Understanding the Steps to Fully Awakened – Part Two

“Allow your mind, your heart to open the gateway to the truth and understanding of that which you are, of the universal laws of creation, of the universal laws of love and soon you will find yourself fully awakened, fully equipped to align humanity with the eternal truth of the creator.”

The four shifts we have spoken of already are profound. We left off with discovering how to void karma and move into a clean slate of spiritual awareness. The more shifts we talk about, the more complex it gets. Many of us will simply stay at the fourth level and never progress further, and there’s no judgment of that. To explain further, we will use the term God to allude to the creative and unfathomable intelligence that was and is the “first source”. God is a term that we can at least relate to in some fashion of meaning. There is no hierarchy of expectation from God. There is no ladder of expectations that we so often base our spiritual reality upon. The one who sits in church on their knees is blessed by God as much as the one who goes through the ascension process in a metaphysical way. For the love of God is the same for both individuals, and there is no bias on how you get there. At the end of our lives, both will look into the same energy and will be welcomed back through this veil with open arms. There is no judgment of us, only love. What we do on this planet is our free choice. It is part of the puzzle of dark and light. Some of it raises the planet’s vibration, and some of it does not. But the puzzle belongs to us and we are the ones who are working the puzzle. God does not interfere, if you’ve noticed. That’s how much we are loved. That is the absolute law of free will. That is the meaning of us being made in the “image” of God.

So with this background let’s continue. How is it possible to be aware of more than just this earthbound reality? How could a person sit in a chair and seemingly, in the blink of an eye, be speaking to the other side of the veil? Is it, indeed, true? We seem to accept the idea of psychics. We watch them on television and are amazed, in somehow an accepting way, of the accuracy of what they are saying. Indeed, there are those who have that gift and they know what’s happening. Perhaps there is a spiritual system that includes all Humans.

THE FIFTH SHIFT shift is profound. It is when the Human Being discovers that they can actually change matter. As wild as this seems, it has already been observed as fact in quantum physics. Without getting to geeky here, when various scientists observe sub-atomic experiments, the particles observed change their reaction and MAKEUP based on WHO is observing the experiment. This is proven scientific fact. The fifth shift has to do with our ability to send light to the rest of the planet and have a profound effect on those around us. One person truly has the power to change the entire world and we all possess that power.


Imagine if you lived in world without sight, and someone told you they could see. You would scoff at the idea of “seeing.” By the time you get to the fifth level, you are able to change matter with your mind. This is the master in the making, for the elements of the universe are responding to your energy and your intent. This is when we understand that we have no job on this planet other than to send light to humanity. We have no karmic problems to solve, and we are now specialists in being partners with the earth. There are many here who have done this. The lives of Christ and Ghandi are historical proofs of this profound understanding. There have also been many eastern masters of this reality as well.


The one who sends light that can change this earth has learned the mechanics of how it works, and the mechanics are these: Pure light can be sent without bias or idea, for it cannot have any bias attached to it. IT IS NOT “I want peace on Earth, so I am sending the light of peace on Earth.” As grand as an idea that is, it’s your idea, is it not? How would you instead like to send the light of God to a place without your idea attached, so that the trillions of entities who make up what you call God could take that light and put it exactly where it belongs today? Herein is the profound understanding needed to master this level of ascension? We have to go to that place where the bias goes away and you take on the energy of the mantle of God. Everywhere you walk you make a difference.

More later on our journey.


Author: redhawk500

International business consultant, author, blogger, and student of life. After 35 years in business, trying to wake the world to a new reality. One of prosperity, abundance, and most importantly equal opportunity. it's time to redistribute wealth and power.

2 thoughts on “Understanding the Steps to Fully Awakened – Part Two”

  1. Hi, I follow your blog and resonate with what you say. There is a website called the Wing Makers which adds another layer to the mix. I was wondering if you had read their material and had any comments with regards to what you present here?

  2. I am very familiar with the Wing Makers material and especially the interviews with Dr. Neruda. Frankly it was that material that helped clarify things for me. The material on that site went a long way in providing clarification to the reality that it is us who must solve “the puzzle”. The “answers” we seek are as individual as we are, however, so it is important to be genuine and unique in how we seek those answers. We all end up at the same place, but journey is an individual journey. We hope that as we take “our” journey we can relate the experience and that may benefit others. The important issue is simply to realize our sovereign nature and the the fact we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Thanks for sharing and participating with us.

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