The Order We Must Strive For in the World

There can be no happiness without order, no order without authority, no authority without unity. Given the current state of world affairs, this reality is becoming more necessary to understand. Whether it is the conflicts in the Middle East, the people struggling against economic slavery, or resisting the ever expanding police state in countries throughout the world, it is apparent that we must begin to assume personal responsibilities for building our communities and nations in order to give our children any hope of a future of growth, peace, and prosperity.

The vision must be to create a world where poverty is as unknown as crime; not that property is held in common, or that all are equals in the extent of their possessions or the size and luxury of their homes and lifestyles. But there should be no difference of rank or position between the grades of wealth or the choice of occupations. Each pursues his own inclinations without creating envy or vying; some like a modest, some a more splendid kind of life; each makes himself happy in his own way.


Those who consider themselves “elites” in the world think they are superior to others because they have worked incessantly hard to achieve their goals and they “deserve” what they took and further those who are not so ambitious “deserve” less in life and certainly don’t have the right to say how the world will be governed. However, there is another view that certainly can accommodate both the aggressive among us and those who would chose to live a more peaceful, non-competitive life. Let the rich pursue their goals, but without greed and certainly not by impoverishing others. This freedom of pursuit comes with the understanding that no one shall live in poverty and would be equally free and without want to pursue their lives. There is absolutely no reason that this cannot be so in our current world. That all can pursue their lives without shame and with the certainty that everyone’s basic needs and wants are met. These are shelter, food, health care, and access to energy and information.

We need to teach our children just two simple things. First, it is a life commitment to serve our communities. Secondly, they are free to pursue what they are interested in doing as a vocation and will be supported in every possible way to achieve their goals. These two simple guidelines will teach them personal responsibility and give them the greatest possible dignity and self-respect.


Within a generation there would be no need for authoritarian governments, standing armies, or massive police presence in our communities. Crime would cease to exist. This is not some utopian view or philosophy; instead it is the next logical step in the evolution of society. I am sure when we get to commune with more advanced societies in our galaxy and others, this will be verified as fact. Indeed, even now in our own global experience, we are seeing people stand up and say “No More” to economic and social oppression.

Try this simple experiment. After reading this brief treatise, give yourself 30 minutes to envision how you really feel about the “truth” of what is written here and how you would begin to enact such changes. Our bet is that the points here do ring true to you and you can readily see what you would do next. We truly are one, so let’s do this.


Author: redhawk500

International business consultant, author, blogger, and student of life. After 35 years in business, trying to wake the world to a new reality. One of prosperity, abundance, and most importantly equal opportunity. it's time to redistribute wealth and power.

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