Alone With Just a Mirror

We must all face the reality that we are alone in this world. We were not “ordered up” when we came into this world and no one will “order us” out at the end. This experience of “living” is OUR experience. It is unique to each and every one of us. We are each sovereign.

Yet from the time we are born and through our formative years, we are never told this truth. Instead we are bombarded by rules and requirements to “integrate” us into an acceptable manner to “society”. Do you not find this to be an anathema to our purpose for the “living” experience in the first place?

We are living through the birthing of truth at this very moment – the so-called awakening. What is that if not to realize our sovereign and divine right to be ourselves and fulfill the reason for being born in the first place. It is about being free to be what we are destined to be. However, in order for that to become our reality, we must first recognize our own sovereign nature. No one “owns” us, we are not “obligated” to anyone, we are not destined to be anyone except what we came into this reality and consciousness to be and experience.

This world is rift with negative realities; realities of fear, failure, helplessness, poverty, war, hunger, ignorance, and the need for acceptance. These only exist because we have been taught to believe that is the way things have to be and that is just the way of the world. Is it really the way or is that the illusion that keeps us bound like slaves?

No society has ever lasted since the beginning of history on this planet and the reason is that no matter how advanced any previous, or for that matter, the current society becomes, by creating the “rules” meant to eliminate the realization of our personal sovereignty and our divine nature, it is doomed to failure. In other words, these societies progress economically, scientifically, technically, but each and every time, in the end, the society crumbles to ashes because we have lost our dignity, our morality, our compassion, and most importantly our ability to love one another unconditionally. We have lost our sense of “tribe”, which is the seed from which any society springs forth. We have lost respect for each other and instead we judge one another by measures of money, success, fame, and reputation.

In reality, those that rise to power and eminence have simply been those who understand the world, as it is, a world that requires those who rise to do so by “taking” from others. It is a very sociopathic view of reality and those who are the most sociopathic among us rise to the highest positions. No morals, no caring for others, no charity, other than what is easily affordable, are part of the equation. Power in this world requires the subjugation of others.

Those who achieve the most success usually find themselves in a place where they are so insecure that the only thing they obsess over is getting more of the power and money. There is never enough to satisfy this hole within themselves that ironically grows larger the more successful they become. This is the reality of this world at this moment.

However this is changing. It is changing because “this way” is not sustainable for creation. “This way” was and is not part of the divine plan of the universe. This “way” is negative and subtractive from the expansion of creation.


Therefore because you are sovereign and you are the ONLY captain of your ship, you need to be alone for a while in front of a mirror. Ask the image in front of you, “Who are you?” Ask the image in front of you, “What is my mission here?” Ask the image in front of you, “Am I truly fulfilling my destiny?”

It is time we all begin to listen to just ourselves, no one else. No one’s opinions matter except our own. It is time we step out into the world with the full realization of our own sovereignty and our responsibility to ourselves. It isn’t easy to throw off years of indoctrination. It isn’t easy to take full responsibility for where we find ourselves currently. However, it is easier every day we ask those questions to the image in the mirror to find where we need to be going. That we can say with great certainty.


Author: redhawk500

International business consultant, author, blogger, and student of life. After 35 years in business, trying to wake the world to a new reality. One of prosperity, abundance, and most importantly equal opportunity. it's time to redistribute wealth and power.

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