A Different Kind of Elitism

Those who are informed and beginning to awake understand what the issues are in relationship to the continuing financial, political, and social enslavement of humanity. They understand the concepts of the cabal, banksters’ control, and the facts relating to the effects on humanity by the elite. However, this knowledge also seems to bring a sense of superiority or elitism of its own nature to those who feel they have knowledge not commonly known to the masses.
While this isn’t true for everyone, there’s a kind of elitism fairly common in spiritual groups. Some people have this illusion that they know so much more than everyone else, and this makes them “better”. There are loaded terms like “awakened” and “enlightened”, and while these terms do mean something, the people who like to brag about being such are usually neither awakened nor enlightened. They’ve only taken the first few steps down that path. The ego likes to compare itself to others to gain a false sense of self-worth, and when they look at the sleeping masses they believe they’re so much better.
Those who are awake and are quietly doing their work for the pure love and joy of it are the ones contributing the most to freeing humanity. This person can easily be doing far more to help humanity raise up out of fear than a person who’s read a hundred spiritual books and pays thousands of dollars to attend the “best” spiritual retreats and conferences. Those who are blogging and writing concerning their “contacts”, “communications”, and “channelings” in order to feel superior are not only fooling themselves, they are doing a great disservice to those who are just beginning to awake and are seeking more knowledge. Without the essential inner work, that stuff does nothing by itself, and can actually build up just as many illusions as it dissolves.
As we seek answers pay very close attention, you may be releasing one illusion only to replace it with another if you are following this or that group claiming to have these pieces of “inside” information. Many who have been following these groups have had one disappointment after another. Dates the EVENT and other significant actions that were to transpire have come and gone many times without manifesting, and those who have committed their beliefs experience only more disappointments and disillusionment.
There a number of spiritual groups that on the surface say they’re all about love, equality, and everyone stepping into their divinity, yet when you dig a little deeper you may notice the way they behave, and what they’re really telling people is something else entirely.
There are tons of spiritual groups that revolve around some central authority figure who’s supposed to tell everyone what the truth is. They’ll make all sorts of predictions for the future, and try to tell you how to live your life. It’s probably the standard way of doing things in spiritual groups, yet it’s very much the old paradigm. It’s how businesses and government conduct business. It’s an ignorant and dangerous thing. It encourages people to search for truth outside of them, which continues the old religious ways of doing things. If you think we are a bit hypocritical for saying these things, that’s good, it means you are beginning understand what’s being said here.
You are your own authority, unless you are foolish enough to give that away to someone else. Nobody is better or worse than another, and when you stop judging yourself based upon others, then you’ll be free to really be yourself. We are all aspects of Creator, not one more important than the other. That’s not how the Creator works, that’s not what the Creator is, and you are in no way separate from Creator. Discernment is the key. However, beware of your Ego. We all have the truth within us. We all know what we need to know. We do not need to tell anyone what the truth is. We just need to encourage one another to seek it and support each other and confirm to one another the revelations we uncover. This is how we radiate the light and eliminate the darkness.
It is a simple matter, but truly difficult to achieve. We must all re-learn what it means to be non judgmental. To know what it feels like to live in a state of unconditional love, to truly believe that we are all equal and divine in nature, all of us. Real change will come when we can look out at the world and feel the confidence to create our reality in the sacred and divine manner that will allow us all to progress to the next level. We must deal with our reality as it is now however, and to do so we must embrace the fact we have allowed those who are greedy and caught up in the lust of power to dominate us. We must with love and grace simply say to them that they longer are given that power. Not in anger or revenge, but simply not tolerating the world as it is now.
It is only a matter of realizing our power and how to apply our will in a loving and positive manner to gently, but firmly say, no more.


Author: redhawk500

International business consultant, author, blogger, and student of life. After 35 years in business, trying to wake the world to a new reality. One of prosperity, abundance, and most importantly equal opportunity. it's time to redistribute wealth and power.

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