How Do We Overcome This Corporate Enslavement and the Collapse of the Middle Class?

We know that the readers of this blog know that we endeavor to present clear facts. We know that they appreciate how we present the information for their consideration in a clear and concise manner. We rarely have anyone dispute our points because we do endeavor to be sure that everything we say is absolutely backed by undeniable facts. All of these things we know based on the volumes of comments.  However, we also know that most of our readers, while completely agreeing with our blog’s opinion feel that they are powerless to overcome the forces that have brought us all to this point. There are also a number who actually fear speaking out because they are honestly afraid to be arrested or lose their jobs, or any other number of adverse effects they perceive would majorly disrupt their lives.

So how do we overcome what seems to be our collective economic and political enslavement? How do we overcome this positively oligarchic society we now find ourselves in? How do we find the courage to take actions that we feel comfortable in doing that may be effective in countermanding this powerful train that is running us over?

We have given much thought to these questions, because as our readers sense, short of anarchy what chance do we have? WE DO NOT support any violent option or WE DO NOT support destroying our society to right this obvious and gross imbalance of economic opportunity and political corruption. What we have come to understand is that we need to really think about where we can have the most effect.

The AH HA moment came in a quiet moment of clarity. Our enslavement was built on lulling us into a belief we were comfortable through a well mastered program of consumerism, both from a “things” point of view and a political point of view. We swallowed the poison because this was the latest and greatest thing to have or this was the latest and greatest way to think!

So logically it seems this is what we need to attack! The root of it is where we need to focus and we can do just that by learning to once again truly be independent! We have to begin to build organizations to protect ourselves from corporate forces that are determined to exploit the ecosystem until it collapses. We have to recognize that the implantation of global capitalism is one that will reconfigure the world into a kind of neo-feudal society where workers here will be told that they have to be competitive with the sweatshop workers in Bangladesh who make $0.22 an hour or the prison labor in China. That’s already happening. We have to recognize that–the vast corporate systems that we have set up.

For instance, our food system is very fragile and is not sustainable. Food must once again be local. We can’t continue to feed ourselves on a system where we’re shipping all of our fruits and vegetables from California or Florida across the country, or relying on fruits and vegetables from South America n the winter. That means beginning to develop more community gardens, but it also means essentially buying local, creating sustainable systems that are local, because when things go down, the elites will withdraw into their gated compounds, where they will have access to security, water, medical facilities, all sorts of things that they will deny to the rest of us. They’re not going to take care of us when the economic collapse comes, when things go bad. We have to begin to prepare for those events now.

It’s not a very pleasant scenario. It’s not pleasant to think about. But it’s survivable if we begin to respond to what’s coming. As long as we remain unplugged, as long as we are checked out, which is how they want us, we’re going to be left defenseless.

There’s organizations speaking about housing and unemployment and this and that, and so people still left wondering, what can I do to make a difference? There have been breakthroughs in certain places, for example, the efforts of Chicago teachers, and there was the rebellion in Wisconsin which had its positive effects.  However, it’s not getting enough coverage in mainstream media, therefore people think nothing’s happening. And, in fact, more is than a lot of us think there is, but not at the scale that would create the kind of changes we need. So people are still left with what’s the key link for the tipping point in the battle?

Therefore the key is the more we create self-sustainable systems that are local, the more we sever ourselves from these corporate forces, the less we need them. And the less we need them, the more we impoverish them. The goal has to be to break these corporate power structures and their political influence, this “entity” that has seized control of our government, our systems of communication, our judiciary, our health care systems, our educational system and our basic way of live.

Now we’re watching them eviscerate our systems of education. Anytime hedge fund managers walk into a city like Baltimore and propose charter schools, it’s not because they want to teach people to read and write. It’s because they know the federal government spends about $600 billion a year on education, and they want it, and they’re getting it.

So building local centers that are self-sustaining and that can create forms of community that are not dependent on these corporate forces is a political act, because these corporate forces need us to continue to consume their products and rely on their services. And the less we consume and the less we are hostage, the less we need these forces, the more independent we become.

Now, that has to come with a kind of political consciousness, but we think we can recognize that has to come hand-in-hand with our efforts. We can, as people, take control once again of our own lives. These kind of actions will bring a kind of consciousness, because these corporate forces, especially if they begin to feel threatened, are going to see these acts as political acts and are going to move–as we have seen corporate farming move against organic farming, they are going to move to try and destroy these forces. The more they react is the direct gauge of our effectiveness. We need to build a political force that is going to counter systems of power that seek to destroy us.

The way we describe our economic and political system no longer matches the reality. Laissez-faire capitalism–we don’t live in a system of laissez-faire capitalism when the federal government bails out these institutions to the tunes of trillions of dollars and then keeps pumping out free money from the Fed and handing it to corporate interests and corrupt banksters–that’s not laissez-faire capitalism.

If we begin to think locally and responsibly, we can affect the change we need and tilt the scales back toward the good of all, instead of the profits and wealth expansion of the 1%. We need to insure that these efforts are covered extensively by local media and we need our demonstrations and protests be directed to those local media outlets, not governments, if they fail to cover the events in a fair and truthful manner. They are much more dependent on LOCAL support and would be more sensitive to outrage by their local communities. If we do these things effectively there will be a spark point when we collectively realize, OH YES WE CAN!


Author: redhawk500

International business consultant, author, blogger, and student of life. After 35 years in business, trying to wake the world to a new reality. One of prosperity, abundance, and most importantly equal opportunity. it's time to redistribute wealth and power.

One thought on “How Do We Overcome This Corporate Enslavement and the Collapse of the Middle Class?”

  1. This article seems to back up statements made by people “in the know”. Consider this recent statement by John Perkins, author of “The Economic Hitman:. “And I think we need to understand that it’s ultimately always been “we, the people.” And right now, I think our concern has to be that over the past couple of decades we’ve been awfully lethargic. We’ve spent far too much time watching television, eating pretzels and drinking beer or whatever, and not getting off our butts and doing something. And we need to understand that in a democracy, it has to be “we, the people” and that the president at this point in time just doesn’t have that much power anyway. But “we, the people” do! These corporations that control the world are dependent on us to buy their goods and services or on our tax dollars to buy their goods and services. We must remember that. But ultimately, the marketplace is a democracy if we choose to make it that.”

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