It is Official- US Government is Funding Al Qaeda and the Taliban –Say WHAT!

Folks, I have been told by various sources that what was about to unfold would be mind-boggling and on the surface unbelievable at first.  This was first related to me at the beginning of the Julian Assange “dust-up”. This recent revelation definitely falls into that category. This is official and it is real. This isn’t some investigative reporter spinning a story or some leftist conspiracy nut weaving a BS tale.  This is an official 236 page report formally delivered to the CONgress. Why is it that we hear from our congressmen about their 40th vote on Obama Care, but no one mentions this? It also actually makes the Snowden revelations and the “serious actions of the bully Putin” seem tame.

Tony Capaccio of Bloomberg News cites a quarterly report to Congress by Special Inspector for Afghan Reconstruction John Sopko. The report reveals Sopko asked the US Army Suspension and Disbarment office to cancel 43 contracts to known Al Qaeda and Taliban supporters. They refused. The reason? The Suspension and Disbarment Office claims it would violate Al Qaeda and Taliban “due process rights.”

Curious, isn’t it? Official terrorist groups have due process rights, but not whistleblowers, Guantanamo detainees, or ordinary Americans subject to continual surveillance by NSA. The intelligence community has been quietly leaking evidence for more than a decade that the US is secretly funding Al Qaeda to promote political instability (and justify continued military intervention) in the Middle East. In the last two years the CIA has been caught red-handed funding and training Al Qaeda militants in Libya and Syria. Some of these revelations came out in the Benghazi hearings. Something I don’t think Daryl Issa envisioned at the start of those hearings.

Based on Sopko’s report, Pentagon support for Al Qaeda and the Taliban is official as of August 1.

How insane is this? The Pentagon is giving Al Qaeda and the Taliban funding, even though Al Qaeda and the Taliban are planning to carry out attacks on US citizens. How can this be happening? It would appear the US government is at war with their own people. Just this week we were informed of credible intelligence of planned attacks globally on US interests by Al Qaeda. So credible that our embassies are being closed in key Middle Eastern areas.

The 236 page quarterly report Sopko submitted to Congress also raises grave concerns about Obama’s request for $10.7 billion in 2014 for Afghan reconstruction projects. All would be carried out by civilian contractors, of which 30-40% would be local Afghan businesses. Sopko argues the Pentagon already fails abysmally in monitoring an existing $32 million program to install bars or gratings in culverts to prevent insurgents from planting roadside bombs in them. He thinks, at bare minimum, according to the report, that the Department of Defense should know how many contracts they have issued under this program. They don’t. Thus is seems pretty obvious they aren’t vetting the contractors, much less monitoring where the money is going.

I don’t know even what to say about this other than SAY WHAT! I am beginning to believe I am in some sort of insane asylum and in a bad medicated nightmare. Am I the only one who finds this utterly insane? If I am not, it begs the question of what the hell is the CONgress and the Administration doing! I recall that the definition of a group of baboons is called a “congress” of baboons. However, I do not think I REALLY want to be led by a congress of baboons! Do you? Time to clean house don’t you think.


The Top 25 Global “Too Big to Fail Banks” and What You Should Know About Them

1 Industrial & Commercial Bank                 $2,813.5B                             China

2 HSBC Holdings                                      $2,692.5                               United Kingdom

3 Deutsche Bank                                      $2,655.7                               Germany

4 BNP Paribas                                          $2,517.1                               France

5 Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group               $2,488.8                               Japan

6 Credit Agricole                                       $2,431.4                               France

7 Barclays                                                $2,420.6                               United Kingdom

8 JPMorgan Chase                                    $2,359.1                               United States

9 Bank of America                                     $2,258.5                               United States

10 China Construction Bank                       $2,241.0                               China

11 Royal Bank of Scotland Group                $2,131.4                               United Kingdom

12 Agricultural Bank of China                      $2,124.2                               China

13 Bank of China                                       $2,033.8                               China

14 Mizuho Financial Group                         $1,882.9                               Japan

15 Citigroup                                              $1,864.7                               United States

16 Banco Santander                                   $1,675.5                               Spain

17 Societe Generale                                   $1,650.5                               France

18 Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group            $1,578.2                               Japan

19 Lloyds Banking Group                            $1,501.7                               United Kingdom

20 Wells Fargo                                           $1,423.0                               United States

21 UBS                                                      $1,376.8                               Switzerland

22 UniCredit                                                $1,223.1                               Italy

23 Credit Suisse Group                                $1,010.6                               Switzerland

24 Goldman Sachs Group                             $   938.6                              United States

25 Nordea Bank                                          $   894.0                                Sweden


The first thing that should stand out to you is how much of the global wealth is “tied up” in these top 25 banks’ assets. It is a staggering $43 Trillion dollars or nearly half of the global GDP. It is also nearly half of the world’s wealth lying stagnant and not working in the economy. This goes a long way to explain why global growth is not occurring.

Now here is the most startling part. Let’s just take one of these banks, say No.2 HSBC.  Check out what HSBC owns here It is important that you understand these “banks” are not “banks”, they are the front to controlling the global economy. This illustrates how when a bank like HSBC does collapse, and it will, they take down a whole lot more than you can imagine. Further, it is this reality that they used to blackmail governments to fork over public monies to save their butts.  What you find interesting is at the near bottom of the list is SWIFT. SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) provides a network that enables financial institutions worldwide to send and receive information about financial transactions in a secure, standardized and reliable environment. Swift also sells software and services to financial institutions, much of it for use on the SWIFTNet Network, and ISO 9362. Business Identifier Codes (BICs) are popularly known as “SWIFT codes”. Basically- SWIFT codes move ALL the money all over the world, and HSBC owns it 100%.

 Keep in mind this in depth research is on just one of the top 25 banks, so we can reasonably assume they each have as extensive holdings on a global basis. It is not conspiracy theory to say fewer than 200 entities control 99% of the economy. This is very real and very detrimental to all of us. Here’s why:

These banks are also exposed to credit swaps that could exceed $12 Trillion and could be much higher, given the over-the- counter credit swaps market is a staggering $633 Trillion! Just let that sink in for a moment. This is nearly 6 times the global GDP! Are you beginning to see how fragile this house of cards really is, in reality. Let’s put it in terms we can understand. This is like you being in debt at 6 or 7 times your net worth!  The irony here is that none of these banks would even look at you for a loan with those kinds of numbers. They would claim “game over” for you. However, they do expect us to bail them both out and in!

This is beyond insane. It is even beyond Twilight Zone mentality. Many of these banks were recipients of Bailouts from the Fed in 2009 and 2010, which in the end, truth told, was nearly $7 trillion dollars and we have no idea how much the EU central banks contributed to bailing their butts out of the fire, but I am sure it was also several trillion dollars! Yet, here we are in 2013 and the situation is worse than in 2008.  

Now here is the sobering reality. The GAME IS OVER for these guys! Maybe the fat lady hasn’t sung yet, but the game is over. There will be a total collapse of the global economy soon and the Fed and all the central banks of the world will not be able to bailout these banks, print money fast enough, and even if they were successful in raiding every individual’s bank accounts and assets for 100%, instead of the 47% hit the people with assets in the Cyprus banks took, it still wouldn’t be enough to cover this disaster. These are hard truths to face, but the numbers don’t lie, even though everyone involved is lying, period.  They know this doomsday scenario is just around the corner, so they are simply trying to rake as much personal wealth as possible on the various trading schemes before the crash occurs.

It is time to prepare for this reality. When the banks close it will be too late. This is not to say run the banks, because even now you can’t do that. Just ask anyone in Cyprus or Spain how that worked out for them. No, the reality is you have to begin to think how you will survive without ANY money, for say a year or two. It is a crime that those we trusted to regulate these fools have totally failed us.

The good news is that after the collapse, we, as “we the people”, will have the opportunity to reset the globally economy in a manner that is fair, equitable, and vibrant. To be sure, this should never again occur in this world. It will be “we the people” who will fix this mess and we should never tolerate another entity, no matter if it is a bank or a corporation to ever be “too big to fail”!