Red Alert for Our Friends in Japan, China, and Korea – Double Whammy on the Way!

While the western hemisphere has not seen the predictions on a rough hurricane season come true, the exact opposite has occurred for our Asian friends. This next week looks like the worst we have seen in many years of monitoring. Two major typhoons ( FITOW and DANAS)are barreling toward Japan and China, but if they entangle with each other and stall, the results could be catastrophic, especially for areas around Korea.


This is serious enough for us to issue a red alert for those areas.

China’s meteorological agency on Saturday issued a “Red Alert,” the country’s highest in its weather warning system, as Typhoon FITOW neared its southeast coast.

FITOW was located approximately 550km east of Taipei, according to FIRE-EARTH projections, tracking WNW at about 13km/hr, generating maximum significant wave heights of about 12 meters.

FITOW as of 9:00UTC on October 5, 2013

  • Location: near 27.0ºN,119.3ºE
  • Movement and speed: WNW  at 13km/hr
  • Max sustained winds: 175km/hr
  • Max wind gusts: 210km/hr
  • Max significant wave heights: 12m

Typhoon FITOW (TY 1323) Chased by Tropical Cyclone DANAS (TS 1324) . MTSAT-2 image recorded at 7:00UTC on 2013-10-05. IMAGE credit: Digital Typhoon.

The typhoon is expected to move NW at a speed of about 15 km per hour, and would likely strengthen slightly, said China’s National Meteorological Center (NMC).

“FITOW is likely to make landfall in the coastal areas between central Zhejiang Province and northern Fujian Province between Sunday night and Monday morning,” said NMC.

“The center said it is unusual for a typhoon to make landfall in southeast China in October, urging local authorities and residents to raise their alerts and closely follow relevant information,” said a report.

China’s maritime authorities have also issued an “Orange Alert,” their second highest alert level, for coastal storm surges.

List of Tropical Cyclones in the Western North Pacific [October 5, 2013]



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We will continue to monitor this situation and provide updates if necessary. The real concerns here are the potential amount of rainfall that could occur if these two storms entangle and stall. We are talking biblical amounts like 20-30 inches in 48 hours in some locations on ocean facing mountain ranges. To give some perspective to that, if it were snow falling at that rate, that would be 25 feet of snow falling in a 48 hour period!  Stay alert and save our friends.


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One thought on “Red Alert for Our Friends in Japan, China, and Korea – Double Whammy on the Way!”

  1. Now the Typhoon is a natural disaster and it is only the owner of nature can stop it. For most of the people of the area do not believe that there is a master of Universe so whom should they ask for mercy and rescue?

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