Just What Are We to Awaken To?

Much is being written and circulated on the internet concerning the New Age, the Awakening, Ascension, the Kali Yuga, the Hopi’s stories of transition to the Fifth World. Millions of people globally are aware of these stories and theories. These are accompanied by many stories of Off-World assistance by any number of “higher dimensional entities and races, and ascended masters such as Sananda, Ashtar, St. Germain. It includes support from other races within our galaxy such as the Pleiadians, Lyrians, Zetas, “Tall Whites” , Nordics, Acturians, and on and on it goes.

We have been waiting for the “disclosure”, “the event”, and “the prosperity funds” since at least 2008. Nothing of any real substance has manifested. The reasons given for the failure for these things manifesting vary from disagreement among the “off-worlders to dark forces retaining power and control, to not enough people have “raised their frequency and consciousness”.

However, with all of above stated, globally, these are also exciting and momentous times to be alive and take a stand for freedom at home and around the planet. The times, they are a changing still. The current tide is shifting away from tyranny and towards enhanced and expanded freedoms. The chains of human bondage will be broken and a new generation will unleash a mighty power rarely seen on earth.

As we have seen in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, sporadically in the EU, as in Iceland and Ireland, it can be effective to stand up for our individual sovereignty; to challenge authority and the established worldview. The true people who are changing their reality are those not to found in the brain-dead, stupefied public without the willpower to defend their most basic self-interest, rights and freedom. For these are lost sheep. For these are all too willing to accept their conditioning and indoctrination without questioning authority or the source of the beliefs.

The true pioneers and architects of global change are not to be found in our current leadership or on television. New leadership is nonetheless emerging and there will you find the hope and the prayers for future generations. These leaders are invisible, sometimes hard to find, but existent. They are not born, but made. They are the ones with the courage to blow whistles, or refuse orders to engage in conflicts and wars. Some are known to us, but the vast majority are not in the public view.

They are not inspired by the New Age jabber, or are being guided by off world influence. Instead they are individuals who simply desire freedom and truth. They are individuals who stand up for our individual sovereignty, and they challenge authority and the established world view. They have examined their beliefs and freed their minds. They have learned to have compassion and love for our so-called enemies, enemies defined by politicians and a manipulative media. They share a common belief that a life unquestioned and unexamined is not a life worth living.

However, most of all, they are demanding there must be honesty in all we do, and how we are governed. They have said enough of the lies, deceit and dishonesty that have crafted a grand illusion upon the state of the nations. They have said enough of the false promises of security and comfort leading ever more dangerously towards tyranny.

Shouldn’t we all tell the whole truth and nothing but?  It is the most ancient and sacred vow of honor to dare to speak the truth. If we are blind to the tyranny arising around us, then take a good look around. If we fail to notice the signs, the writing on the wall, then we may also fail to notice our liberties and property are under attack, not by enemies from foreign countries, but from within by our own so-called “governments.”

If we truly want a future for our children with any hope of security and prosperity, we must uncover and reveal the hidden truths about our history, law, economics and politics so we all can reclaim our Creator-given rights and liberties as a sovereign people.  We must all daily look into the mirror and ask:

What am I doing with my life?

Why is it such a struggle?

I work so hard; yet can barely stay ahead of the bills.

What’s wrong with this picture?

There must be something more.

What is my purpose for being here?

We the People are caught in the crossfire of a global assault on the sovereignty of both Citizens and the Law of Nations. An “invisible” and secret war is being waged against the majority of people globally for the benefit of an elite aristocracy and consortium of international bankers bent on attaining global empire at the expense of all the Citizens of the world.  The ironic part of this reality is collectively we absolutely know this true! By any measure of economics or law, we know this true.

Give these truths then, what is going to take to correct this social injustice? First and foremost, we are the ones we have been waiting for, as no one but ourselves is going to change the world. We have to realize We the People have been programmed, conditioned and educated to see, feel, think, and act socially and “politically correct.” Political correctness is social programming promulgated by the traditional Left—don’t ask, don’t speak, don’t dissent. It corresponds perfectly with the religious fundamentalist programming of the traditional Right. Both are mind numbing, mind-controlling propaganda machines.

This is in alignment with a global design and strategy that’s so subtle, so invisible, yet so pervasive that very few of our best intellects have broken the veil. Our flag-waving, hollow patriotism often doesn’t reflect the actual realities of nations today as much as it worships the hollow, superficial and mythological symbols of our past.

So Step One is simple. Stop lying to ourselves. Step Two is to reclaim our individual freedoms and sovereignty.  Step Three is to accomplish Steps One and Two in a non-violent honorable manner.

Just some thoughts.

Author: redhawk500

International business consultant, author, blogger, and student of life. After 35 years in business, trying to wake the world to a new reality. One of prosperity, abundance, and most importantly equal opportunity. it's time to redistribute wealth and power.

3 thoughts on “Just What Are We to Awaken To?”

  1. THE People, are a bunch of dumbed down, complacent jerks who are not even aware of how much their liberties hav ebeen stripped away. IT it doesn’t come across the cell phone or ipads, they do not get it…trust me, I am surrounded by those…and choose not to be a part of it. I would rather be awake, than ignorant

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