Coastal Area Yellow Alert- Now May Be The Time To Review Evacuation Plans

As our regular readers know, we are constantly monitoring solar, astrophysical, and geological events as the earth does seem to be going through many dramatic changes.  This summer’s heat and drought, seismic events, Greenland’s ice melt, wandering poles, and increased volcanic activity are just a few of the FACTS to demonstrate these changes.

What we do NOT do is subscribe to all of the crap and disinformation floating the internet these days. We do try our best to stick to facts and empirical data to draw our conclusions.  As that is the background to this alert, please understand that we don’t predict events, but rather look at patterns to see if trends are moving in a certain direction.  You have seen that in our previous warnings and alerts.  This alert is no different.  We are NOT saying there is an impending event, but rather there are indications and events occurring NOW that do bear watching closely.

What we are saying now is that it may be a good idea, if you live near a coast plain to review your emergency evacuation plans and go over them with your families and friends to make sure you are prepared to move away from the coast at a moment’s notice.  If and when a warning would come, the faster you can mobilize, the less likely you are going to be trapped on evacuation routes.  One only has to remember Houston or New Oleans during Katrina to understand what we are saying.

Now here is what we are seeing and why we are publishing this alert at this time.

1). Over the past two months, and more specifically over the last two weeks we have seen a marked uptick in volcanic activity, especially in the southern hemisphere.  Volcanos that have been dormant for 100 years or more have started to show activity, especially in New Zealand. There are currently 17 volcanos erupting globally, and that is about 2x average.

2). We have seen a dramatic increase in 6.0+ earthquakes in the last week, and other significant earthquakes in areas that normally are not seismically active.  Further earlier today we had a 7.7 earthquake off the North Japanese Island.  What was worrisome about this quake was not its potential to produce a tsunami, but its depth at over 500+ Kilometers in depth.  This signifies a deep whole plate movement and could indicate plate adjustments in both adjoining plates and opposite plates could occur as a response to this movement.

3). In the US, there have been many reports of unusually military movements in the US.  There have also been naval movements including moving a ship out of drydock and towed to sea at Norfolk.  This just doesn’t happen.

4). Remote viewers from FarSight.Org have been seeing a major coastal event that was seen occurring between August and January of 2013 in MANY coastal cities globally for months now. We know a number of our readers aren’t sure they buy into RV as a science, but these guys are the best in the world and have been amazingly accurate in the past.

After much thought and given these facts, we felt it prudent to issue this alert.  Again, let us emphasize, we are not making any predictions here of an impeding event, as we simply do not have such an ability.  What we are saying to you this may be a good time to review plans and make sure you all know what to do and all of your loved ones do too.  If nothing else, it is always a good idea to exercise such plans.


Deer in the Headlights. Don’t be the Deer

I think everyone understands this phrase as it relates to someone being so caught off guard that they are paralyzed in place for a moment or two.  I use this analogy for this article as it seems the most appropriate.  In a lot of ways, I didn’t want to address these issues just yet as I felt it may be a bit too premature.  However, premature event always have a way of maturing and voila they are upon us.

The most recent predictive linguistics, signs, harbingers, and most importantly my circle of advisors require me now to talk about the next six months.  In a nutshell, things look pretty grim.  Within this period are things like a rapid spread of war, millions dying, US Government collapsing, banks closing, inflation world wide of 30 or 40%, martial law in the US, government troops rounding up US citizens and putting them in camps, riots, a basic general breakdown of society as we know it.  This is compounded by some significant natural events, most particularly a coastal inundation.  This event appears to be focused on the east coast where there is the highest density of coastal residence.

This coastal event has been on the horizon for several months in the time machines, but recently it has become absolutely evident.  On e of the things that prompted me to write about this now are two facts concerning events that have recently occurred.  First, the appearance of the “giant blob of goo” in Alaskan waters that was not related to oil spills.  So far, no one from any official agency has said what it is, but in fact it is a giant accumulation of algae plumes from tropical waters.  What makes this significant is that some force has moved and accumulated this mass from southern waters.  That is a huge dynamic shift in ocean currents which is NOT related to global warming.  It is further compounded on the Pacific side by the appearance of giant whirlpools off the coast of Southern California over the last few weeks.  What is significant is the large area affected by these phenomena.

On the East Coast and more specifically more dangerous is the fact that high tides have been running 0.6 to 2 feet above normal from Maine to Florida.  While it is not unusually to have local episodes of unusually high tides affecting a few miles of coast line from time to time, the scale of these events are absolutely mind boggling.  There are no supporting seismic events that could account for this scale of tide changes.  The fact is there are major shifts occurring on the ocean floor and it seems there is a potential for several, not just one tsunami like event in the offing. If I lived along the east coast right now within three to five miles of the coast, I would have my evacuation (clothes, medical kit, personal valuables like documents, pictures, etc.) box packed for a quick getaway.  You would likely only have 1-3 hours notice.

As far as the other events that are standing out there in the near futurescape, some of these events will be shocking and overwhelming.  To give a few hints, look for some utterly fantastic press releases from NASA in the October or November timeframe.  If you simply begin to prepare your mind and senses for these events now you will be able to NOT be a deer in the headlights.  The key to assimilating and enduring these events to come is to be prepared for the possibilities.  To be prepared for these types of possibilities is simply to assess NOW how close you are to being totally self-sufficient in all ways.  Take some time right now looking at your self sufficiency and act to improve your capabilities.  If you do so now, you won’t be road kill later.  Hey if I am off the mark here, you still will have the peace of mind you are prepared for anything.