The New Organic Dance of Joy

The old forms of reality are the illusions which came from the beliefs that were planted in our minds as truths from our societies, religions and education. The new consciousness is beginning to transform our being from the inside to the outside. A transmutation is occurring which allows the oneness of all dimensions including Cosmic, Galactic, Solar and Planetary to be seen as one new reality. We will each have a brand new drawing board in our minds which we will be co-creating new realities. Our human minds are now ready to co-create with an organic dance of joy.

We will feel the connection of Oneness between the spark of Source that is surrounding us continuously during the process of evolution. Consciousness and Creation have always been connected, but now we are beginning to realize how we are the co-creators of our reality and how divinely gifted we have always been. There has always been this mystery that couldn’t quite be explained or understood by most of us it seems. Only the mystics and yogis seemed to understand how it worked. Yet always deep within ourselves, we knew, we could feel there was something there, but were unable to tap it. Now everyone will begin to evolve and realize that this is the divine gift; the ability to actively participate in the creation of our PERSONAL realities. This secret is still being blocked and guarded from both sides of the light until those on Earth have the ears to hear and the eyes to see.

dance of joy 1

There are those who now are desperately clinging to a belief that by blocking the secrets of sound and light and feeding us incorrect information and reverse spinning technology to the world, they will remain the .25% elite controlling us all. The technologies concerning light, frequency, and sounds are known to some and are being used at the level of energy technology, food technology, water technology, etc. This will all soon be disclosed and no longer will we be victims to withheld knowledge and the science of creation.

Those who realize that they have a brand new drawing board to create upon will rise directly into their new creations. We are now stepping forward in the Now Moment of Infinity. We will now live in the New Earth in our New Creation in our MultiDimensionality – our Oneness and our Allness with the Mind of God where no separation from Source exists. This knowledge has always been with us, but because we have been manipulated, knowledge withheld from us, and we are constantly being programmed to forget, we have forgotten. Now is the time when the great remembering begins. We are breaking free from this third dimensional prison camp that we have been placed in.

The ascension process that is happening now affects our entire universe –  not just us – it’s a really big one. We are one of the fallen galaxies left in our universe that have negativity (duality) in their lives – and now that is over for us, too. Thanks to Source and the decree, as prophesized in every ancient text, has been issued. Through our process of ascension, we moved from the third dimensional energies long ago, even though most on Earth are still tuned into the third dimensional frequencies, many of us learned how to tune into fourth dimension energies a few years back, and we’ve been tuned into the fifth dimensional energies now for a while. We have begun to understand that these realities and our destiny is not reserved for only “the holy” or only “the worthy”, but is the reality of how our intended universe exists. It is the understanding of the Quantum physics and the real laws of how our thoughts form our creation, our personal realities. It is the final wedding of science and religion or spirituality.


We have already been guaranteed an absolute success in our evolution and ascension process by source and it has been foretold in many ways over the eons. For example, “if you have but the faith of a grain of mustard, you could move that mountain from there to there”. Now we will understand the physics of how that is possible and has always been possible. The stories of the ancient texts are full of stories of healing, materializing things, being in multiple places at the same time. Now we will understand how that is accomplished through a new understanding of how the universe really operates.

Those who are moved up to the New Earth from third dimensional earth who are not aware that an ascension is taking place, will continue to think that they are living on the 3D Earth until these new co-creators realize that they are in a new dimension of infinite creativity, Divine Love and Oneness. Soon the wars will end. Soon, very soon, we will perceive the abundant nature of the universe, and poverty, starvation, poor health will be addressed in quick and profoundly positive ways. These things will happen because we will understand our responsibilities to each other and the true nature of oneness. Millions already have this understanding and it is going to be a single magical moment when that final person realizes these realities and that pushes the mass consciousness over the peak. Then the ideas and knowledge will explode in our heads and we will begin the organic dance of joy and celebration. Dust off your smiles, shine up your hope, strengthen the belief in yourself, extend your love outwardly unconditionally, throw away your prejudices, and get ready for the grandest party EVER!