What We Need to Know About US

As we watch the events unfolding in our world, I know we all wonder why we tolerate it all. We watch and make family sacrifices as endless wars unfold, with the massive associated needless deaths, injuries and destruction of property.  We do nothing collectively as banksters are robbing all of the people in the light of day. We change nothing as politicians are pontificating udder nonsense and doing nothing except collecting “campaign contributions”, and all the while, more and more people losing more and more ground economically, infrastructure is crumbling around us, and our children facing a future more bleak than our current experience.


So the question is simply, why do we put up with it? More and more people are beginning to resist this reality. We have watched them from Egypt to Spain. We have quietly been inspired by their actions and we have also seen the brutal responses of the “established” governments in their efforts to suppress them, but we haven’t really stood with them or supported them. Why?

The answer may lie within our genetic structure. It has long been known that contained within our genetic make-up is our entire history from an ancestral instinctual basis. Meaning we carry forth the instincts developed by our ancestors as we deal with our reality and consciousness. Herein may be the reason we do not recognize our sovereign identity and may, in fact, be why we allow ourselves to be subjugated as we do. Visions of millions of Jews being marched passively into concentration camps comes to mind. That was done under the auspices of national security then also. Visions of thousands of Japanese American citizens being treated in a similar, but not genocidal, manner during World War II as well. We were not outraged and we conformed.


Conformity seems to be what we do. We may not agree with the state of things, and we may even be frightened by the current state of affairs, so we conform. It is our instinct to survive that is at the core of this conformity. It is part of our belief systems and it is a part of this belief system that conditions us to “instinctually” SURVIVE whatever we are experiencing that may pose a direct danger to us. In other words, WE CONFORM TO SURVIVE! These instincts are so strong within our makeup that we don’t even understand the power they exert over our day-to-day reactions to the world around us.

Maybe it is time to write a new paradigm. One that does not just have survival at its core, but instead is one of individual mind and soul as we begin to demand a new way of looking at ourselves, our fellow human sojourners on this planet, and how we construct our future. From a survival mode to an exploratory mode that is based on the sciences, art, and philosophy, and not so much on politics, patriotism, and religious ideologies.

Let’s create a world where we openly share our efforts in technological development instead of suppressing inventions and ideas for “economic reasons and PERCEIVED commercial advantages” as is the model now. Let’s create a world where instead of governments or New World Orders under a single government, we create a world where government simply isn’t required because we all naturally act together on a local basis to tend to the needs of our “village”. Let’s create a world where it is the individual sovereign right of every individual to seek in their own way how they perceive their spiritual realities. Let’s begin to do what inevitably we are destined to do next and that is to begin in earnest to explore our galaxy and our universe.

It all starts, I believe, by understanding that the “survival” mode is no longer needed to succeed. We are truly as a species beyond that point. In fact, if we continue in that mode there is a chance we will annihilate ourselves given the advancements that we have made from a technological sense. It is time for a new paradigm and that time is critically RIGHT NOW!

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Author: redhawk500

International business consultant, author, blogger, and student of life. After 35 years in business, trying to wake the world to a new reality. One of prosperity, abundance, and most importantly equal opportunity. it's time to redistribute wealth and power.

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