More of the same or is it?

As we watch these pitiful town hall meetings unfold, we are witnessing the best and worst of what we call the American landscape.  On one hand we are watching people, especially the elder and well let’s be kind and say the most susceptible among us being methodically victimized by special interest groups on one hand, and we are watching Democrats on the other hand capitulating when they pose a clear majority.

As we watch this not so pretty melodrama play out, I am wondering if we as the collective America are really catching on here.  In one instance our elected officials on both sides of the aisle are demonstrating to us all that in America we have the best government money can buy as we watch senior senators actually say the government is planning to pull the plug on Grandma.  How sad is it that we watch people who should above all assure the public of the truth of the process and the debate, not whore themselves on stage in front of us all.

In the second instance, we have 40% of declared Republicans stating they believe these shock jocks and paid prostitutes!!  Oh yeah, sorry North Carolina, but 12% of you didn’t know that Hawaii is a state!!  C’mon people.  We get the government we deserve, but can’t we be a little better informed?

Let’s tone the rhetoric down a few notches and get serious about universal health care.  You know, jump two centuries and get back in the 21st century with the rest of the world!  By the way, we don’t need 1100 pages of legislation either.  Here is the plan in 4 bullets.

1). Health Care is a universal basic human right, and no profit shall be derived from the delivery of health care.

2). Both public and private payers shall have the right to compete for subscribers in an open market.

3). The estimated cost of universal care has been estimated at $1.2 trillion over 10 years or $120 billion per year.  The elimination of administrative burden covers $40 billion per year, the reduction of profits covers another $20 billion per year, and finally focusing the health care delivery system on wellness versus crisis care could account for about $30 billion per year in additional cost savings.  So without any additional sources, we have reduced the annual unfunded cost to about $30 billion per year.  Let’s see. Hmmmmmm what did we spend in Iraq and Afghanistan last year??? It is about priorities!

4). We shall focus on recruiting our brightest young people into the field of Health Care delivery.  We will subsidize their education and assure them rewarding futures. In addition, as a part of this effort, we will establish federal accreditations and audits of all health care systems and operations and reward those that demonstrate that their patient body is as healthy as it can be, given the demographics.  This will be measured by the incidence of chronic diseases such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease within the group being measured.

That’s it.  It is as simple as that.  Of course, these are thoughts stripped of all political bu**sh*t and focused on the issue of quality health care delivery. Yes, we could have just that. I also believe that if we gave such a system a five year run, we would find we would really have a quality health care system ( not ranked 37th globally), and I believe  the total cost would be less than today’s 14% of GDP.

Please really, get yourself informed and get involved in the dialogue. Those who are constructing the barriers to a truly quality health care system are counting on us remaining uninformed and non-involved.  They really have no defense for a total citizen involvement.

P.S. a note to all you fatcats of the “health care industry” that have raked in all the dough on Grandma’s cancer and Uncle Roy’s diabetes over the years, you had a good run, but it is over! Remember the next time you are flying from New York to LA in your private jet and eating that gourmet meal that was so meticulously prepared for you, you too could be fired, run out of unemployment, lose all your stash to the IRS, and be homeless.  Do the right thing Man/Woman Up!

A new feature is added to my blog starting today.  “The Whole Universal Truth by Uncle Willy”  Daily tidbits of thought food.  I hope you enjoy it.  Let me know what you think.