Understanding the Steps to Fully Awakened –The Last Segment

The last three segments have alluded to the first six steps of becoming “Fully Awake”. It is an effort to bring understanding that there is far more to our reality than we conventionally assume in a 3D world. However, especially with all of the “information” floating about we also hope to take away some of the mysticism surrounding this reality. Mysticism is defined as :

  1. belief in intuitive spiritual revelation: the belief that personal communication or union with the divine is achieved through intuition, faith, ecstasy, or sudden insight rather than through rational thought.
  2. spiritual system: a system of religious belief or practice that people follow to achieve personal communication or union with the divine.
  3. confused and vague ideas: vague or unsubstantiated thought or speculation about something.

Reality is reality. There is nothing confused or vague about our reality or our destiny. We are spiritual beings that exist without time. If you can achieve these first six steps as we outlined, then you are completely aware of this truth. We have demonstrated that everything we have discussed to this point has also been verified by scientific methods. Yet our media, our institutions of learning, our governments, and our religious institutions would not have you put these facts together because it would be the end of their power over us. It would end the traditional “belief systems” and replace them with the factual reality of the creation and its laws.

The irony is that we all have this knowledge embedded within us and it is also sprinkled throughout our language. The key is the understanding what enlightenment truly means. It is the understanding that the duality we are told exists is not the true nature of the creation. Instead it is a deliberate effort to keep us “in the dark” which is simply keeping us ignorant, busy, and distracted from taking the time to really contemplate our divine nature and our sovereign power as human beings.

In this spiritual state of being physical beings in a 3D physical world is something WE elected to participate in with the understanding that we would emerge from this state of being more enlightened and appreciative of our true destinies. It is our trial, our tribulation, and our challenge to pierce “the veil” in this conscious state. Many have come to this realization and many more are beginning this journey. We do live in a very unique time on this planet. It is the time of the coming of age for us. In every ancient belief system, this time has been prophesized. Science now also has to consider this reality.

There is much disinformation out there; much mumble jumble. Give every thought an opportunity to march through your conscious thought, but don’t give it “bed and breakfast”. Do your own thinking, but make more of an effort to listen to your heart and don’t be afraid to be yourself, instead of what is subscribed to and promoted by society.

The final two steps to full ascension are the most difficult. Step seven is the ability to heal your own body. It is the understanding of cellular structure. It represents the Human who has the interdimensional sense of going into their own bodies and actually working with their own DNA. Have you heard about the miracles? Have you heard about those who had disease and then suddenly it’s gone? Inside your DNA there is a layer [energy], one of 12 interdimensional layers, which is responsible for this. It is a beautiful thing, but the healing is far more than you think. Our 3D concept of healing is on a fixed timeline where there is constant movement, but only in one direction. We can’t go into the past. Therefore, we see healing as one way. It’s biased thinking, and we don’t even know it. We think the person who was healed had a disease, and somehow it was removed. However, that’s not correct. Instead, our body can go into an interdimensional state, back before the disease was there. You might say that inside you is a time machine that rewinds biological events. The result is a DNA cellular structure that will not go back into disease, since it never had it! Obviously this kind of understanding is difficult to achieve in a conscious state, but none the less it is real and has been demonstrated many times, even under stringent scientific controls.

how to think

The most common is the frequently demonstrated “placebo effect”. Most new drug studies are conducted in what is called a “double blind” manner. This simply means that the patients that are studied in the trials are split into two groups. One group receives the drug and a second group receives an inert “placebo” pill or injection. Neither the doctors administering the drugs or the patients receiving the drugs know who is getting what. In almost every study at least 10% of the people receiving the placebo RESPOND to the treatment. This is because they have suspended their belief systems and by their will and belief that they are receiving “a cure”, they heal themselves. What traditional medicine has refused to do is explain or understand this phenomenon, instead dismissing the implications of what has actually happened. Each one of us comes equipped with this tool.

The eighth and final step is the shift of ascension. The word is an interesting word, for you’ve had reports of ascended beings, have you not? We’ve been told in our own cultural scriptures, in Second Kings,for example, you can read about the ascension of the prophet, Elijah. It’s reported clearly by the one who watched, Elisha. He says,”One minute Elijah is there and one minute he’s gone.” So you carry that vision as a definition of ascension…one who “goes up.” The ascension of Christ into the heavens and the story of Buddha ascending are also examples of the religious interpretations.

Here is the true definition of ascension: It is when a Human with free choice moves into the next lifetime without death. It’s a person who’s gone through the first seven shifts, and looks around and says, “I am not who I used to be.” It literally is an ascension of the Akashic Record, going beyond 3D, going beyond what a Human considers time and reason. It is the one who claims his mastery so completely that he becomes someone else. That is ascension. Some will say, “That must be very rare.” It is not.

Many people who have gone through all eight shifts are here. When they look backwards in their lives, they see someone else, not who they are today. They leave a trail of light wherever they walk. Oh, they’re still Human Beings; they still go to work, just like you and I. They have the challenges of the earth around them just like you and I. However, they look into the eyes of fear and the fear goes away by itself. It has to. They walk into the dark places and the places glow with light. They carry the calmness and the peace of God in every situation. They are slow to anger, and fast to have wisdom. They are never judgmental, and they are those who you love to be with, and they’re here. No, not in angelic form, instead, they’re sitting in a chair listening to this and reading this. They are “the ones” who have gone through the shifts.


Our efforts to bring this knowledge and light to our readers is done in the hope that we can spread this knowledge enough to create a significant group of awakened enlightened people that can have a profound effect on reshaping our culture and our civilization to the point we can all have the opportunity to explore and work “the puzzle”, unchained from poverty, ignorance, hunger, and war.

We hope you have found some value in what we presented and are on the road to ascension. With humbleness and love, thanks for reading it.


Author: redhawk500

International business consultant, author, blogger, and student of life. After 35 years in business, trying to wake the world to a new reality. One of prosperity, abundance, and most importantly equal opportunity. it's time to redistribute wealth and power.

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