Is This “Event” Everyone is Waiting For Real? What is It?

If you have been trolling the internet and looking at things like UFOs, the Cabal, and the like, no doubt you may have become aware of something called “The Event”. We will look at this concept and see if we can understand the logic behind it. First a brief description.

The Event is a moment in time future, date uncertain when there will be a lot of actions happening on earth, globally, and all at once. There are essentially five elements to the event.

First, there are mass arrests of politicians and cabalists that have corrupted our political and banking systems. There is a certain logic to the fact that there is much corruption and criminal activity in both global politics and banking that does need to be ended. What is not clear is who is really going to carry out the arrests of about 1,000,000 people world-wide?

Secondly, there is going to be a global financial reset that includes a Global Debt Jubilee. This kind of talk has actually made it into mainstream financial publications so there is some real merit to that concept.

Third, technologies, especially those related to free clean unlimited energy that have been suppressed will be openly presented and available to everyone. There is no doubt that such technologies exist and have been suppressed by oil conglomerates and energy companies. The impacts free unlimited energy would have on the economy has been estimated by some global economists as the equivalent of raising the standard of living for everyone 100 fold. Again, there does seem to be some basis in fact for such a reality.

Fourth, we would be exposed to the fact we are not alone and that many off world races will openly disclose themselves for us all to see and begin to interact with all of us on a real and personal basis. This element is one of the two biggest “wows” of the Event. However, on closer examination, you would be hard put to argue that it is not possible. Just from a pure logic point of view, one has to consider the following facts. We know there are at least 100 billion stars in this galaxy, and there are at least 100 billion galaxies. Add to this that recently scientists have discovered that at least 20% of all stars have planets orbiting at distances from them that would support organic life as we know it. This means that the odds of us being alone are about 1 in 200 Trillion! Couple that with the fact that although the universe is about 15 billion years old, earth is only 4.5 billion years old, so the chance of intelligent life being even just 1 million years ahead of us in evolution is a very likely reality. The Disclosure Project headed by Dr. Steven Greer contains a lot of information by very credible people who have already had secret government related exposure to these off worlders.  So again there is a lot of logic behind such a statement.

Lastly, the Event is going to herald the return of many master spiritual leaders to include Jesus, the Madhi, Buddha, and many others. Certainly the scriptures and ancient texts all support such prophecy and the Mayan and Egyptian calendars did point to this time for the world to dramatically change. The Hopi’s and Aboriginal philosophies point to us leaving the fourth world and entering the fifth world at this time.

aboard starship

From what we can understand, it will be a great Celebration. Those ascended masters will be returning, as promised, to lend their mind and their muscle to building New Earth together with us. Our Off World families will be bringing their Fleets of Ships with new technologies and all the help which will be needed to revive Earth very quickly. This has always been the Master Plan. The Masters come back to give Service to Earth for what they received during their lives here. Earth has always been a Galactic Civilization.

From our understanding this “Event” will happen when a majority of people are ready for it to happen. So what do you think? Could such a thing actually take place? What does your “gut” tell you? Would you be ready for such an “event”? If the answer is yes, then just simply mentally yell “I’M READY!”  Hey, it may be just like Grandma’s chicken soup for a cold, it may not help, but it certainly can’t hurt.

How Predictive Linguistics Works – A Brief Explanation

A couple of readers have asked How I get my material and why I focus on certain subjects.  How can I make predictions and they seem to be at least somewhat accurate.  One of the tools I use is something I have alluded to and others do much better than I is utilize and analyze predictive linguistics.  What is that exactly? It’s a fascinating idea really. The hypothesis is that human beings are inherently sensitive to future trends, and drop hints about what is coming our way through their everyday internet activity. What if you were smart enough to send out internet software spiders programmed to harvest emergent memes, and then attempt to interpret the results from a global perspective? Would it be a techo crystal ball and allow you to look into the future?

Cliff High, George Ure and others do a very good job of this at a much higher technical level than I do.  I follow their work, but draw from other sources as well.  The Google Trends tool is a very friendly and user friendly tool that anyone can use to develop some general ideas of how this phenomena works.  The key is to develop accurate queries about what it is you want to see.  Google Trends does not forward look as does the some of the more techy programs, but it certainly can foreshadow events by the trend lines it displays.

Let’s look at an example of how I am following things.  For several years, I have been following the discussion of “are there aliens out there and among us?”  The UFO issue has been discussed vociferously.  My specific focus then is what do our governments  really know and is there any likelihood they will reveal what they know.  Recently, certain governments are releasing their historical files on various UFO incidents.  Russia, China, and Japan are leading the way in this area.  I think the evidence is almost beyond question.  Nearly 30,000,000 million people world-wide have had significant enough experiences to go public.  There have been over 50,000 sitings world-wide witnessed by more than ten people at once.  There are 5,000 DAILY sitings reported world-wide.  Given these kinds of statistics, anyone trying to debunk such a phenomena is simply no longer credible, whether they are officials, hired publicists, or scientist with their heads planted in their…. well you know where.

So now, I see that there is a dramatic increase in sitings and other phenomena such as crop circles increasing, and therefore that means increased pressure for governments to reveal what they know.  So how likely is that to happen and when.  I happen to believe the pressure to reveal will grow very intense and in fact it already has.  Some would argue that the governments would never release this information, but what if they don’t have a choice in the matter.  Certain information is coming that will put them in just such a situation.  So let’s take a look at Google Trends and search for the phrase “alien disclosure”  here is the most recent chart:

You can see there was nothing prior to 2009 and then a powerful peak in the web linguistics.  So my theory that disclosure may be imminent is supported by “the buzz” on the internet, not about aliens, but about disclosure concerning aliens.  This is a very simplistic explanation and is very general in nature, but I wanted to clarify that I don’t kill chickens and read their entrails, nor use a divining bowl, or talk to spirits, well not a lot of spirits.  Hang on to your hats 2010 is really going to be a WOW year really.