Simplicity, Calm, and Concentration

Our true nature is in our thoughts, not our deeds. The world and the future are both created by OUR collective consciousness.  Humanity is perfected, sublimed, when we live not for self, but for others. It is man’s prerogative to dream and dreaming is the common royalty of peasant and of king alike. When we dream we form our thoughts that then take form to create the physical reality in which we will live.

Practical reasoning is inherent in all of us, regardless of our station or education. Common sense is indeed common among us. Practical reason in the political realm is of no use when supporting perversion. Practical reason is against irrational ideas, and does not side with immoral behavior. Practical reasoning tells us that the state of the world is grossly askew and can no longer be tolerated.

For the first time in history deep state secrets and previously hidden information is being made readily available to the common man. These disclosures are only going to increase and this will be followed by the whole world turning against the evil ones who secretly control the levers of power, and there will be increasingly powerful mass demands and efforts to bring them to justice. There is unprecedented access to information about the secret world of the elites in power that have controlled most human institutions for hundreds of years. These few have taken parasitical control and run all authorities in the state and federal governments of nations. We are beginning to unveil the corruption, graft, bribery, drug running, money laundering and market rigging that is their modus operandi.

Creating, manufacturing and distributing debt-notes and passing laws which require them to be accepted as real money lent out at pernicious compounding interest to those who should have owned it in the first place is one of the greatest Hierarchy tricks ever conceived.  Major asset stripping of the people begins and the fruit of their labors and accrued wealth is stolen by a crafty means. Asset stripping of not only the nation which is occupied, but such methods are deployed against other nations for asset stripping too, which is usually the gaining of cheap access to steal the nations’ natural resources and minerals. One only has to catch a glimpse of what is going on in South America or Africa to understand quickly that this fact bears out in reality.


A favorite trick is to invest money to create monstrous social problems in order to justify an increase in taxes and government spending. This then results in rapidly increasing wealth transferred from the people to the Hierarchy. In America we had the War on Poverty which created so much more poverty; the War on Drugs, which created the wealthy drug cartels for the Hierarchy; and the War on Terror, which has resulted in so many illegal and unconstitutional wars of acquisition to bring more money and power to the Hierarchy, while stripping the people of their rights under the Constitution. Methods such as a manufactured bank crisis and on-going wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have allowed the hierarchy to extract massive amounts of the people’s wealth through bank bailouts and no bid large government contracts, just to state a few examples. There are others, such as 30% credit card interest rates that also contribute to this planned extraction of our wealth to be funneled to a few elite who have so effectively seized control of the economy and our politics.

We need to begin the process of taking the Hierarchy apart at the seams by exposing their money fraud and war crimes, and by instituting powerful but subtle rear-guard actions to restore the US Constitution inside America, and begin restoring the sovereign identities of the nations of the world.

The internet has become the modern day Gutenberg press. When the Gutenberg Press was finally manufactured and placed into service, it resulted in the wide distribution of bibles and other information never before available. This was a great blow to the Vatican, which at the time, forbade the commoner from reading the Bible, or of gaining an understanding of church policies that were based on aberrant traditions within the church, rather than what the prophets, Jesus and his disciples taught. Today MSM is nothing more than a propaganda instrument for those in control. Turn it off!

There is a growing expectation for full disclosure and full access to all government practices and facts and it is expanding by the day and is best described as a powerful spontaneously emerging populism. The people of the world are now rejecting the credibility of the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM), and this rejection of the CMMM is increasing by the day, as so many turn to the Alternative News now available all over the Worldwide Web. Take advantage of this and inform yourselves.

It is time for all of us to quietly contemplate what we know and understand. We must, as individuals, ask ourselves if we can tolerate and ignore what we already know. It is time to look around and then unite and act to fix what we know is so wrong.  Just while you read this article 500 people were slaughtered by wars for profit and by starvation in a world of food abundance. That is on us.


Author: redhawk500

International business consultant, author, blogger, and student of life. After 35 years in business, trying to wake the world to a new reality. One of prosperity, abundance, and most importantly equal opportunity. it's time to redistribute wealth and power.

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