The Essence of What We Need Now

Before we begin, we must acknowledge that a significant amount of the material we will present in this article came from the Wingmakers site and specifically the material contained in the Neruda interviews. Even though this information has been available to those who search for it, it has not been widely known. However, the very nature of the information is SO important to our situation currently, we felt it necessary to present without much alteration.

In our most recent previous articles we are attempting to raise awareness of our abilities as humans to create and our ability to alter our current reality. In both mysticism, shamanic arts, and in the field of quantum physics it has become acutely apparent that reality is created by OUR perception of our world. If our perceptions are being manipulated AND we become aware of that fact, then it stands to reason we change overcome that manipulation and REFOCUS our intellect to create a reality that is more beneficial to us and our collective civilization. It is then our hope we can contribute to bringing clarity to these FACTS, and yes, they are scientific facts about the nature of our reality.


The energetic heart is composed of six primary forms of expression: Appreciation, Compassion, Forgiveness, Humility, Understanding, and Valor. Braided together, these six behaviors constitute the essence of the energetic heart and, when expressed in our daily lives, enable it to perform its function as a portal to our inmost self or soul. Regardless of what significance we assign to our intellect or brainpower, it is but one form of intelligence, and while it has an important place within our world, no doubt, it is not the primary intelligence of our Self. Our primary intelligence is empowered through our emotional mastery and our ability to conduct our life from the platform of the six heart virtues, which in turn unite us to the lighted realms of our intuition, which is our coherent connection to the universal field of information, referred to by physicists as the quantum vacuum.

Quantum physicists have known for some time that all matter and reality are created from the so-called “quantum vacuum”. What is also known is that the state of a quantum experiment is decided as much by the intention of the observer as well as the physical state of the matter or energy being observed. This in essence means we participate in the creation of the reality around us. We ARE co-creators. “What one can express through their heart is gold to the iron of the mind.”

It is learning to modify your actions based on these six virtues and observing how they re-calibrate your value system, re-vitalize your energy and creativity, and re-coup your sense of balance and emotional poise. In doing this, you not only apply your emotional energies for the purpose of creating and maintaining a coherent personal state, but you also create a coherent field around you; a field that touches and intersects with others through the principles of quantum entanglement, resonance, coherence, and non-locality. The energies of our emotional field are real and interconnected in a vast assemblage of intention and information that is near boundless in its embrace.

Simply put, if in your heart, you are in a state of peacefulness, love, gratitude, and appreciation, then the reality of your life will be manifested in the same state. Furthermore, this reality will spread like a web to those around you and help co-create a better world.

The denser emotions like jealousy, greed, and anger enter this cosmic field and inform its baser instincts, creating the conditions for strife and instability within our manifest reality. The finer energies that compose the six heart virtues, inform the divine instincts of the cosmic or quantum field that enfolds the multiverse. Thus, we are left with a choice to conduct our personality and emotions so they inform the quantum field in which we all live with the divine frequencies that uplift and support all life. If this is our choice, then mastery of the six heart virtues is an efficient and effective method for its attainment.

It comes down to this: if we approach our divinity through the heart and not the head. One’s intellect can encompass vast amounts of information and knowledge. We can study all the words of our prophets and scholars, but if we are not expressing the six heart virtues, we have only filled our heads with words, concepts, and intellectual bravado. Our behaviors remain tethered to the baser instincts, and while we may write or speak profound insights, our emotional energies remain agitated, uncertain of their expression from moment to moment, and unguided by the intelligent voice of our heart.

The virtues cannot be manufactured from mental constructs or merely given lip service. This quality of genuineness is a result of the heart’s and mind’s sense of connection to the deeper framework that each of these virtues operate within. For most people, this connection takes time to develop and mature. It starts, however, from having an understanding that a framework exists, and then contemplating and feeling what it is, how it works, and why it’s important to apply in one’s life. Here the saying “fake it till you make it” would apply.


The current sadness about our reality is that we do not recognize our own power. The crime of our current reality is that others who fear us becoming aware of our sovereign power have and continue to do everything in their power to insure we do not “WAKE UP”. The irony is that all we have to do is listen to our hearts, because therein lies both the universal truth and power. Our lives could literally change overnight with the simple understanding of how the universe really works and our understanding that the universe is compelled to respond to our hearts as it emerges into a created reality.

Take a moment to absorb what has been said here. Reflect a moment on your current life and your hopes for the future. Be self critical for a moment to determine your own “state of heart”. When that is completed see what you can do to genuinely help co-create a better world and then act on it.


Author: redhawk500

International business consultant, author, blogger, and student of life. After 35 years in business, trying to wake the world to a new reality. One of prosperity, abundance, and most importantly equal opportunity. it's time to redistribute wealth and power.

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