Why No Bankers Go To Jail and Never Will!

As we have watched as trillions of dollars vanish before our eyes. As we, as taxpayers, have bailed out banks after they lost at the biggest casino in the world. As the people in Europe watch in horror as their deposits are confiscated without their consent. As we witness country after country being forced in austerity programs that are killing their economies and idling their workers. As we watch pension funds and retirement funds being raided by the bankers and hedge funds, we ask how can this theft go unpunished? Why has the Attorney General Eric Holder said that it is not possible to bring criminal charges?

The answer to this question is the unspoken truth. A truth that if understood by us all would lead to the greatest run on banks in history. Well it is time you know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Here it is:

P.S. I tried to embed this video, but when you do a search in Youtube, you will get a result that says this video cannot be found, so click the link and learn. They can make it difficult, but they cannot hide truth in plain sight and then expect us not to find it. click the link and learn!