Comet Ison- Update 21 November

Comet Ison is now just 35 million miles from perihelion, which occurs in six days. Ison is now traveling at nearly 240,000 KPH and has brightened to V-mag ~ 3.7, so comet is still brightening, but at a slower pace than during previous 2 days. Coma structure still “rich,” with “wing jets” prominent in a simple spatial enhanced image, as shown below.



 Nov21 vmag  model ison

These will probably be the last images we will see until Ison achieves perihelion (its swing around the sun). If Ison survives that swing we will begin to see very bright images of Ison around December 5, when Ison will be visible about 6 degrees above the horizon early in the morning, while the sun will be -10 degrees below the horizon.


Author: redhawk500

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