It is Official- US Government is Funding Al Qaeda and the Taliban –Say WHAT!

Folks, I have been told by various sources that what was about to unfold would be mind-boggling and on the surface unbelievable at first.  This was first related to me at the beginning of the Julian Assange “dust-up”. This recent revelation definitely falls into that category. This is official and it is real. This isn’t some investigative reporter spinning a story or some leftist conspiracy nut weaving a BS tale.  This is an official 236 page report formally delivered to the CONgress. Why is it that we hear from our congressmen about their 40th vote on Obama Care, but no one mentions this? It also actually makes the Snowden revelations and the “serious actions of the bully Putin” seem tame.

Tony Capaccio of Bloomberg News cites a quarterly report to Congress by Special Inspector for Afghan Reconstruction John Sopko. The report reveals Sopko asked the US Army Suspension and Disbarment office to cancel 43 contracts to known Al Qaeda and Taliban supporters. They refused. The reason? The Suspension and Disbarment Office claims it would violate Al Qaeda and Taliban “due process rights.”

Curious, isn’t it? Official terrorist groups have due process rights, but not whistleblowers, Guantanamo detainees, or ordinary Americans subject to continual surveillance by NSA. The intelligence community has been quietly leaking evidence for more than a decade that the US is secretly funding Al Qaeda to promote political instability (and justify continued military intervention) in the Middle East. In the last two years the CIA has been caught red-handed funding and training Al Qaeda militants in Libya and Syria. Some of these revelations came out in the Benghazi hearings. Something I don’t think Daryl Issa envisioned at the start of those hearings.

Based on Sopko’s report, Pentagon support for Al Qaeda and the Taliban is official as of August 1.

How insane is this? The Pentagon is giving Al Qaeda and the Taliban funding, even though Al Qaeda and the Taliban are planning to carry out attacks on US citizens. How can this be happening? It would appear the US government is at war with their own people. Just this week we were informed of credible intelligence of planned attacks globally on US interests by Al Qaeda. So credible that our embassies are being closed in key Middle Eastern areas.

The 236 page quarterly report Sopko submitted to Congress also raises grave concerns about Obama’s request for $10.7 billion in 2014 for Afghan reconstruction projects. All would be carried out by civilian contractors, of which 30-40% would be local Afghan businesses. Sopko argues the Pentagon already fails abysmally in monitoring an existing $32 million program to install bars or gratings in culverts to prevent insurgents from planting roadside bombs in them. He thinks, at bare minimum, according to the report, that the Department of Defense should know how many contracts they have issued under this program. They don’t. Thus is seems pretty obvious they aren’t vetting the contractors, much less monitoring where the money is going.

I don’t know even what to say about this other than SAY WHAT! I am beginning to believe I am in some sort of insane asylum and in a bad medicated nightmare. Am I the only one who finds this utterly insane? If I am not, it begs the question of what the hell is the CONgress and the Administration doing! I recall that the definition of a group of baboons is called a “congress” of baboons. However, I do not think I REALLY want to be led by a congress of baboons! Do you? Time to clean house don’t you think.


Author: redhawk500

International business consultant, author, blogger, and student of life. After 35 years in business, trying to wake the world to a new reality. One of prosperity, abundance, and most importantly equal opportunity. it's time to redistribute wealth and power.

One thought on “It is Official- US Government is Funding Al Qaeda and the Taliban –Say WHAT!”

  1. You’re not going crazy bro it is real. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. This could be a great movie idea. But it’s not a movie idea. It’s real

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