Yellow Alert Strong Solar Flaring is Possible for Next 48 Hours

01/04/2014 @ 11:10 UTC
Solar Update
Good morning. Below is an updated look at the visible solar disk on Saturday. Solar activity remains at moderate levels. Sunspot 1944 continues to be the most active, largest, and threatening sunspot on the Earth facing side of the sun. The active region was responsible for three low level M-Flares during the past 24 hours, including an M1.3 event at 10:25 UTC early Saturday morning. Minor separation was noted primarily between the two large leader spots, and the plethora of smaller trailing spots. There will remain a chance for a strong solar flare within the next 24 hours. All other visible regions remain stable. Sunspots 1936 and 1940 are now located off the west limb and out of direct Earth view. No Earth directed Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) were detected during the past 24 hours. Stay tuned to for the latest space weather news and information.


Event probabilities 04 Jan-06 Jan

Class M    75/75/75

Class X    30/30/30

Proton     10/10/10

A strong X class flare could affect radio/communications.  It also could disrupt the electrical grid. Given the cold temperatures power loss could have significant impacts. Have a back-up plan for heat if you can.


Author: redhawk500

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2 thoughts on “Yellow Alert Strong Solar Flaring is Possible for Next 48 Hours”

  1. Sorry …. unless I find my skin is peeling off from a solar blast …. I am SO tired of celestial doom.
    Planet X, Nibiru Ison, Solar flares stories no longer faze me.
    Wolf has been cried too many times.

    Why just the other day, according to the Internet …Russian officials were warning of an extinction level event derived from a large body falling into the North Atlantic.

    Odd that disaster is always threatening and yet never arrives.

    You don’t by chance, sell Iraq dinars.

  2. While we can appreciate your feelings given the trash that does float the internet, I think you will find this site is based solely on facts and we report what we think is important to know. As you will see by the follow-up post, it seems our alert was timely. We also do not believe in the doom and gloom crap. However, that does not change the fact that a major x-class flare earth directed has the REAL potential of taking down wide areas of the electrical grid. This is why we report. Given the temperatures we are now experiencing in the US, No power equals no heat. We think it is important to give people a heads up if they are at risk. this risk is one of those real risks.

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