UFOs, Real or Hoax. A New Approach Paradigm

I will preface today’s remarks by confessing that I worked in the space launch industry for nearly 12 years.  I personally have 16 shuttle mission patches.  So I have a base of experience that is somewhat better than the average bear.

I personally have never had an encounter with an alien. I have not personally seen a UFO.  However, with that said, I have met many professional people “in the business” who have had very specific experiences.  I believe all of our astronauts are briefed on phenomena of “space travel”.

There are very credible groups like Steve Greer’s Project Disclosure http://www.disclosureproject.org or Project Camelot http://www.projectcamelot.org that have been very meticulous in their investigations, have tens of first hand witnesses to encounters, who have knowledge of cooperative government/alien programs, and actual involvement in conducting the work.

Then you have the other end of the spectrum which is a convoluted murky picture of a shadow government that operates on an international level to prevent us from knowing the true nature of these exo-patriots as I call them.  We have crop circles, abductions, mass sightings, and animal mutilation.  We have greys big and small, reptilians, and Nordics.  We got good guys and bad guys.

In addition, we when watch media, we are being inundated with alien related movies and specials recently, along with “the end of days” type genre.  Because of this visibility in the collective consciousness, we must pay attention and also consider a response, both as individuals and collectively to this phenomenon.

I am not going get into a big discussion of UFOs, Roswell, or anything related to the various well known UFO legends.  There is as much info on this stuff as you want on the internet.  I have suggested to people to just follow their curiosity and see where it takes them.  I believe it is vital that we each form our own opinion.  After my fairly extensive research here is what I believe is my personal course of action.

Fact 1.  Given the size of the universe the possibility that we are the only intelligent life forms is not a logical believe.

Fact 2.  Given Fact 1, it is possible, given the vast age differences of stars that intelligent life forms have evolved to a point of mastering intergalactic space travel.

Fact 3.  The sheer number of sightings, especially mass sightings leaves the explanation of hysterical response as BS.

Fact 4.  Not all of these sighting may be extra terrestrial in nature, and may be in fact advance technologies be utilized by our governments.  A good example of the UFOs described as flying triangles, may be in fact the rumored TR3B.  http://www.darkgovernment.com/tr3b.html


Probability 1.  Given all that I have researched, it appears that there may be multiple extra terrestrial civilizations involved and they have been present since the beginning.

Probability 2.  Given the possibility of Probability 1, we have never been attacked or enslaved, if you exclude the Anunnaki http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sumer_anunnaki/anunnaki/1-anunnaki-main.html, so I believe we can assume that most of these exo-patriots are benign.  If there are others that would be threatening they seem to be controlled.

Probability 3. There are probably guidelines for exposing new civilizations to the probability of multiple civilizations capable of intergalactic travel and commerce, and I believe full disclosure is directly related to the new civilization’s collective mental capability to accept such a concept.

Probability 4.  Our governments are withholding information, either because of the related technologies, and/or they are aware of near future events that would destabilize the structure of society if revealed prematurely.

So, given the facts and probabilities as I see them, how do we get to the bottom of all of this?  On a personal level I believe there are only two simple actions.  First, I am convinced of the probability of exo-patriots that are present and I personally welcome contact. Secondly, I think we all should press MSM and our politicians and government officials to release all information in their possession and that we have the right to decide our individual fates.

Here’s Uncle Willie’s thought for today