Understanding the Steps to Fully Awakened

In the previous article we discussed how it is necessary to listen to your heart and not your mind if you truly want to expand your awareness and perception of reality. However, as we also alluded these feelings must be genuine and not just words. Knowledge of something is one thing, but mastery of something involves far more effort and is achieved by repetition and practice. We said, tongue in cheek, “fake it till you make it”.

However, there are steps, taken one by one, that can lead you to a state of being fully awake and appreciative of the true reality of our existence and our divine destiny that most assuredly exists. Once you are in possession of this knowledge, your existence takes on a whole new wonderful meaning and living each day is a wonderful anticipated reality.

So how do we start on this path? There really are about eight steps to the process. The first steps are relatively easy and as we progress down the path, step-by-step, it does take a little more effort and time to achieve the final steps.

Step One – Is one that a Human Being makes and is curiosity about awareness. The question is asked, “Could it be real?” That’s where it starts. There is a shift of disbelief or neutrality in one that asks, “Could it actually be real?” That’s how it starts, and there you sit with it upon you.

Step Two – is when you’ve decided it is real and you’re going to do something about it. This shift is the intent of the Human Being to push on the door to the other side of the veil. It gets a little scary, because now you’re going to do something that is against the reality that you have had all your life! Your friends may not remain your friends, because this shift puts you in a launching place of knowledge. Some will go into meditation and say, “I’m ready. Show me what to do. Some will search for books, looking for the steps of ascension and find a system. Some will seek out knowledge so they will have a better idea what they’re trying to do. All of those are appropriate actions. Here we must talk a bit about “divine nature”. Not to be confused with any specific religion, but more about the reality of creation. Again it is an area that science does meet religion and philosophy. Einstein, Hawkings, Jung, and many other great minds have all came to the same conclusion. When observing the universe, and in the case of quantum physicists, the multi-universes, the conclusion has always been that they operate not in chaos, but by intelligent design. Therefore the first source or creator is an intelligence we cannot fathom and that creator created us. It is not hard to understand, but has profound ramifications to the seeker of knowledge. Push upon that door any way you want. Take as much time as you choose.  The result will be the same. In will flow the beginning feelings of your mastery. You won’t know what to do with it, but you’ll know it’s real and has arrived.

Step Three – is one of the most difficult to explain. It is when the Human Being finally makes sense of light and dark in their life. You’re not going to go through the next door until you pass through this one, for each of these shifts allows you to experience the next. When a Human Being realizes that within each one, there is the power of dark and light. There is God there, and there is the absence of God. Darkness is defined as the absence of light. Light is powerful illumination that contains no darkness. Darkness can do nothing to affect light, but light can destroy darkness. The Human Being has the choice to create either one with their own presence and actions on Earth.

The Fourth Step – is the elimination of birth karma and the understanding of your own participation in your spiritual path. If spiritual awareness is never upon you, the energy of karma remains. In other words, you are bound to repeat the things in your life and multiple lives that block your ability to continue your ascension into a broader sense of the reality and nature of your being in the first place. These lives build upon each other energetically and the past life experience shapes the potentials for your current life experience. The name of this ancient system is karma. The very fact that children are born and very early demonstrate their personality is proof positive we are not born as a “blank slate”. Who taught them to be jealous? Who taught them to be angry and go into a rage? Who taught them to be afraid of things like water or certain animals? These were not “learned”, they are part of the karmic reality of that soul in transition. All humanity has this attribute unless they individually choose to void it. You void this incomplete energy called karma, get off of the road of predisposition, and you start creating a new energy for yourself as though you arrived on the planet with no karma at all. Some of the very attributes of your life will change. Your fears will drop away since they’re part of karma.

These are the first four steps you can take to begin to expand your awareness and start to awaken to the true reality of the universe and your role in it. In the coming days we will develop this discussion further. Until then we ask only that you consider these words; that these words can be helpful, and we all can progress to the point that those who are awakening can exert a definitive, positive, and profound effect on our collective realities. With the utmost love and humility, we share these thoughts with you all.


Author: redhawk500

International business consultant, author, blogger, and student of life. After 35 years in business, trying to wake the world to a new reality. One of prosperity, abundance, and most importantly equal opportunity. it's time to redistribute wealth and power.

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