It’s Time To DeFRAG Our Minds!

While there is much going on in the world, I haven’t been feeling the urge to write about it. Syria, the economy, the extreme weather events all seem part of the same old paradigm. Instead, I have felt compelled to go “inward” to really gauge what this conscious reality is saying to me. How should I be reacting to the outer world? The answers have been coming in fast and surprising ways. I realized I have been writing for years about waking up and seeing the world for what it is, but in fact I was still in the process of waking up myself.


While I realized the banksters, politicians, and cabal groups were the core cause of our current condition, and their intentions were to control us like sheep, I really didn’t see why they were so successful in what was such obvious offenses against humanity. It is they play our emotions like a fiddle. I realized they created red flag operations and we all snapped in line with the response they wanted from us. Those emotions are fear, resentment, anger, and greed (FRAG).

We have to fear the terrorists, and yet an honest assessment of the past ten years would show that the military operations of the West in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Gaza, and Yemen, among others places, were responsible for more terror than any Jihadist or Hezbollah group inflicted. We were to fear the collapse of the economy after the banksters raped the economy, but in retrospect, we should have feared the effects of TARP and QE1-3 instead. If we would have let the “too big to fail banks” fail, we would have been a long way down the road to having built a lasting and equitable economy with real jobs and real futures by now. Instead, these actions (TARP and the QEs) and the actions of the ECB have inflicted more damage as they enforced their austerity plans. There are more unemployed, more poverty, and more people dependent on assistance now than ever before. So I have no fear now. I know that we, as a people, can and will make these people responsible for their actions. They, the politicians, banksters, and so-called hidden minions dictating these actions need to stand accountable in the appropriate courts. Book’em Dano!

The so-called media has taught us to resent the very people who are suffering the most. They are,  after all, lazy, a drain on our society, the reason we are all suffering. No I don’t buy into that argument, because if I did, “they” are now a majority! No, I have no resentment, not even for the 1 ½% who are responsible, because we never stood up and said no. However, it is over. No more games. No more blood and treasure to be spent on wars and conflicts. It is time to rebuild the things that really count like education, infrastructure, health care, and housing world- wide.

We are taught by the media to be angry at everyone who is not “like us”. Christians and Jews have to hate Muslims and vice versus, whites have to hate blacks, Asians have to hate Anglos, Americans have to hate Mexicans. Cowboys have to hate Indians, and so on it goes. The only person I should be angry at is myself for buying into the crap, but wait I’m not angry at myself because I realize I am the only one who can change this. I have figured it out and with love of myself and all others, I am going to fix this!


Greed is, as the saying goes, the root of all evil and it is. We have seen how the greed, when uncontrolled brings down everything. The vulgar greed we have witnessed with bankers, politicians, and sheikhs should be a clear example to all of us that what we really “NEED” is good housing, good health care, adequate food and clean water so that we may all pursue those things we would like to do with passion.

What we have seen with the situation in Syria is that when we collectively say “Hell No!”, it works! David Cameron got the first NO from parliament since the eighteen century! Obama knew better than to even try to go it alone. We did that. We, as a collective “WE”, projected our will and we won. This is a peek at the power we all have. Now is the time to defrag our minds and exert our will. I have the utmost confidence that as the collective we have a lot better vision of what this world can be than do the banksters, politicians, and NWO cabal. It is time we issue the “Cease and Desist” order and take control of our own destinies. What say you?


Author: redhawk500

International business consultant, author, blogger, and student of life. After 35 years in business, trying to wake the world to a new reality. One of prosperity, abundance, and most importantly equal opportunity. it's time to redistribute wealth and power.

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