The Truth about Income Inequality in America

As we listen to politicians, who are enriched by the elite ½ of 1 % , talk about our economy, they are suggesting there is nothing wrong with the American economy and the millions of families that are struggling to put food on the table are just slackers, and are not caring enough to take care of their families. This is to paint a picture that these no-goods are not looking for jobs, but instead are looking for the government dole. Right? We have all heard it, but the truth is very far from this reality.

Quotes like: “ObamaCare is the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery. In a way, it is slavery, because it is making all of us subservient to the government.”
~Ben Carson, comparing healthcare to slavery during the Values Voter Summit, October 2013.

Or: “If people are mentally and physically able to work, they should be able to do so within a two-year period. They should be able to get their life together and find a husband, find a job, find other alternatives in terms of private charity or a combination of all three,” Jeb Bush said.

Or: Rubio said government has made poverty worse, even though he supported cutting programs during the 1990s in his own state of Florida and during the 1990s, Republicans in the US House of Representatives, seeking an alternative to the failed 1960s-era anti-poverty orthodoxy, approved welfare reform measures that overhauled thirty years of government entitlement programs. Today, notwithstanding these anti-poverty measures, Miami is one of America’s poorest cities–an unacceptable designation.

However to illustrate the rouse that government has only “nursed” the public dole problem, Democrats have been just as guilty. Hillary Clinton voted to cut $40 billion in federal expenditures in part by reducing funding for welfare, during her term as senator from New York.

But you just have to have an appreciation of the real facts of how the interests of the bottom line have trumped us all in government, which was bought and paid for by the same fat cats that work tirelessly and relentlessly to have a slave labor pool and ever growing profit margins. So here are the facts that these guys DON’T want you to see or understand.

Official US government poverty guidelines for 2015 average about $25,500 for a family of four. Alaska and Hawaii are at $30,326 and $27,890 respectively. Programs using the guidelines (or percentage multiples of the guidelines — for instance, 125 percent or 185 percent of the guidelines) in determining eligibility include Head Start, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), the National School Lunch Program, the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, and the Children’s Health Insurance Program. This means that given 185% guidelines ($47,175) 70% of ALL workers QUALIFY for assistance! 70%!

You can find the report on worker’s income that the Social Security Administration just released right here.  The following are some of the numbers that really stood out to us…

-38 percent of all American workers made less than $20,000 last year.

-51 percent of all American workers made less than $30,000 last year.

-62 percent of all American workers made less than $40,000 last year.

-71 percent of all American workers made less than $50,000 last year.


That first number is truly staggering.  The federal poverty level for a family of five is $28,410, and yet almost 40 percent of all American workers do not even bring in $20,000 a year.

This does NOT factor costs of health care or higher education. Further when you factor in there are 7.9 million working age Americans that are “officially unemployed” right now and another 94.7 million working age Americans that are considered to be “not in the labor force”.  When you add those two numbers together, you get a grand total of 102.6 million working age Americans that do not have a job right now.

What this means folks is that 90% of Americans are now officially and/or in some capacity POOR!

This is not who or what America should represent, and BTW don’t fall for comparing us to refugees who are plastered all over the news to make us feel better about where we are. This is an absolute insult to our collective consciousness. The issue is about the decline and rape of the most productive, hardest working population on the planet. The AMERICAN WORKER.


This is not about conservative or liberal politics. This is about the plunder of the wealth of the American worker sanctioned by a government that is controlled by the very “pirates” who doing the rape and pillage. The ONE thing they fear is an informed and active voter, which accounts for all the voter suppression efforts we are witnessing all across this country. WE ARE ALL EQUAL at the ballot box. So get informed, participate in voting, and we can see this criminal behavior end in this great country.

As our long time readers will attest, we purposely avoid politics. However, what we are witnessing under of the guise of politics are high crimes and misdemeanors of historical proportions and it is time to end them. Get pissed. Get informed. Get Registered and Vote!!!


Author: redhawk500

International business consultant, author, blogger, and student of life. After 35 years in business, trying to wake the world to a new reality. One of prosperity, abundance, and most importantly equal opportunity. it's time to redistribute wealth and power.

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