What is Implied by All the Recent Talk of Change?

Personal discernment is the key to understanding the world around us. These days, and in some degree to an overwhelming amount of information availability, truth may be difficult to perceive correctly.  Recently, many internet sources and even some MSM sources are basically saying big changes are on the way. However, it is difficult to render what these changes might be in truth. On one hand, it is complete revision of the economic system, with new prosperity for all, along with new technologies, new standards of living and interaction with our galactic neighbors.

On the other hand, it is a complete collapse of the economy, WW3, invasion by aliens and total enslavement after half the world’s population is eliminated. Yikes! So we are left to determine what really is going to happen. No doubt we are witnessing great and significant changes to our civilization and at an ever increasing rate and scope. On one hand the advancements in technology, medicine, science do demonstrate that we could substantially elevate the standard of living for the entire human race. On the other hand, we are seeing greed and power seekers plunging the world into a very dangerous and dark place. Still creating wars fought with 20th century technologies and an ever widening gap between the “haves” and “have-nots”.

New Crayons

Dr. Courtney Brown of Farsight.org recently made a statement that an announcement would be made in March that would change the world forever. Dr. Brown’s credentials are such that we would need to at least pay a bit of attention to that statement. In a prelude to this announcement, he has published a number of “Implication Statements” leading up to this announcement. In analyzing these statements one does get a very interesting picture of what may be really about to happen.

We have summarized and paraphrased these thoughts for your careful examination and scrutiny.

1).  There is definite evidence of ET interference in the ancient past history of our civilization.

2).  Earth may have been a “prison planet” in the past, with religious and ancient archeological sites being used to retard the development of the civilization, but at some point was abruptly stopped.

3).  No physical force can stand, no matter how oppressive.

4).  Those in control seek to control what the masses perceive as “true”.

5).  If earth was a prison planet, then the “guards” would have sought methods to retard the memories of the “inmates” to prevent revolt or demands for justice and retributions.

6).  There are primarily two ways beings reach earth. First, by ship and with retained memories, and secondly, by birth, without retaining memories.

7).  The theft of nuclear weapon technologies during the cold war proved it is impossible to keep critical knowledge secret.

8).  When information released by those in control does not match reality, tensions arise. However, even the masses demanding truth reinforces the “beliefs” that those in control are in fact in control and that the masses are impotent.

9).   The masses experience all events, no matter how significant, in a passive manner.

10). Everyone has the capability to “remote view” and to “experience” the past and “explore” the future. This is only limited by belief systems.

11). Some ETs have interfered in our past to cause human beliefs in slavery and suffering, while other ETs have interfered to counter those beliefs.

12). The pending announcement is to be made to explain the past and positively influence the future.

13). The Ides of March stands to remind us that we have the power to change our lives.

14). The leadership of any country reflects accurately the consciousness of the people. When positive change does not occur it is because the people believe it cannot change.

15). Those in control have essentially unlimited resources to monopolize information. However, direct censorship never works and NEW information requires minimal resources to be effective.

16). Physical bondage is always temporary, but psychological bondage is long lasting and cost effective.

17). A contemporary practice of those in control has been to utilize the masses themselves to act as censors of dissenting information.

18). Planetary change can only come to fruition by the wide exchange of new information.

19). Those in control are now using so-called “flytrap” organizations to confuse and distract the masses from the reality of the changes that are occurring.


So in summary, we believe it is fair to say that our experience as physical beings is defined by our perceptions. Our perceptions are only limited by our belief systems. Life was meant to be simple and enjoyable. It was meant to experience and grow, both in knowledge and wisdom. We were NOT destined to suffer or sin, nor require redemption to survive and grow. These concepts limit our experience. Most revolutions happen rapidly and come by a swift change in beliefs that were previously held. The concepts of either physical or psychological bondage only benefit those few who wish to control the masses.

The future is therefore ours to construct as we believe it should be, N’est pas?


Author: redhawk500

International business consultant, author, blogger, and student of life. After 35 years in business, trying to wake the world to a new reality. One of prosperity, abundance, and most importantly equal opportunity. it's time to redistribute wealth and power.

2 thoughts on “What is Implied by All the Recent Talk of Change?”

  1. The video from Farsight showed a couple guys blinking their eyes, scribbling on a white board and Courtney Brown declaring this was PROOF that aliens had a hand in building the pyramids.

    This passes for science?
    Give me a break.

  2. Jacob. I agree that it is easy for RV to be dismissed as Hokey-Pokey. However there have been several double blind studies that suggest, but not definitely prove, there may be some validity to our ability to “view” remotely. A better term would be to “bi-locate”. My real purpose for the article was to make the point that our future is really constructed by our belief systems and our perceptions. In that sense I strongly believe we “construct” and co-create our future.

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