Ison- Update – Setting Records

Comet Ison continues its march to the sun unabated. In fact Ison has passed the last Redline. It appears that Ison has survived them all. What is the redline, you ask? Redlines are where previous comets disintegrated as they marched to the sun. Ison is now being strongly buffeted by the sun’s solar winds and radiation and heated now by it’s closeness to the sun. This picture taken yesterday shows just how long Ison’s tail has become. The tail is now equivalent to 22,000 times the distance between the Earth and the moon!.


Ison has accelerated to 210,000 KPH and now is only 45,700,000 miles from the sun and STILL appears to be intact. Thanks to Kosmas Gazeas for this wonderful shot from today.

ison_18 Nov.

We are not absolutely certain that Ison remains totally intact, but from all appearances it remains very organizied and bright. It’s coma is now equal to 22 earths across its widest point! Unfortunately for now though, for us here in the western hemisphere, Ison, although visible to the naked eye, will be difficult to see because Ison will be rising during daylight hours.

Information is coming in so fast on Ison that it is difficult to keep up. Here is the latest look at a color spectrum view of the coma, which taken on 17 November reveals Ison’s complex Structure.

ison coma 17 nov

We will keep posting updates for our friends and we will all watch and see if Ison makes it through it’s dosey-doe with Ole Sol and emerges on the other side around the 28th or 29th of November.


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