This Week is Off the Charts Relating to Weather

The weather extremes continue to accumulate. Whether it is a record typhoon season in the Pacific, with the largest storm ever recorded or the unusual extremes in temperatures being experienced in the US and Canada, there is no doubt we have not seen anything like this before on the planet.

Francisco 1

Just take a look at this week in the US:

Almost 1000 record low max temps vs 17 record high temps

Records in the last 7 days:

205 snowfall records.
969 Low Max. 203 Low temps.
17 High Temp.


Italy –“We have snow at 100 meters (330 ft)  in the southern part of the peninsula, and one dead due to the cold,” says geologist Mirco Poletto in Italy.

Alaska – 14.7 inches (37 cm) of snowfall Sunday broke the Nov 24 record. As of Monday, the weather service reported 75 inches (190 cm) of snowfall in Valdez for the month of November, more than 41 inches (104 cm) above average for this time of year. (That makes it almost twice normal.)

Antartctica – The Aurora Australis was due to return to Hobart more than a week ago after a resupply mission, but it is still navigating through heavy ice about 180 nautical miles off the Davis research station. Second year in a row of above normal heavy ice setting in early.

Arctic – Heaviest Ice in a decade.

Global Sea Ice – It has been 25 years since Hansen predicted the demise of polar sea ice. Gaia has celebrated the date by producing the most polar sea ice in the last 25 years.


Whether this is a result of global warming or the onset of a new mini-ice age I will leave to the academics and scientists who can never admit “they don’t know”. What we do know is that extreme changes are happening as we speak. As always be prepared!