Comet Ison Update

Currently ISON is 17 Million Miles from the sun. It is not visible on any telescope because of the brightness of the sun makes such optical visualizations not possible. However, the solar H1 Stereo ahead satellite has captured an image of ISON as seen below. ISON is traveling at nearly 350,000 KPH.

H1Ison image

ISON appears to be still intact, but it is not possible to verify that. ISON could be fragmented with the fragments still close together. We are now less than three days from perihelion (Ison’s swing around the sun). It appears that ISON is NOT sun-diving, so we can expect a spectacular show. Starting tomorrow you can monitor ISON’s progress at Solar Ham by looking at more images and watching the H1 images. We can also expect energetic exchanges between ISON and the solar surface (flares caused by the magnetic disturbance of the fly-by).

Author: redhawk500

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