What Do YOU Really Know? More Importantly What Do YOU Connect With?

We live in a time when this game is being played by words, the media, religious dialogue, and political babble. Where you would hope it would be played—in education, science and in politics—where deeper answers which are sorely needed are not often countenanced, because superficialities pass as wisdom in the popular mind.

We carry a great deal of information that we only possess by memory and we carry on a social life in connection to such memorized information. We ought to ask ourselves what part of that information we truly connect with spiritually—what part of our knowledge is “living?” And what part do we truly possess as our own? Do we rely too often on quoting authorities? Or can we speak with authority as true “knowers” ourselves? Of such things we ought to be very clear because they point us to the only true foundation within that justifies thinking of ourselves as serious.

Reality is at best what we conceive it to be, and our conscious thoughts form that reality. “First there was the word”. This is no longer philosophical thinking, as quantum physics is validating our holographic existence and our very thoughts are the basis for matter formation. So it becomes now clear that we are what we THINK we are.


Therefore, given this factual realty, who do you think you are? When we honestly examine that question, we begin to realize that our thoughts may not be our thoughts, but more an amalgamation of other people’s thoughts that we have adopted. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it is how we learn. However, in the process, we do lose sight of who WE are.

To be honest, we are all lost in other people’s thoughts and beliefs. This is enhanced because those who understand this reality more deeply know that using discovered techniques, they can CONTROL what we think. Call it marketing or subliminal programming, mind control, or group hypnosis, it works and is being applied daily to our own thought processes.

The recognition of thinking in its higher form—what we often call “living thinking” is sorely needed at this point. Who am I really? What if we applied this question to all of our knowledge to aid us in this quest to becoming true “knowers?” Understanding of who? or what? is it that lies behind the words, the factual representations that we gather in our studies, that is presented to us in the media, and that we memorize in our search for knowledge? Or we might ask: Why do we seek at all? What is it that we seek in all of our questing for wisdom and knowledge? Essentially, it is “to know God,” or perhaps better stated—“to know the spiritual foundation of things.” This is not an oversimplification; it is a profound truth—an ideal. As spiritual seekers we should not be looking for answers in the ordinary sense—becoming satisfied with bits of fact. Facts are dead if they are not stepping-stones to more penetrating questions and further answers.

At this moment in time, there are a lot of people beginning to feel they are “awake” or in the “awakening” process. What is that really in DIRECT relationship to you? It implies we have been asleep or deceived. However, what is it EXACTLY that we have been deceived about? Do we really understand this on a very personal level?

Changes are in the air. We feel this intuitively but what are those changes and what do they mean to you personally? How do you personally effect those changes? How are you participating in the awakening?

It is this paradigm that is the dramatic shift affecting the changes we are experiencing. It is not about what we know, but what we feel. This is about reconnecting with ourselves, and more importantly our higher self. Even this paltry article is useless to you except to stimulate you to ask the question, “Who Am I Really?”


Author: redhawk500

International business consultant, author, blogger, and student of life. After 35 years in business, trying to wake the world to a new reality. One of prosperity, abundance, and most importantly equal opportunity. it's time to redistribute wealth and power.

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