Health Care, Riots, and Martial Law; There is a Commonality

As we all watch the events unfolding around the “discussion” concerning how we modify the way we provide health care in America, any person with an ounce of common sense and is semi conscious can see the obvious attempt by corpgov to end the discussion of such foolishness about single payer health care.  Why there is no profit in such a scheme.

First I like to look at facts.  Of the G8 nations, we are the only ones without universal health care coverage.  The health care delivery system in the US is ranked 37th in the world.  37th!  Yet we spent more of our GDP (14%last year) on health care than any nation in the world; and the current proposed system as modified by corpgov could take us to 20% of GDP in ten years.  $400 Billion a year is the administrative cost of our current private insurance scheme.  Saving that cost alone would insure the 50 million people without health care coverage to the tune of $8,000/year. The health care industry makes about $800 Billion/year profit, collectively. Now if you cut all the paper work and profit from providing such a basic service as health care and also wellness we would already have $1.2 trillion of health care paid for in advance.  Yeah folks, it could be that simple.  We do not need 1100 pages of legislation, what we need is some politicians that can grow a set.

A single payer or limited payers system is a no brainer and 61% of us say so.  So why all the games now?  Because this issue goes to the control of the corpgov agenda.  So the Brownshirt tactics begin.  Brownshirts were members of an early Nazi paramilitary organization, the /Sturmabteilung/ or SA (“assault division”). The Brownshirts, recruited from various rough elements of society, were founded by Adolf  Hitler in Munich in 1921. Fitted out in brown uniforms reminiscent of Mussolini’s BLACKSHIRTS , they figured prominently in organized marches and rallies. Their violent intimidation of political opponents and of Jews played a key role in Hitler’s rise to power. From 1931 the SA was led by a radical anti-capitalist, Ernst Rahm. By 1933 it numbered some two million, double the size of the army, which was hostile to them. Rahm’s ambition was that the SA should achieve parity with the army and the Nazi Party, and serve as the vehicle for a Nazi revolution in state and society. For Hitler the main consideration was to ensure the loyalty to his regime of the German establishment, and in particular of the German officer corps. Consequently, he had more than 70 members of the SA, including Rahm, summarily executed by the SS in the ˜Night of the Long Knives™, after which the revolutionary period of Nazism may be said to have ended.  “Brownshirt .” A Dictionary of World History. 2000. / 8 Aug. 2009 . It is spooky to watch the events of today unfold, know this history, and see so clearly what the real agenda is as it unfolds.

What is really important to watch is how these tactics we are witnessing now begin to escalate to riots, and then how the riots are used for an excuse to invoke martial law.  What is really important to do now is find out how much your congress person or senator has taken in campaign contributions from the health care industry and let him or her know you know and what YOU want them to do.   The third thing you can do is to become really informed about this current legislation.  If you did you would know that what these hoodlums of corporate profits are inciting in people such as “Obama’s Death Squads” is really a vague reference and gross distortion of the section of the proposed bill that refers to encouraging people to make a living will.

I will leave you with a thought that could very well center the whole debate.  When you look at the number 1 French health care system, it is not a single payer system, but a hybrid of both public and private provider systems, but with some very good regulation.  And oh yeah, France only spends about 9% of GDP for the number one system in the world.


Author: redhawk500

International business consultant, author, blogger, and student of life. After 35 years in business, trying to wake the world to a new reality. One of prosperity, abundance, and most importantly equal opportunity. it's time to redistribute wealth and power.

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