Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and CMEs – Status Orange-

Folks we are in a whole new territory! In the last 36 hours, we have had multiple large earthquakes, several 6.0, two 7.0, and a monster of 8.3 (thirteenth largest ever recorded!). Several Volcanoes have rumbled to life.  In addition, I am sure you all know by now of the major bridge collapse in Washington State over the Skagit River.

These events have rapidly filled the predictive language we have been seeing for the last few months.  This is fast becoming a critical period we hoped would not come to pass.  The next 72 hours may be even more significant.  If our models are correct, and so far they are scaring us a bit, we anticipate one more major quake that could generate a tsunami and it is possible for a large CME event that could cause severe power outages, including the internet going down.

Be sure you have checked those bug-out bags, you have a few weeks of water and food.  Get in touch with family and know what you would do to gather together. Let’s hope things will calm down, but also be prepared!


Author: redhawk500

International business consultant, author, blogger, and student of life. After 35 years in business, trying to wake the world to a new reality. One of prosperity, abundance, and most importantly equal opportunity. it's time to redistribute wealth and power.

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