and how we got involved, and who made what decision and when, were all very well masked, and we didn’t react except momentarily, such as the tragedy of Vietnam, both for the US and the people of Vietnam.  I know, I was there for 27 months. ……..and then we all went back to sleep.

Let’s fast forward to the last ten years.  Starting with Bush the First forward, the PTB seem to be losing a bit of their control and doing very desperate and irrational moves.   911, The Invasion of Iraq on the pretense of WMDs, the current world financial crisis are gross examples.  Don’t be good little sheep, start questioning everything, demand answers from our government and our representatives.  Let me put some things forward for us to consider and then ask the question WTF?

1). We, as taxpayers, now own 80% of AIG and yet we don’t have ONE member of the Board of Directors WTF?

2).  We are giving billions to banks and investment firms and they still aren’t loaning any money!  In fact now you have to have 50% cash down on a new home!  Then they lowered our credit limits on our credit cards and RAISED the interest. WTF?

3). The congress passed 2 Patriot Acts and no member of those bodies have read the bills!! WTF?

4). We lend billions to private companies and we don’t have the right to know who got how much or how they are going to spend it?  WTF?

I am not calling for a revolution here, I AM saying we get the government and economy we deserve and we deserve much much better.  I am talking here to the guy who has worked his ass off for thirty years thinking he had a nice little nest egg built up for retirement and he just opened his last investment statement to see that he has lost 50% of what he had.  That’s 15 years down the tube.  Don’t be good little sheep.  Get pissed off, you have every right.  Let’s start making these bandits accountable and let’s do it right now, don’t wait for elections.  It is almost too late as it is.  TAKE THE BLUE PILL.  Find out for yourself how deep the rabbit hole is.  Get Informed, ACT and DEMAND answers.

Better be prepared for a tough summer

The predictive linguistics doesn’t look good folks.  I am not an alarmist or a doomsdayer, but things are not stacking up well out in the bot world.  Mostly the summer seems to be focusing on the economy, weather, and rumors of war.  Not surprising really, as historically these events seem to parallel.

The “second shoe” is about to drop in the financial arena.  MSM has placed the blame on the current situation to bad mortgage debt,  mostly generated in the US.  But the facts are that “bad debt” was spread worldwide.  The derivatives created the problem.  For those who don’t understand that term, it simply means little banks and mortgage companies make loans and then sell those loans to bigger guys for a discount and take the money.  The problem was this cycle repeated and repeated until the big guys had all the paper, but it was worthless.  Granted, that is a simplistic explanation but it gives you the general idea.  Those actions created about $7.6 trillion of bad debt world wide. Not chump change.

What hasn’t been spoken about in MSM is the derivatives that are associated with commercial and construction loans. These are going to come home to roost in the July-September time frame and I have heard rumors this steaming pile could be as large as $23 trillion!  Here’s the problem though.  With all the bailout money already spent, the banks are not well covered in cash to handle this hit (US banks about 34% covered and EU banks only about 14% covered), the proverbial you know what is going to hit the fan.

There is now serious talk of a long bank holiday in October or November.  What does that mean to me you ask?  It means that banks will close their doors and no you can’t have YOUR money.  No way No how.  Can they really do that?  Yes they can and probably will.  That means your ATM and credit card too.  My recommendation to everyone is to have at least 1 month’s cold hard cash in hand now.  Then if I’m right about this, you still can buy food, gas, etc. to weather the storm.  If I’m wrong, what’s the harm in having your money in your possession?  Watch closely and pay attention.  MSM will help the banksters keep this on the down and low till the last minute.

With the events in Iran, the economy, and politics in the ME converging, it is almost certain now that the “containment” efforts (read bomb Iran) is certain for October, probably in the last few weeks.  The problem with this is that those planning the effort have really not thought this thing through very thoroughly and haven’t considered a number of the repercussions.  You know simple things like what is going to happen to all of that vaporized plutonium?

Finally, things are already starting to heat up on the weird weather front.  The main issues here is going to be the impact to the growing season world wide.  That is going to translate to real food shortages and specificially to you, everything is going to cost about 30% more in September at the grocery store.  My advice is to stock up a little now, and it is not to late to start your own “Victory Garden”, if you can.

I would love to say Recovery is just around the corner, I see “green shoots”, and Obama can talk to Iran, but the facts and events just aren’t supporting those feel good sentiments.  It is just the opposite.  So simply, as I have said so many times in the past, pay attention, and be prepared as much as possible.  We are in the end going to survive these times.  It just some will do better at that than others.  Those that plan ahead will get ahead.  I would like to see everyone be in that category.

The Flu Epidemic is Now Pandemic

Consistent with our previous postings, the WHO has now declared the H1N1 flu outbreak as pandemic.  There are a few oddities about this declaration.  First is how quickly this has been declared and secondly, that the statement itself has so many “qualifier” statements attached.

As I have stated previously, we should be very concerned about this particular strain and I think much more is known about the situation than is being fed to the MSM.  It is important that you pay very close attention and more importantly educate yourself as much as possible as to the realities of this particular outbreak.

Expect that as we move toward the fall (late September through November) there will be a massive second wave much as the charts I provided will indicate.  Think carefully before traveling. taking any vaccines, and finally you should be doing everything possible to be building up your immune system defenses.  Some good information is available like:


Basically it does not have to be difficult.  Just understand a few basics health habits and try and reduce the stress in your life as much as possible.  A good overview:

Age, stress, and poor nutrition can sap our immune system of its effectiveness. Influenza provides one example. During young adulthood, when the body can mount a robust immune response to this common virus, influenza is rarely fatal. Among the elderly, however, the virus is associated with significant rates of death and hospitalization (Nichol KL 2005).

The impact of aging on the immune system is profound. As people age, a number of critical immune system components are reduced or slowed, including cellular response, response to vaccines, and antibody production. At the same time, susceptibilities to infection and cancer are increased. Some of this increased susceptibility to disease is linked to chronic inflammation, which is associated with many disorders of aging (Ershler WB et al 2000; Hamerman D 1999; Taaffe DR et al 2000).

Age, however, isn’t the sole culprit in reduced immune function. There is no question that exercise, stress, and nutritional status play an important role in maintaining a healthy immune system. Consider just a few of the research findings:

  • Dietary deficiencies and malabsorption alter metabolism and exacerbate chronic disorders (Kaput J et al 2004). An imbalance in the intake of dietary fat, carbohydrate, and protein can contribute to the development of diseases (Kaput J et al 2004). On the other hand, there is overwhelming evidence of the benefits of a good diet on reducing the risk of many chronic diseases (Ames BN 2001; Kaput J et al 2004).
  • Malnutrition causes a decline in immune function and increased susceptibility to infection (Brussow H et al 1995; Lotfy O et al 1998; delaFuente M et al 1998). Likewise, a vitamin or mineral deficiency can suppress immune system function (delaFuente M et al 1998). Correct choices of supplements, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, probiotics, and botanicals have been shown to boost immunity and may also reduce the risk of diseases in healthy Individuals (Kaminogawa S et al 2004).
  • Psychological health influences the immune system and the course of many diseases (Kiecolt-Glaser J et al 2000). Depression, stress, and anxiety increase the production of pro-inflammatory chemicals in the blood, which in turn can compromise, depress, or suppress the immune system (Appels A et al 2000; Dentino AN et al 1999; Maes M et al 1997; Maes M et al 1998; Maes M et al 1999; Boscarino JA et al 1999; Lutgendorf SK et al 1999; Zhou D et al 1993; Papanicolaou DA et al 1998).
  • High levels of anxiety are associated with decreased immune function (Ironson G et al 1990; Koh KB et al 1998; Boscarino JA et al 1999; Kiecolt-Glaser J et al 2000).
  • Chronic stress can provoke long-term increases in pro-inflammatory chemicals. For example, caregiving for a relative with a serious medical condition results in long-term immune suppression among women (Lutgendorf SK et al 1999).
  • Chronic stress from persistent marital problems, burnout at work (Lerman Y et al 1999), and lengthy unemployment (Arnetz BB et al 1991) can also lead to immune alterations that persist for years (Boscarino JA et al 1999; Kiecolt-Glaser JK et al 1987; Kiecolt-Glaser JK et al 1997; Kiecolt-Glaser JK et al 1988; Kiecolt-Glaser JK et al 1993).

So now more than ever, eat well, sleep 7 1/2 to 8 1/2 hours per day, take a good multivitamin supplement, exercise daily, and above all move to simplify your life to reduce as much stress as possible.  Oh yeah, make love more often!

Become Aware and Pay Attention

We all perceive that changes in our world are coming at us at breakneck speed and it seems to be accelerating.  What does it mean, if anything?  We all are aware of the 2012 hypothesis, Armagedon, New Age, etc.  What is the truth?  The most rational answer is no one really knows.

Given this, we are still facing real mega issues it seems such as global climate change, financial market meltdowns, real threats of pending large wars with North Korea, Iran, ME in general, Africa is ablaze and the Asian Continent from Pakistan to Sri Lanka to the Phillipines are in some sort of conflict.  Cosmically, we have concerns being expressed about solar activity, Planet X, ET’s, passing through the galactic plane, etc. etc. etc.

So what should we do?  How do we seemingly find a way to survive all of these sort of scenarios, when each in their own right seem to be overwhelming?  Pay Attention, Become Aware!  The bottom line is survival.  Survival from a physical sense and well as survival from a psychological sense.

From the physical survival side of it, regardless of the impact, we need shelter, food, water, and protection from any adverse environmental conditions that could occur.  So look to have, first and foremost, food in the form of dry goods for 1-3 months, a month supply of potable water, basic first aid supplies, basic protective and detection equipment for radiation, adverse weather such as extreme cold or heat, a supply of simple things like seeds to grow your own food if the period of impact extends beyond a 1-3 month period.  A simple system to purify or boil water should also be available.  A small portable generator and lots of batteries isn’t a bad idea either.  These things do not have to be extremely expensive or consume half of your existing living space, but will assure you and your family can endure the initial impacts of any potential events.  A good set of basic tools and some books on how to build shelters, create power from wind, and purify water should also be physically in your possession.

From a psychological point of view, there is the likelihood that mega events can overwhelm people.  This is a well known phenomena seen repeatedly in large natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods.  Again, these impacts can be mitigated by paying attention and being aware of what is going on at all times and being prepared.  The term of “retribing” is most appropiate here.  It simply means bringing families and extended groups together in a time of disaster.  Mutual support, both physically and emotionally, can go a long way to mitigate these types of impacts.  Have a plan that clearly identifies time and place to gather and talk about those plans with your families now, so everyone has pre-knowledge of where and when to act to any potential events.

All of these actions are simple, not over reactive, and based in common sense.  At least sit down with those you love and care about and have a discussion of “what is our plan if….”.  In the meantime, life goes on and will continue to go on.  Just be prepared.  It can create a huge level of comfort knowing “We have a plan” and everyone knows it.