Conservative Elites vs. Liberal Elites- No One is Representing the Middle Class and Workers

What is the difference between G W Bush and Barack Obama? Nothing! Therein lies the problem for the disappearing middle class and workers in this country. Why hasn’t the economy improved? Because no one is demanding it change. The 1% control media, politics, and corporate policies, moreover, and more importantly, they also control unions and those organizations that have traditionally provided the pressure to insure the system remains balanced. Like it or not we are living in a corporate oligarchy.

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The Occupy Movement represented something this corrupt system really feared. They were really independent of the influence of Wall Street or politics and did show the potential to grow rapidly. Ever ask the question of what happened to Occupy? They were effectively crushed. Some pinned their hopes on the Tea Party, but we have all witnessed the complete take-over of the Tea Party by the Koch Brothers and now the Tea Party representatives are being used to try to dismantle the very government structure that could act effectively to restore some equality in the system.

Some ask what happened to the influence of labor unions and liberal organizations in relationship to the Democratic Party and their platform and agenda. They simply were dwarfed in spending by Wall Street. The so-called “Wall Street” Democrats and firms simply outspent those organizations and therefore the issues of economic equality went to the wayside. Just simply look at what help or influence the union bosses played in the Auto Bailout. The unions accepted shaving senior workers, slicing benefits and pensions, and allowing the hiring of new workers at $12-14/hour! Now we find Detroit declaring bankruptcy! This was a combination of sellouts by the union leadership and the fact they were out-lobbied in the halls of CONgress.


It is interesting to watch the current “angst” of Obama supporters as they slowly are realizing they have, for the most part, been betrayed. What next? I would suggest that we take a page from the Occupy strategy. The current political system as we know does NOT represent us. The MSM does NOT report the truth about the real condition of the American economy or the American political system. Therefore there is no way to affect change “within the system” as we know it. Secondly, trying to form any type of third party or movement will be aggressively attacked as it arises and therefore there is no sense in looking to the traditional political approach to resolve the problems we face.

As we look around the world, what we see as effective is to once again create a healthy fear in the oligarchs and their politician cronies.  In a recent interview, Chris Hedge stated the last true liberal socially oriented president was NIXON! That was a remarkable statement until he explained that at the peak of the protests against the Vietnam War, massive amounts of people took to the streets in the capital and around the White House. These protests were so significant that the Secret Service lined empty school buses around the White House as a barrier. The story goes that Nixon was watching all of this from the Oval Office with Henry Kissinger. He apparently turned to Henry and said, paraphrased, “Jesus Christ Henry, these people are going to come through these barriers and get us! We have to put an end to this damned war now.” Therefore, as Chris points out, this was the last president who had any fear of the public’s opinion.

As we approach this 2014 election cycle these points should be considered. We all know what the problems are, because we are living them. We need to SHOW UP at political campaign speeches and events and begin to confront those who say they represent us. Forget about conservative or liberal, black or white or brown issues and approach this as it is – an attack on the middle class and poor of this country. That is 95% of US regardless of “party” or ethnicity. Watch what is happening in Britain, Germany, and France. Show up and don’t allow these incumbents and potential candidates continue the false narrative and divisive rhetoric. Demand an address to unemployment, hunger, equal rights, unrelenting surveillance, and corporate benefits and monetary support with our tax dollars. Demand redress to the issues of a living wage and decent housing and health care. An end to this usury as it relates to student loans and credit. In a word an end to the corporate Coup ‘d’ Etat of our government. We should pack every hall, every venue and simply not allow these idiots speak their crap, but do so in a peaceful, but civilly disruptive protest. Send the message we are on to the game and we are not going to allow it to continue.

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We ought to think about gathering our conservative and liberal friends together in our neighborhoods and have discussions to insure we grasp the reality we are being “played” against each other.  We need to understand that we are being polarized to insure we don’t come together. In these “block parties” find the REAL issues that effective us all, regardless of our personal political philosophy. In other words framing the truth about what is happening. We all have been betrayed, and we all are being victimized here! Let’s start now to understand the truth like adults and not like sheep!


Author: redhawk500

International business consultant, author, blogger, and student of life. After 35 years in business, trying to wake the world to a new reality. One of prosperity, abundance, and most importantly equal opportunity. it's time to redistribute wealth and power.

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