The economy, geopolitics, and the environment. Are they linked?

It seems that the impossible scenarios are the ones playing out.  Is it just me or does that seem some what unlikely, yet it is happening.  Who would have 18 months ago in MSM predicted the world’s current economic situation?  Who would’ve 24 months ago predicted America electing its first black president?  Who would have in the scientific community predicted the most calmest period in sun activity in nearly 100 hundred years?  One can browse the internet and see all manner of explainations.  Aliens, 2012, pole shifts, and things even more bizzare.

Some how though I believe WE collectively know and understand what is going on.  Experiments in linguistics such as being conducted by seem to be fairly accurate in the short term (3-18 months).  I hope this feeble attampt may generate some dialog and collectively provide us all with some insight.  Got milk?


Things are achangin’

We all have a sense of change everywhere in the world. Changes in the economy, changes in the environment, changes in our global social structures. But what is the real nature of those changes? What is driving them? We are going from where to where and why? I am starting this blog to see basically who is listening, who is awake and what can I learn from those individuals and what can I share with them. My obvious strengths are related to environment and the middle east, but I am sure my view is quite myopic at the moment. so hopefully we can all learn more of how we are responding on a macroconscious level as I sense we collectively really know what is going on and how we should respond. So Hello world, what’s up?