Comet Ison – Quick Update

For those of you following Comet Ison, the comet is accelerating as it is approaching the sun. Now traveling at about 195,000 KPH and is about 98.000.000 K from it’s perihelion. Today Ison brightened considerably, in fact got three times as bright as it was yesterday. Here is the latest photo:

ison_14 Nov

If you want to start to look for Ison, it is possible to see it now with a good set of binoculars. Look to the east as Orion’s belt rises. Look just to the east of Orion’s belt and about 10 degrees farther down on the horizon and you may, on a clear night without the moon, you should get a glimpse. Ison should continue to brighten as it gets closer to the sun.


Author: redhawk500

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